Forsaken (2016) is a hidden gem in the Wal-mart shelves (or like us Calgary Public Library loans). It stars Kiefer & Donald Sutherland as a father-son, estranged. The story is of John Henry’s (Kiefer Sutherland) return post-war/gunsul life. Returning to his homestead where his father the town preacher is, and his mother has recently passed. It is a movie revealing of emotion, and how simple and catastrophic things can lead to estrangement.

It is also a story of the road to redemption, but also of becoming who you are truly can be a part of the road. There is the Western story of two gunslingers, a corrupt capitalist influence, mad youth gang of killers, and a Father-Son attempting to understand each other, and to be the family their wife and mother wanted them to be.

It is also the story of consequences for choices. When John Henry speaks to God or when he talks to the other mature gunsul, Dave, about not being involved to Dave pointing out to his employer and the rabid youth the stupid thing that brings about that which they wanted the least. Also within is tidbits of what it means to constantly trying to keep up one’s own reputation whether wanted or not.

Like I said, it is a movie that to go to deep into the story of the prodigal son’s return of a life of blood to the pacifist father would be to reveal to many details. It is a story that can cause one to pause and reflect, much like Rembrandt’s painting of the Prodigal Son, on which character they have been at which moments of their lives?

When are you like the Reverend?

When are you like John Henry?

When are you like Dave?

When are you ever like James McCurdy?

James McCurdy [writing a check to buy her dead husband’s land]  I’m sorry for your loss.

Mrs. Chadwick [tearfully]  No, you ain’t. Eventually… someone’s gonna have the nerve to stand up to you. And when that day comes, I want to be here to spit on your grave.

James McCurdy Well, ma’am, feel free to do so. Provided you can find your way to the front of the line.

Perhaps a solo viewing with journalling or a group discussion movie night for this Lenten journey.


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