100 years ago

The heart of our country rocked…

For equality

End of worker harrassment, unsafe work, ability of owner to rape female and child workers, end of child labour, living wages, vacations…

To be treated as …


A minister’s head was cracked open,

and a denomination had to face an ugly truth?

Was it the employers rights or the rights of the worker that mattered?

1919-2019 -Winnipeg General Strike— 100 Years On

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Compassion Fatigue.

Burn out.



Extreme emergencies created by government policies

Lack of mental health care

Lack of addiction support

Rampant child and family poverty


Crack…Meth…Opioids…Fill in Narcotics crisis here to numb the trauma pain

A system breaking under lack of capacity.

A wheel with spokes with no hub

Do more

With less

is the normal cry for human services

no matter the employer

some do better

some do worse

Many say…

The pain goes with the job…can’t take it get out.

Not our job to care for you, your job to care for you…

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Self-care- do yoga, exercise, drink water, pray, have more faith…

But what about?

It is one size fits all…

you skid out you only have yourself to blame….

Here to help our world

make it better

like in the midst 100 years ago

Well Rev. if you weren’t there

you would not be hurt,

and in a cell needing bail…

But no one asks,

what about my neighbour?

And what happens,

when you need to be loved as you have loved your neighbour…

because your tank is blown out…



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