Heading into 2023

Posted: December 23, 2022 by Ty in Current Events
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It has been awhile. I have been keeping a blog in various locals (with many writings losts to the ther of the internet) since they first emerged as a platform. Sometimes shared, mostly by myself, a space to muse, to share poetry, thoughts, fiction and non-fiction. Postulate theories, and share some important information to aid those to transition from survival to thriving.

We as a planet appear to be in survival mode as we struggle to emerge froma pandemic not yet done with us, fracturing into what was once known as dulaism (now dubbed polarization), where for my view point to be completely correct and right, means that yours must be completely wrong. As well, as being in a space of not trusting any barometer of fact (note I avoided the term truth, for this has been supplanted by the religious-spiritual realm, and does not hold much water in current debates). Fact, however is something that should, we need at this point to listen to philosophers, artists, mystics, and theologians to discover the deeper intrinsic meanings of this time of transition, shall I risk, birthing of the new to come as the necroptic tissue of the old colonial world holds onto us within the womb?

It is also a time, where we have to trust fact. We have to listen to verified sceintists and social scientists. We have to challenge our news outlets, to move away from info-tainment and back into the slow news cycle. For authentic journalism takes time, and isn’t about sharing a both sidism, but about cultivating what the facts are for the reader to draw the conclusion. As well, requires resources, so this can happen, and not just using op-ed writers as defacto journalists, they both provide a function on the site or paper but both have different roles and responsibilities.

I sit here, 3 years out from losing my vocation to health reasons, with stumble starts into a new vocation. Wondering if, as the documentary states, I will ever move away from being professor precarious to actual full time continual/tenure role. I ponder this as the winter term 2023 looms, teaching in mulitple psot-secondaries and faculties to support my family. Intrigued and excited for the new courses I will teach, and learn from my learners as much as I facilitate their own discoveries. It is a vocation I feel as much passion for, as I did my past one. Yet I know to care for my beloved family, something needs to shift, and that is my prayer out into the universe for the narrative of ap rovincial government to shift and realize that education is not simply a cog in the capitalist machine, but rather a way of equipping a society for the transofrmative power of creating new, being kind, and changing this world for the netter. With that change of mind-set, comes a change in funding and understanidng that the gig economy is destructive to community, family and self-cohesion, health and authentic belonging, not only does it need to be addressed, it needs to be challenged, and dismanteld with incentives for employee retention, growth, and yest, being able to retire within an organizations that has ensured you and yours are cared for in proper and robust full compensation packages.

People before profits.

But I digress, as this is a message of the shift of the site, back to a sapce to share thoughts, musings, poetry, resources, writings and in spite of teaching 7 courses in Winter Term, I hope regular writing to be shared with you dear reader. For it is when I am engaged with this lifelong passion of writing, that pieces of my holistic health (mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual) are kept well.

As we enter into the eve of Christmas Eve, when Christians of the West celebrate the birth of light, joy, faith, peace, hope, and the greatest gift–love in the flesh to shatter the oppressive empires of politics and religion, may you stay warm and close to those that you lvoe and love you. May you know that embrace of authentic belonging, and may the journey into and through 2023 be smooth and one of discovery, curiousity and learning.


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