Some Free Fall

Posted: January 23, 2023 by Ty in Free Fall
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Hoping to get some time carved out in my schedule for this to develop into something…

It is always a weird feeling to be in darkness, and then see a bright light, but not at the end of the tunnel, your notifications had decided to push through the do not disturb feature overnight on your phone. No wonder insomnia was beginning to become a rising issue? The covid pandemic pause had shown us exactly how overworked and running on empty we were as a society, yet as restrictions lifted, we wanted to jump back onto the eternal treadmill once more.

Hence the squawking at this ungodly hour, when one should be sleeping, others note it as the dead hour. Here I am in the darkness, should I be sleeping? Yes, a normal person would be, yet here I am awaiting a communion of sorts. Finished the cleansing of the darkness from this place, tapping into some Anglican Rites, being a good quasi-Canadian associated Anglican I used the Book of Common Prayer, needed the sludge cleared for the phone to activate once again.

In the phone there may be an answer, the question is whether it is a call I wanted to receive, but the communications had brought me to this old trailer, to do this. The essence is simple, to discover what my actual name was, not just be the bloke the locals had designated Jake Doe, whatever would come through would open more to me than that.

“Jake me boy is that you?”

Even a quick thumbing to dark mode did not help the blinding green screen glow, reminded me of the type on the monitor of an old Apple 2E in public school. Not exactly the best ergonomics for eye care in the 21st century.

“That is what folks have been calling me? Who are you?”

Who I am is irrelevant, the time is short, Jake you need to find it.”

“Find what?” My name? My memories? These are what are sticking out to me at this moment. But this disembodied voice through the green screen is attempting to speak in bad, almost pedantic, riddles.


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