Of Self-Care & Y-O-U

Posted: May 27, 2018 by Ty in Musings
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Thankfully there has been a shift within professional training and scope that understands self-care matters. It is something that has been understood in the vocations that our caring professions (human services) sprung from, but both have missed the boat if you will on what it truly means. It can be a piece of a course, or even a whole course (in-service, training, etc) that skims the surface with cutesy acronyms, broad sweeps, some activities that may or may not be found to be beneficial by the participant. For you see, the course has to be designed with an outcome in mind, that outcome needs to be measurable, and repeatable, and gradable. Unfortunately what is lost in the issuance of the credit or certificate for participation- the epitome of a check box on a degree, diploma, certificate or staff checklist is the true essence of what self-care is about.

 Caring for you.

or to be clearer:

Renewing the intrinsic piece the powers you.

That’s right. There is no text book answer that will work for everyone. There is a very buffet of techniques, processes, hobbies and interests for everyone to sample and try and literally, discover what fills them back up. That is what self-care does, it renews you. The challenge is that even if we get that, we plan our self-care based on a moment in time. Then we leave the plan static. Something to reflect on as an exercise in training, bits and pieces may become part of our life but rarely do we try to make time for it.

Then “life” as we call it takes over.

But if we do self-care right. If the veterans in the fields of human services do our journeymanship right for our apprentices then self-care gets down right messy. For it is about those learning and growing in the field discovering who they truly are. Knowing that in that moment and time of their life, this is what renews them.

BUT, and this is a big BUT!

Knowing as we model that our self-care changes in life as life changes. As age, experience, family and other things carry through and we re-examine who we are. Core values. Intrinsic worth. And what renews us.

Some things may remain the same, for example writing has always been a healing time for me regardless of the topic. But the breadth and depth of what draws me to the page. Just like journaling as I have experimented with different types. Prayer/meditation has taken many forms. There is also being with my family, watching my children discover new things that renew me. Time with my wife. Simple things like a good cup of coffee and discussions of politics, religion and life with good friends. The thrill of seeing someone over come that which has kept them from belonging. All these things bring meaning, some have remained, many have changed, or the definition of those I spend the time with has changed.

This is self-care. It is messy. It is messy, because like the work with the people we serve, there are multitudes of theories and practices, it is what resonates and renews the person before us…

In self-care it is taking the person before us in the mirror.

Knowing what renews us to be the best us possible.





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