What learning to live with covid could be

Posted: February 10, 2022 by Ty in Current Events
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Saw a tweet that percolated this rumination:

What “learning to live with covid” could actually be for a healthier world?

1) Paid Sick Leave for all workers (part or full time) so folks can stay home when sick.

2) Increased funding of frontline services, and locales for health services (mental, physical, neurological, and emotional/spiritual-and expansion of harm reduction & abstinence spectrum of services for those experiencing life with Substance Misuse Disorder)

3) Increased investment in communities to create spaces of belonging (this means removing grandfathering and providing grants so all buildings meet the accessibility standards).

4) Requiring proper filtration systems in all buildings (and yes this may need to be another grant program) and no grandfathering so older buildings built pre-2022 can escape the requiement.

5) Investing in communities to remove user fees and membership fees for recreation and hobby leagues so folks can make healthy personal supports.

6) Warming & cooling centres in the extreme seasons for our houseless neighbours.

7) Expansion of affordable housing at an increased rate, this is new builds, converting empty office buildings, and mandating certain percentages of all new builds to be affordable.

8) Renewal of community nursing and social workers in schools and community centres for ease of access to systems.

9) Return to the spirit of the minimum wage laws where no more than 30-50% of income would go to basic needs for a family of four (let that set in).

10) Universal Pharmacare, adding dental and optical to the health care act.

11) Universal Basic/Guaranteed Income

This is a start, but shows we have learned from the scars and wounds exposed during and continuing during c-tine and are committed to a new and renewed reality.


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