My Neighbour- Lighting the Candle of Love

Posted: December 24, 2017 by Ty in My Neighbour, Spirituality
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This morning my family was honoured to light the candle of love in our new faith home. It was an honour, because as many who use Facebook know they remind you “of this day in history” and last year on the Sunday before the Nativity I was consoling my son who was sobbing because he thought he was on the naughty list after being asked to leave our centre. As my wife has noted, we get weary of being asked to leave community for simply being ourselves, and living the simple message of a just world built on the gifts of the season: Faith, Peace, Hope, Joy and Love.

Today, we spoke only of belonging, a world without labels, and inclusion. What follows is the prayer we spoke as we lit the four candles of Advent and await the birth:

The first 3 candles hope, peace and joy can be found in the first 6 of 7 sacred aboriginal teachings and their animals:







Today we light the candle of the Eagle…that is the gift of love.  What is love?

                Finding my voice to stand up against bullying

                Sharing laughs with my family while playing

                Sing-a-longs to favourite songs

                Hugs. Tears.

                A shared cup of coffee.

                Ice cream sundaes with friends and family.

                No one hungry.

                A place called home.

                A church where labels do not exist.

                Truly wanting to hear the answer to the question how are you doing today?

                A world without labels other than part of humanity.

                Santa’s sleigh bells.

                Always being curious and learning.

                Giving the little you can to help another be blessed.

Never setting limits on what we dream to accomplish.


                Knowing we and creation are one in God, for God is love in us lived out.

                As we light the candle of love, we ignite love again in our hearts for God, self, and neighbour.



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