P.S.A. for CBE Buses

Posted: August 11, 2018 by Ty in Current Events
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Keep them safe. Keep them rolling.

-(Grandpa) Joe Ragan; Fleet Manager at Southland Transportation until his passing in 1990 (Safety award was named after him).

No more excuses CBE. No more Ableism or attacks. Let’s just get it done right this year as the alternative calendar begins rolling into classes. Let’s get it right as students arrive via bus from across the city to their chosen; or in case of children with disabilities- their designated schools.

Lets be honest and admit that we know extreme weather is here, and already been experienced via hail-thunder-lightning storms; extreme heat; and smoke with quite possibly and easily more to come.

So lets not repeat last year (click here) with the safety-health issues raised by planning neglect.

As my Grandpa would say, keep them safe, keep them rolling.

Here’s to school year 2018-19.



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