Lest We Forget…

Posted: November 11, 2022 by Ty in Current Events, Spirituality
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The Dahls, The Mays, The Lewis’, The Prestons, The Ragans that gave for our Freedoms. My Granddad was part of the Royal Canadian Signal Corps overseas, where he fell in love with my Nan on furlough in Stour-Port-on-A Severn, UK. My Great Uncles and Aunts served, in the field, and on the guns trying to stop the bombing of England. My Great-Granddad Lewis (my Nan’s dad) served in both world wars, as a Sherwood Forrester (those who know what inspires me know); and when he came back took up the fight with his own government to give a damn about our veterans, to care for them.

My Uncle Red (who was like my grandpa in Jr high and high school) was on continent, with my Grandpa Joe (who in his tortured soul, was a victim of the CIA brainwash experiments at McGill-declassified by the Trudeau government), in the air force.

So many stories fading into the fog of memory and lore, so that some believe the Holocaust (13 million people exterminated for their crime of being Jewish, LGBT, disabled or born a multiple) never happened, and that it is okay to think Hitler was right, when we say never again, this is our stand and our time to actualize that in the West, we have failed many times since with Indigenous Peopels, Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Palestine and the list goes on…can we make 2022 the year that our grand parents, great grandparents and their generation fought back against evil in the shadows and plain sight a reality in our world?

Or will we simply forget.


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