The Evolution of Belief: A Reflection

Posted: April 23, 2019 by Ty in Spirituality
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In the course of reading/writing for progressive religious it is sometimes challenging realizing that there is few Canadian authors. Yes, I am aware of Gretta Vosper, but she has gone to the outliers of progressive into spiritual atheism, the question arises what if (or I still hold to be true in faith) a Holy Mystery? This is the background for a belated Christmas present from my daughter’s godfather to me (belated because I think he read it before, which is what happens with us and books).

Image result for j. steiner calgary authorJ.Gregory Steiner, SJ’s (2018, Archway) The Evolution of Belief: A Christian Perspective for the Future takes a look at the evolution of theology and doctrine within his home faith tradition (Catholicism, he was after all a Jesuit) and how science complements and expands upon this understanding. What it means moving forward. It is not an “AHA!” text for anyone who has read other progressives ala the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, or John Shelby Spong, but what it is, is another testimony (yes let’s reclaim that word) of a person sharing how their belief has been shaped by life. How they can see how things do not have to be at war or odds, but are interwoven in a tapestry, and how personal and corporate beliefs evolve and change over time.

I also have a partiality to the book as the writer is a fellow Calgarian, I encourage you to explore it. If you are a deeply read progressive, it is good to be encouraged through the stories of others, if you are just curious, it is an excellent way to begin to bring cohesion to your worlds. Breaking down barriers and allowing flow.

Buy the book here.



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