Posted: February 19, 2018 by Ty in Current Events

PCPO-The Party Brown may sink:

Less than four months to go to an Ontario provincial election. Patrick Brown resigned amid Sexual Assault/harassment allegations; his inner circle jumped before that. Interim-leader has dubbed party with deep rot. Four candidates running and before the deadline Brown files to run again for leader. First stating he did not resign (refuted by many news recordings of said conference); and then saying he was going to fight the allegations. Some have even touted he passed a lie detector. For those unaware of the fallacy of this test it can be beaten by severe personality disorders; those who believe they actually did right even if the act was heinous or a mood stabilizer ala Ativan. Do not hang your innocence on this test. Do I believe someone cannot fight an allegation? No, it is how our justice system is built. What is a struggle is how someone who resigned as leader, was removed from caucus, can actually re-file to run as leader from the point of being an independent (never mind the allegations) be a member in good standing to actually pass vetting to run again? Some have said that the party stated vetting was optional as he had previously passed.

Thoughts and Prayers and the creep of Americanized Fear:        

There is so much wrong with a nation that it is easier to purchase weapons of mass murder that get treatment for mental or physical health. I am not going to way into the fray at this juncture on what the neighbours to the south need to look at to save their children (their children’s voices are ringing loudly on that). What it is showing is how easily lobbyist money creates the Deep State—whether it be oil, enviro-logues or in this case NRA and Gun manufacturers.

This creep is in Canada, most notably Kevin Taft opened  the discourse of the deep state of oil money. But looking at the fear based campaigning happening I would say there is an attempt of the gun lobby to create an American-North gun rights movement. Let us first look historically at this, Canadians have never had the right to bear arms. We have a regulated fire arm training program, we look to levels of ownership (ala long rifles, hand guns), things like the AR-15’s are not allowed. But we start hearing the rhetoric of “stand your ground” or “right to protect property” and you can begin to see the de-valuation of the human life. Or the catch phrase that guns don’t kill, NO! they are inherently designed to kill, that is their purpose.

I know this, I took the course to own guns in Canada.

There are many layers to what causes school or mass shootings, yet the ease of availability of weapons of mass murder are a huge contributing factor. Lack of Universal Health Care. The ability to remove worth from the individual so they become the other, a group becomes seen as nothing more than other, without value.

I lament that the term “thoughts and prayers” has become code for the inaction of those funded by the deep state of gun money. For I truly do send positive thoughts and prayers to those who are victim of the violence. We do not have a constitutional separation of church and state so the argument of prayer in school is invalid in Canada. It cannot be mandated for we are a community of communities, but with a quorum of students and if it does not violate the charter any group can be formed in schools, so yes prayer groups can exist.

I am also a pissed off father that due to American fear, and mass murder my children are traumatized by “Lockdown” and “active shooter” drills. I still remember 6 years ago, holding my 5 year old daughter after her first one in kindergarten. I have held her and my son each time since.  I was told it was for safety by the CBE and by the Principal. I say bull shit. One can count on their hand the amount of times this has happened in Canada, but building up the shock and awe allows for a disvaluing culture to build. Start young enough with false trauma and then real trauma can be added. It leaves shell shocked generation.

SO yes, I feel real pain for the children and people who keep losing their lives because their politicians sold out to money. BUT choosing either Democrat or Republican in the USA is not going to change things. Choose differently with each vote, and shake the institution.

I believe there are some strong reasons we do not have this issue in Canada: 1) any public school group with a quorum of students can be struck to meet as long as it fits the charter (so through student leadership and inclusion we do have prayer and civil discourse on controversial topics). 2) it is easier to get aid for mental health than a gun (and with guns preference are to hunting rifles which is hard to rapidly re-load; handguns need another level of clearance/training; semi-assault/assault weapons are not allowed; we have limits on the size of ammunition clips); 3) We have a national meta-narrative of belonging and inclusion in our diversity (yes we struggle with it, yes we have our own issues, but we wear it publicly and struggle to do better). 4) the tipping point however is we are allowing the USA media/nationalist religion to infest our thoughts and discourse to the point their fear overtakes us–why the hell else do my children (special needs and typically developing) get traumatized by F’ing lockdown drills as there might be a shooter? There was Montreal Polytechnique in `89; Taber shortly after columbine… statistically this is not warranted…okay my sermon is over..and remember whether we hold to Judeo-Christian faith, humanist or Trekkian—the goal is simple, a world of peace, joy, hope and faith fuelled by love where all belong. Okay now sermon is over.

-My Facebook status on February 17, 2018

In Canada let’s shatter our false dichotomy. Let us see what happens to end fear culture. To End harassment and assault culture. To end Institutionalization when we choose to vote for other than the big 3 parties…what happens when no incumbents or big three are sent back to our Parliament and Legislature? When laws can be passed to wipe out big and dark money? It can lead to a better future geared to our Canadian Constitutional Guarantee of Peace, Order and Good Governance.


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