Divine Rage Remix

Posted: November 6, 2022 by Ty in Spirituality
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So often diving rage is misunderstood, mislabelled, or misrepresented. The Hebrew Bible is filled with stories of Divine Rage, the Prophets and Judges showing and telling where the people have gone wrong by not living Micah 6:8:

It was and is about compassion, love of the Holy Mystery (that is within everything created, and everything created is within them, thank you Matthew Fox for bringing back the mystic concepts of folks like Eckhart which are woven in Creation Spirituality and the idea of Panentheism). This is seen within other world belief systems, and in Valarie Kaur’s book See No Stranger a memoir and manifesto of what living transfiguring love can look like in the world. I choose the word transfigure instead of transform, for the simple call back to Jesus’ own transfiguration story, imagine is this happened over all creation?

Yet, we can confuse the concept of rage being the anger emotion that does not have movement. It being seen as the one that stops transfiguration, and this is possible. We have bore witness to this with Brexit, Jan.6 in the USA. The Convoy-Coutts-Ottawa Occupation. The resurgence of neo-naziism, the slide of western democracies into authoriarianism (I mean we have a premier in Alebrta that could not see why support Putin was wrong int he war in Ukraine), basically a world coming out of a time that should see the emrgence of Star Trek Utopianism, instead we have digressed into polarized tribalism of anger machines. Not-divine Rage, a rage that wants to hold the ground, continue to be beneficiaries of systemic racism, economic disparity systems, us-them mentalities, colonialism, cyclical global intergenerational trauma, living into a closure-justice story focused on revenge (not, as Indigenous nations show us justice focused on healing and restoration of slef and community, a true and deep understanding and living of reconciliation as shown in our Jesus story that we abandaoned for Empire).

To hold ground to a time where one’s skin, gender and sexual orientation mattered for power in the system.

This is the rage our world is currnetly trapped within, and needs to end.

Yet, there is rage, as Kaur’s book enters into the second phase of her writing. A divine rage is a useful rage that propels to change, health, reconciliation, accepting of the truth. Could this be a step in why this past two weeks our parliament voted unanimously that residential schools were a genocide.

It was a week, where my Trekkie ways showed a clear understanding for maybe the non-siritual, and I would encourage if you watch only one episode of Star Trek, Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s “Beyond the Stars” is it. The Prophets (Wormhole Aliens, the Bajorans see as there Gods) are once again interacting non-linear time with Sisko (The Emissary), and have him involved in visions and another time, and shows what can happen. It is a discussion starter and thinking episode, note when you can see divine rage? Can anything change? Should it? Will it? Where do you feel okay with how things are? Where do you feel the hit that there is something wrong? These are intuitive pieces of self-reflection. Take time to journal (which can take any creative form to engage your intellect and creative side). Then engage in discussion with others, do not watch in isolation, seek out others who may not share your point of view (if safe) to be in discussion with, to be part of the transifguration.

This is but one small piece, but have you ever thought your value as a person has been pulped?

What is the root of it?

Is it propel to change for those without value? Or is it to break your own power?

Bonus Content:

A church in Calgary doing things differently, reading the Holy’s two scriputres (Bible and Creation, engaging God everywhere), last Sudnay’s confession and first step in reconciliation:


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