Professor Marston and the Wonder Women: What is family?

Posted: May 5, 2018 by Ty in Spirituality
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Dr. William Moulton Marston (pseudonym for comics Charles Moulton). The unpatented creator of the lie detector test. Theorist of DISC. One of 2 Professor Marston’s at Harvard, the second his wife Elizabeth, whom the patriarchal system of the time refused to credential… and the other Mrs. Marston, Olive (daughter and niece of two matriarchs of the radical feminist movement, raised by nuns).

William, also after losing his teaching gig due to the polyamourous relationship with Elizabeth and Olive, seeks out work that can use his skills, Wonder Woman, is his love letter of discovery. It is based on the women in his life, their journey, and also challenging societies patriarchal constructs. The message of independent power of the feminine bound by the patriarchal society. Targeted by the decency league (as were all comics during this era) for what the fundamentalist Roman Catholics stated were unnatural themes.

But what does this all have to do. Ancient history. What does a psychologist turned comic book writer, former OSS agent, and his two women (and their children) have to teach us at all in our 21st century world? As any good psychologist worth their salt they pushed the boundaries of their times for how to grow the inclusion/belonging base. Perhaps they will realize where ever they are, that we are getting closer.

The movie is Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (Trailer here).

I am sure the movie will raise many discussion points  Here are some key questions for you to ponder, and discuss:

  1. What is love?
  2. What is a normal relationship for consenting adults?
  3. Can you love (Eros love) more than one person at once?
  4. If you were to leave one lasting legacy to tell your core values to the world, what form would it take? What would be that legacy?

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