Canada Day 2022

Posted: July 1, 2022 by Ty in Spirituality

Ah Canada Day, a day of celebration. Its past incarnation was Dominion Day, a nod to the Doctrine of Dominionism and Discovery that allowed for a thumbs up approach to cultural and active genocide of First Peoples. If you’re involved in non-heretical Christianity, both these doctrines have been revealed to not only be hate filled, but fallacies, and heresies. But there is more, as one wonders, the truth is constantly being told, will we hear?

Actually hear? That is with hearts and souls, that want to reconcile, want to change?

Yes, as the last residential school was closing, I was graduating high school. Even with family intersections (most sadly with MMIWG, but also the schools) and connections historically and generationally, sometimes, the implicit bias was there to be unlearned. Within my wife and kids, that inter-generational trauma exists as a reality, a loss of tradition and culture that we work to rebuild, and re-connect with.

As more unmarked graves are found throughout geo-political Canada, creation cries out, and one has to be quite self-absorbed not to feel the pain. A pain that must be heard, known and understood. For I personally, may not have done the atrocities, may have family and friends impacted by the systemic issues. But I am here, and willing to work on the healing, to amplify the truth, to make reconciliation a reality.

These are all the things that role around within my mixed heritage soul, and that of my family, as we struggle with Canada Day, yet here is the thing as well, Canada Day, is something else within my family story. It is a day of generational connection, of connection between urban and rural, of belonging, and yes, a parade that has been a part of making the world better.

As we emerge from the era of pandemic, it was a mixed and struggling blessing to be back in Rosemary, AB with the family, to celebrate Canada Day, to be together, but also to know that in celebrating, it is not the fallacies propped up as (mis)truth. But rather it is celebrating in the heart of a time of history, where we can choose to understand and know historic truth, and as gathered peoples of the Creator, choose a different way.

Is your soul ready to hear the truth?

And to live Reconciliation?

And now some lighter fare of sights and sounds of horses, parades, bands, family, show and shines, petting zoos, owls, eagles, craft markets, and hey, my son also found— Hockey! Oh My

And if you are wanting a world where no one goes hungry:

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