Outschool for 9-14 year olds

Posted: August 5, 2021 by Ty in Current Events
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An affordable opportunity for exploration of lifeskills and leadership skills through the lens of Star Trek, with educator, Bruce Callow as your guide.

Are you 9-14 years old?

Cost is $13USD per week

Description in the words of teacher, Bruce Callow

Class Experience

No previous experience with Star Trek is necessary but it is welcome! 🙂

In this fun and highly interactive ongoing class students will become familiar with the history, philosophy and technology of the first three Star Trek series ( Star Trek, The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine) and creatively discuss their impact on space science and popular culture. 

Students are guided to develop their creativity, critical thinking and linguistic skills to analyze Star Trek scenarios in order to solve real life problems. The historical connection between NASA and Star Trek runs deep. This includes the naming of the first Space Shuttle ( Enterprise), the important Star Trek link with the Apollo program and several generations of NASA personnel who were inspired to achieve great things by Star Trek. In each class we explore parallels between Star Trek and the real world while comparing and contrasting the evolution of the technologies used by both.

I use the same teaching style that I use in my other space classes. I encourage a lot of student participation and try to tailor the lessons to their learning needs and talents. I have an extensive collection of Star Trek props and NASA resource materials which I use in the class. We will do various role play activities to get the students inspired and having fun. Some of these will involve time travel! I aim to bring out the talents of the students and to ensure every student feels included and appreciated.

Week of August 2
Topic: Star Trek's impact on technological innovation and the NASA connection.

Week of August 9
Topic: First Contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations and the philosophy of Star Trek's Prime Directive.

Week of August 16
Topic: Applying Problem Solving and Leadership Skills.

Week of August 23
Topic: The Legacy of Star Trek in Popular Culture"

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