Children of a Mosaic

Posted: March 27, 2019 by Ty in Spirituality
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Greg Cox’s (2015) A Child of Two Worlds

is a story set during Spock’s early days on the U.S.S. Enterprise when it was captained by Christopher Pike. The story picks up shortly after the original pilot “The Cage”. It is a read if you enjoy good science fiction, and all that makes Star Trek what it is.

It is the opening though that causes one to pause and ponder. It opens at the celebration of Spock’s 7th birthday with his mother, Amanda. His father, Sarek’s, human wife. Yes, Spock is half-Vulcan, half-Human. It is a struggle between his emotional and logical sides. At this party it is the human tradition that strikes Spock with a quandary, blowing out a birthday candle and making a wish. It is illogical, Amanda points out could it not be seen as a meditative exercise to focus your whole self on the one thing you want.

Which sparked thoughts and contemplation on my part. We are compilations, not just two worlds but multiples. Think of how many different types of value, ethics, philosophical or religious traditions make up your family (and the spectrum of those belief systems). What did your parents choose to impart to you? What did you choose to accept? Investigate and accept on your own?

How many different nations are in your DNA? That is cultural traditions? Which resonate with you? What others have you been introduced to in your life journey that you have adopted/adapted to fit your own frame of reference that aids you in being you?

Has what you have taken on from the worlds that circle in your mosaic changed throughout your life? That is have you let some beliefs, traditions go and let others come in?

What are simply just family things that are not tied to the broader meta-narrative? Have you stepped outside of those, and wrote your own story?

As you enter into and live with others in community, in your own family, or relationships… what has been given up? What has been grown? What has been integrated?

In the words of John XXIII about the Second Vatican Council being about the windows of the church being opened up and letting the Holy Spirit blow through. When have you opened up the windows to your own sanctuary of life and let the Spirit of renewal blow through?




And simply ask, does this tradition, custom, practice, value add true understanding and meaning to my life…or am I simply doing it because it is what I have always done. What would happen if I simply did not anymore? Would it be missed? Does it bring true joy to my life?



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