I couldn’t even imagine

Posted: April 7, 2018 by Ty in Current Events
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April 6, 2018 a highway accident en route to a game. 29 were on the bus. 15 have passed away. There is not a Canadian that does not know someone who is connected to some level of hockey or activity that requires buses to go to events.

My son learned belonging and passion outside of family through Alberta’s AJHL. I can possibly understand on a philosophical level the hurt in the community of Saskatchewan, but really can not imagine what if I was the billet/parent/family member to get the call. Watching as the NHL responds with Canadian teams in the team colours, names replaced with one word Broncos. Idea of We are all Humboldt. Charles Adler a political pundit on the radio, announcing today he was shelving politics to honour the team, and community. Watching as world leaders send their condolences to the families.

For me there was wool gathering on other thoughts today, but as an empath, this event has overwhelmed the emotional data banks, as it should. For it was on instant, that changed everything for those connected with 29 young people, and the ripples outward.

It is something that makes us realize that we are more than our differences, and labels. As Canadians, we are family together.

All that is left is authentic prayers, and listening hearts. Watching the positive that social media can be in spreading the story, uplifting and getting the word out for help.


Hug your loved ones a little bit closer today.

Go Fund Me page for Humboldt Broncos


  1. Dr. Andrea Dinardo says:

    What an incredible team to the Broncos and our fellow Canadians Ty. Canada 🇨🇦 ❤️ #Broncos

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