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Posted: November 10, 2019 by Ty in Spirituality
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Religious orders–social media is a blessing to them in being able to share ideas. There was one that cropped up on the OSA Facebook group for the season of Advent. For those who do not know, Advent is the season of preparation for the Birth of Jesus (yes, one can go blue or red in the face arguing whether or not Dec. 25 is historical for the birth of the wee babe, but what it is for sure is awesomely symbolic of the brightest love light birthing in the darkest time). Advent focuses of the gifts of Hope, Faith, Peace and Joy, culminating on Dec. 24/25 with the birth of Love… Jesus.

luke spiritual practice

It states Christmas Tradition, but I like Advent, that happens 4 Sundays before Christmas day. This year the first Sunday of Advent is Dec. 1; for those with kids (or like me kids at heart) and may find it hard to focus for the practice on Dec. 24, start on Nov. 30.

Some quick background, Luke is written by the physician Luke, it is book one of 2, Acts being the second. It is the longest book in the Christian Testament. For those new to the Bible, it is the third book in the Christian (New) Testament, and if one of the four Canonical gospels, which basically means those included in the official religious readings. Luke was probably written between 70-90 CE depending on how your intellectuals choose to date the manuscripts, he was a known travelling companion of Paul (yeah that one that Johnny Cash sung about).

The focus of Luke-Acts is an orderly history of the church as Luke saw it. The stories, teachings and miracles that emerge out of Luke do show that Jesus was the one shattering barriers for accessibility, inclusion and true loving belonging of all. The genesis of his, and John The Baptist’s lives being told through the lens of their mothers, Elizabeth and Mary, set the tone that this was about the way God created the universe and humanity, not how humanity had shaped it for political power, and financial gain.

Each day, as you read through a chapter, journal your response in your heart. Journal ling can be done through words, music, dance, and art not just the responsive writing we were taught in school. I would also encourage each Saturday of the week to do something simple to share the theme with family, community or world that you feel called to do out of your reflections:

December 1- Hope

December 8- Peace

December 15- Faith

December 22- Joy

December 24- Love

And you can close each daily reading, with a recitation of the prayer of the author:

Image result for prayer of saint luke

May it be a blessed season.


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