Image result for star trek forgotten historyChristopher L. Bennett is an excellent writer of Star Trek novels. I first encountered him with Enterprise, but then picked up a Department of Temporal Investigation (2012) Forgotten History which is truly a story of the Federation wrestling with time travel, this reality foisted upon them due to ships called Enterprise, and their captains (Archer & Kirk).

Image result for dr. mccoyIn the midst of sorting out the ethics and repercussions, a debrief interview with Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, in regards to the benefits of time travel for historical research justifying the risks,  brings us this McCoyism to mull in our own journeys (p.87):


“No, I do not. What’s so blasted great about the past anyway? Rampant filth and disease, primitive medicine little better than butchery, ignorance and hate everywhere. . . .They say people who don’t study the past are doomed to repeat it, but in my experience, it’s the people who can’t let go of the past who end up repeating it.”

What in you past can you not let go, so you continue repeating?


In just googling around found this fun page Top 10 Dr.McCoy quotes.


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