Posted: May 8, 2020 by Ty in Spirituality
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A weekend of challenge

from my life in ministry

how to support youth, children and families

in congregational

healthy spiritual community life

celebrate Mother’s, as they should be,

I know,

a wonderful blessing in my life from the matriarchs of my family

that were mentors, friends, and mentors

blessed and privileged to know a family of love,


not everyone is

what do do?

How to support, minister, and show love for those without the privilige

who are hiding in the darkness, in survival

has C-tine increased this risk?

Brought the horros of domestic violence, that our province makes apologies and excuses for

driven the victims back into the basements,

hiding their voice in the shadows,

if you are one

if you hear one

if you know someone

speak out

call out for help.

(PSA Video: Alyssia Lies)

Stand in the love you have been blessed to know and experience,

share that love

create a healing sacred space

as we carry through physical distancing

may we emerge stronger into a healthier social normal

may this be the story of Mothers Day Weekend,

that all can come to know the courageous safety, space and love

Day 53 dusk begins to settle.

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