Ah day 48 of C-tine dawns,

a blessed Sunday morn

to explore the stories of Joseph (he of the amazing technicolour dream coat)

in worship and teaching from our church

(online of course, for we are not of the dominionist-tribulationist variety)

Who is Joseph?

A younger son, lost in exuberance, sold into slavery, falsely accused, imprisoned, brought forward to be honoured for his gifts, faced with the challenge to embrace or exclude his family in a time of famine…

also a catchy musical with Donny Osmond or the movie by Dreamworks

Yet, there is more,

as we walk into the story,

and descend into where the Holy Mystery is alive in our world

some may only see the sruface

or what is known as the short game

but the long game is and has been being played

lgbt-pride-flag-redesign-hero-852x480the last gasps of Christendom and empire struggle to turn back the tide

of the love wave.

Not seeing, the blessing of true authenticity


and love of the Imageo Dei in its beautiful mosaic of life.

My life was blessed,

yet I could not fully be true to me

some aspects had to be hidden

due to societal “norms”

that were nothing more than hatreds hidden behind pretty drapes,

like a Wizard to be exposed

and that wizard was,

crashing down

Love wins!

Where I stood ground,

faced violence, death threats

my kids can be who they are meant to be

build upon the cornerstones laid down,

some may be bitter or cynical

for what they view as a generation’s “easy ride”

But was this not the point of the blood, sweat and tears of the justice fight?

Where all can be seen as fully who they are meant to be?

yes we need to rise up again with voices joined in our province,

but the battle has been one, and the war is beyond a tipping point to victory

like a fascist regime clinging to delusion is what those who perpetuate hate and fear are still.

For in this time of C-tine,

I loved that GSA’s were able to allow our children to acknowledge

sometimes checking a box is not useful,

but rather, be who you are, be authentic, be love

for that is what Brother Jesus lived as his sermon, gospel declaration

and what we were beginning to be…

sadly, online school does not have this courageous sacred space,

may it be renewed,

for children like my daughter

who have lived in the glory of love previous generations fought and built

simply being able to be


What a beautiful time

why do we need to destroy it, to hold onto what is past?

Maybe, just maybe,

the future is now,

and it is time

to be…


Where do you experience the Holy Mystery today?




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