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Posted: November 21, 2018 by Ty in Spirituality
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Another season concludes for our little book group that can. We have gained wonderful new members, and new wisdom and thoughts have been shared around the table over snacks and coffee. Martella-Whitsett’s How to Pray Without Talking to God is one of those books for those on the journey, but also for those who choose not to journey alone.

bookWithin my monastic-mystic history does resonate. Part of a Rule of Life, whether it is for a monastic community or a singular monastic living within community. At its core is the daily practice, that is how we centre ourselves within our understanding of the Holy Mystery. For many years for me it was praying the daily office, then more metaphysically other affirmative prayers; journalling, and discovering meta-narratives.

Yet, what the book group with UCM Alberta does is provide the bi-weekly touch base for deeper conversation of the Spirit, but also to sit with others with our opening and benediction prayer lighting the Life Candle (Christ Candle).

So this week we gathered before the Winter Break (we return January, taking December off), for the seventh and final chapter of our book. To catch those up, the book is used within a metaphysical-christian movement known as Unity to train their Prayer Chaplains. As noted it has been a good journey of discovery and discussion.

This eternal truth for holistic health is where Martella-Whitsett brings us in the closing of her book. Community and individuality. Practice daily; but meet with others of life mind; take time to centre yourself before daily tasks that can prove challenging by reminding yourself of the source of everyone.

The blueprint laid out is a good structured beginning. What is shown is that when metaphysical spirituality is done right, it does resonate through confidence in a strong mystical tradition.

UCM Alberta book club returns in January, when I will be sharing reflections from A Course of Love.

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