Memorials that speak to Our Healing, and the Life Lived

Posted: May 23, 2018 by Ty in Spirituality


More profound thoughts will come later…but 4 years ago (and it feels like all 14 (?) of your years were here)…when you and a boi fell in insta-love. She never complained, always loved, and was ready with kisses for any child who entered our home…today she decided it was time to be with the Elders and Children who have gone before and is now apart of the Grand Tea Party of Paradise. RIP Queen Diamond (not sure when you entered this world, but onto the next joy May 14, 2018).

-Facebook post upon returning home from the passing

Perhaps the more profound thoughts.

diamondAnyone who has ever gone through a change, transition or loss whether short term or long knows that your system goes through the grieving process. This may be unconscious and quick or longer and drawn out. There is even more of the process when one looses a loved one of their family- whether blood, chosen or fur.

That is the reality that hit our small home once more on May 14, 2018. Our Queen Diamond, beloved rescue who came into our lives after the break in where family heirlooms were lost. The one that shared love with any child of God (creature or human) that entered our home’s light. She chose her time and it was a late-night stay with her and the wife at the 24 hour veterinary hospital, as she chose to join the grand Tea Party in the sky and be Momma Dog with our ancestors and children that have crossed the rainbow bridge before hand.  Laid comfortably with her head on her favourite giant stuffy and covered with a blanket.

A simple memorial stays in our home of her leash and collar (not removed until she had transitioned fully) hang on the wall by the door awaiting her spirit, my son still jingles it before leaving for school.

But how to honour who she was? No, I am not referring to the over priced memorials services drag you into the moment of grieving (still awaiting the over-priced ceramic paw prints that is another 7 weeks out)…but how to honour the personality. Yes, I realize for some they will say you are writing of a dog and this is true. But it is honouring a life lived. And that is the key of any memorial actions. They are there to aid in the grieving and release to enter into the new reality, but they are also there to honour whom the passed individual was and the life they lived.

Which is why we honoured our Momma dog, through actions that were her. Acts of kindness. Her food, treats, toys and dishes given to aid in another dog(s) finding the true home they are meant after trials they should not endure…

And like today’s final step. Finally qualified for that free bag of food from the pet store, and going and getting it to donate to other dogs awaiting forever homes at the SPCA. The comment when we dropped it off from the staff was, “that’s really high-quality food.” Yes, yes, it is. And we know it will help.

When grieving/memorializing/remembering…always remember there is part that is about your healing process, and part that is about a final moment of truly who they are in this world…for the new is across the rainbow bridge, just a cup of tea away.

2015 Ode to Our Diamond


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