Ty Ragan is an authentic seeker who journeys with knowledge and curiosity equally. He is what a culmination of father, son, faithful and questioning, partner and individual can be if courage is your sword and passion your shield. A unique blend rarely understood throughout history because he walks humbly while we all stumble in the dark. Ty Ragan is that rare light.

-Deb Runnalls

Proud husband and Dad; builder of homes and communities; Writer of Stories; Theological Mystic; Panentheist Monastic; Pastor; Spiritual Director; Shamanic-Wisdom Keeper.

Just a simple soul, on a journey with others, trying to make this corner of the world a little bit better.

In Conversation on Belonging, listen here


  1. Brenda B says:

    I knew you were awesome – now you are REALLY Awesome!!

  2. jygwbusc says:

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  3. dianasschwenk says:

    author of books? what books? Love your heart Ty…..keep up the good work.

  4. Ty says:

    My poetry book is at thepublic library and its called One Voice in Protest: Poems in Hope. My other two books are available through Amazon and are The Bard’s Spirit: Shakespeare’s Social Gospel (looking at social justice theology through Shakespeare) and Pilgrimage to the Heart of the Sacred a spiritual formation book.

  5. trusthismercy says:

    Thank You from my Heart for liking the writings! I am so happy and grateful in the name of Our Lord Jesus, that you put a link on your Blog about the Prayers! Have a very Merry Christmas, ( from Australia) with Abundant Blessings for 2013! If I would be in Canada, I would love to come to your Chapel and Holy Gift Mass! I am following your Blog now! Thank you so much for sharing all this!

    God Bless you and your Family


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