Unwanted Walk 2

Posted: April 3, 2022 by Ty in Spirituality
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Speak to freely

of wanting to be with your loved ones and buddies at the grand tea party on the other side

The struggle within that you try to share outwards

falls on many as non-verbal

for those who know and love

hear what you share and say

no more invasive pain for a little bit of change

no more owies

Your light dims, like under a bushel,

want to laugh and love

our little miracle

that machines said all those years ago

game over,

and you laughed into the void

and the Holy smiled

and the machines said life goes on

the experts stumped

what is usual

becomes the living Holy Mystery

the joy bringer

the love spreader

the one that shatters the concrete barriers

as some shared

in their cards of stories of you

As the mid-journey begins

how much time?

For that time so long ago, when Great Granny had such joy to have her great-grandbabies in church, she spent time so you could sing proud of the love you brought, and Jesus had for you.

Echoes in my soul,

as you ask

for Daddy to be the pastor

for your tea party time

and I shatter

can I be with you

at this time

as those that are to respond

see nothing wrong

when you are emotionally blue

mentally blue

physically blue

go home,

it’s safer

for a world under pandemic

you hear resoundingly from around you

are not a valid life

my joy

my light

my son,

do not go,

linger longer

laugh more

cheer more


play more,

For a day from 43

can I not cry into the unknown

Holistically-physically-neurologically which stroy is true?

A teenager? A middler? A senior?

How much time?

For the fun moments

Like your Ozzy sing-alongs

Mouth trumpets

high fives


As you continue to ponder joining the Great Tea Party—–

Stay a while longer

To continue to change the world

For how does a Daddy answer that which you ask?

I love you…stay while and continue the party here…

Let your light shine…


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