An Epistle of Strawolution

Posted: November 20, 2018 by Ty in Brunch & Bible, Spirituality
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Historians place the writing of the Epistle of James between 62-69 CE.  What does this context matter for the writing of the brother of Jesus? The leader of the Jerusalem gathering of The Way? As with some of the epistles the writing and circulation pre-dates the actual Canonical Gospels (the four chosen to be in the Christian Testament- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).

It falls into a time of revolution in Jerusalem. Who knew? There was a rise up and eviction of Romans from the city as Judea asserted their control for a scant time (70 CE Rome came back hard and fast, the fall was equivalent to Babylon’s invasion, and was written about in the Gospel of Mark for the fall of Jerusalem). It was a shift from Roman Citizen supremacy. Where those who were not citizens, who were among the conquered were seen as little more than cattle, though given the “local” leadership (the inter-mitten corruption of control to keep the masses passive). Since the movement would be expelled around 85 CE, one has to note it was not happy endings during this time. I mean, let’s be real here, the Empire Religious controlled leaders executed Jesus of Nazareth. Now with the revolution, what could be expected?

The stage was set for this little brother to try and keep the message alive. Moving beyond the letter of law to what it truly means to have a living faith. One that is meant to transform the world. The writing also shows someone that had not meant to be apart of a new religious creation, but rather a continuation for the beginning words of his letter he writes to the diaspora:

James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,

To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations:


-Epistle of James 1:1 (New International Version)

It is a letter written at a time of revolution. That is change. A time when something new could be birthed, status quo maintained or something completely different.

Hmmm…The life of James’ brother showed the completely different at another point in his journey:

Jesus’ transfiguration.

(as told in the Gospels Matthew 17:1–8, Mark 9:2–8, Luke 9:28–36)

For the change in Jesus is what each person undergoes when they come into resonance with the Holy breath within them. This is what James’ discovered and changed his own being from “stop brother” to… Greetings.

Enter into the greetings of your transfigured life…


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