Time to End Ableism in Alberta Education-Follow up

Posted: July 18, 2018 by Ty in Current Events
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On June 7, 2018 I wrote to Alberta Education Minister David Eggen, as noted in this almost 2 month old post here.

I finally received a response from the Minister today. It was a lovely and long outlined letter. I must state unlike letters from previous PC Education Ministers it stayed on target for the issue brought to his attention.

The just is this, in Alberta Education’s opinion resources and monies have been provided and it is something to be dealt with via principal, superintendent and trustee (which has already been brought up multiple times) for they are the ones to determine if any grief support response is necessary for students and staff in schools when a child passes.

Yes, the letter affirmed what I already knew to be true. The unfortunate piece is that the Alberta Government had an opportunity to address a systematic discrimination issue and–


Much like my son’s school principal CHOOSES not to use the resources at his disposal to care for his staff and students.

I encourage all parents of children who are (Complex Learning, Special Needs, Super Heroes, Differently Abled, Kids with Disabilities-how they choose to identify) Super Hero– to take up the fight. Do not let them medically-cognitively segregate us anymore. That is how the voice is lost. Do not let the system deem who is of better worth or worse off…



  1. terrywiens says:

    As a childhood polio survivor I have watched/participate/guided the development of a wide variety of policies with “good intentions” but in actually enabling ableism. I grew up in a time before there was any type of legislation or regulations directing schools to accept students with disabilities. I did the bulk of my education (prior to college) in the Children’s Hospital. For fifty years I have witnessed for every two steps forward we seem to get dragged back a step. In the 70’s and 80’s the disabled community as a whole practiced “ableism” among ourselves and the governments of the day helped with that by funding community groups based on disability types. We really need to tackle “ableism” within our own community to show the community in general it can be done. I define myself however society tends to define me by my disability which may be about 10% of my make-up. https://terrywiens.com/2018/07/11/memorys-of-the-poster-child-chapter-1/

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