Questing through the Qur’an 2.0

Posted: April 22, 2018 by Ty in Questing the Qur'an, Spirituality
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As some may be aware, the spiritual book group that we host in our home with Universal Church of the Master Alberta, chose as the follow up to the Aquarian Gospel, the Qur’an. The Ahmaddiyya mosque was graceful enough to provide a missionary in the early days to answer some questions, and free copies in English for us.

I have read the Qur’an myself, but this quest is better because these texts were meant for discussion, as all the texts in the Abrahamic Traditions are. By Abrahamic I do subscribe to the spectrum of Christianities; the rainbow of Judaisms, the branches of Islam. As well those anthropologically that have roots in these traditions but now can be viewed as their own religion– Jehovah Witnesses; Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints; New Thought; some veins of New Age; Spiritualist; some veins of Metaphysics; Sufism and I am sure there are some I have missed. Yes the texts are written down, but they truly come alive when we understand genre, intended audience, historical background, and then let the current life context breathe spiritual life into these ancient words for us today.

To remember this, sometimes one must step off their usual path of spirituality. Or in the images of Rev. Matthew Fox, take a sip from another’s well.

That is what this quest has done. Refreshing water. Nothing astoundingly new. The language of the text into the first four Suryas is written in contrast, contractual and devoutly covenant between Allah and all those testaments of the people of the book that came before. While discussing, reading and discovering on this quest we see parallels between the Hebrew Bible, Christian Testament, and Eastern spirituality.

I encourage each of you to seek the story that resonates, but never be afraid to sip from another’s well. Within that new water may be the taste to replenish your well…



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