Act and watch what happens

Posted: December 19, 2020 by Ty in Spirituality
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Ah, it is quite a winding road David Platt’s (2019) Something has to Change presents, using his own journey into the Himalayas as a metaphor for the reader to reflect on their own journey of life. Platt couples this with comparative reflections in his reading from the Gospel of Luke (which is quite synchronous with my own family’s Advent reflections). If you want to spend some more time in preparation and reflection, tend more to the conservative theological then the book may be of benefit. If not, let me summarize, and it comes quite well from his pastor friend, Aaron where he essentially stipulates the following: I got tired of talking about ministry, and just wanted to be doing it.

And that dear reader, is the crux of the season and the work. We can have many pretty words and platitudes put forward. We can have many great intentions, thoughts, and prayers. We can beat our chest with what we think is the “moral” or “right choice”, but when it comes down to it, as the Gospel writer of Luke shows, it is simply what is God asking?

Where is the power of your “yes” resting and resisting?

What is that you have talked about for so long, that many have noted you light up when you share about? Yet, the litany hits of reasons as to why…NOT.

And what is truly missed is the reason…

that is why?

Like the song says, and is reflected so easily within our story,

See the source image

It is not impossible, it simply takes a moment to get off the conveyor belt of religious capitalism, and ask simply to the silence:

What fills me up?

What makes my world better?

Guess what, by answering these simple questions, you are living the love neighbour and love self, and by the simple act of doing, you are living the first commandment.

So, what is holding you back?

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