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Why can’t there be a big red button?

-War Doctor

           Like any good science fiction questions around the essence of us (humanity) should be brought forward. This is at the bedrock of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary movie (watch trailer here), Day of the Doctor.  It is the deepest plunging into the hardest thing to  comprehend for any person… ourselves.

As the regeneration who chose themselves undeserving of the name, but asks the question as in the clips above, the Warrior Doctor, “I am looking for the Doctor.” The one who is called to heal, to help to aid…or as Clara will note the thrum of the Tardis is a sound of hope. But this is about that corner of the mind of the Doctor, no, the heart where hope has gone out.

For it was in the 9th regeneration that the fabled time war happened. When Daleks and Time Lords went to war to end all wars. Where the rest of the universes saw the Time Lords just as evil as the Daleks who view anything outside their race as need to be exterminated, which this mini-episode Night of the Doctor expertly portrays as the Doctor must make a choice to not be apart of the war or to be apart of the solution?

The haunting begins.

Much like we make choices within our own lives at any given moment with the information available. Whether it is good, bad, horrible or indifferent. It is what is possible and probably for us at that moment. Much like moments in human history (very hard to bring 21st century morals onto situation 400 years old or 150 years old as we try to erase instead of critically teach history so the cycle can be fully broken. Just ask any abuse survivor, the story and triumph need to be spoken so that it will not be repeated, in all its darkness).

This literally becomes the story. As the device designed to end the Time War by the Doctor is AI with a conscience and brings the Doctor to begin interacting with his decision. The decision? At that moment and time in war as the Daleks are all gathered at Gallifrey—to end it all, Daleks and his people. The haunting ripples this will bring through time.

The decision driven by the motto burned into a wall by him “No More.” The war must end.

The journey forward form that choice showing the grief cycle. The short regeneration shortly after not even there. The true shock.

But the struggle between who are known as the Tenth (David Tenant) and Eleventh (Matt Smith) Doctor’s to forget this period in time. How it shapers personality. One who lives in pained regret and the other who lives to forget, to move forward.

The haunting question answered by 2.41 billion.

But with the Eleventh Doctor being 400 years out…is there another decision that can be seen?

What if that decision can be tried?

What if in your moment of darkness your future selves could stand with you and you would not have to be alone?

What if, you live in acceptance of the choice and find hope in spite of it to move forward in a better life for yourself and others?

This may seem like nothing more than a toss away sci-fi movie from the BBC. Apart of geek culture and nothing more.

Yet we live in a time of reconciliation.

A time when groups who have been oppressed and the former oppressors know that something needs to change.

But how do we get there?

Sometimes a science fiction story can show us the interior and exterior journey in a way that creates conversations that can create the space for critical discussion and active listening, that other venues cannot.

Just think of using this in a religious or political or classroom setting with the Time War as the metaphor for residential schools, Canadian Eugenic practices for those with disabilities, the destructive LGBTTQ2+ laws; the dying with dignity or abortion laws; slavery, the list can go on…

For what questions would haunt our journey where the answer 2.41 billion could just be as haunting.

But even more so.

What is the new life?

What is the regeneration that awaits each one of us?

Where does hope exist?

Do you hear the thrum of the TARDIS? Or are you blocking it out?

Proclamation of the Constitution Act, 1982 / P...

Proclamation of the Constitution Act, 1982 / Proclamation de la Loi constitutionnelle de 1982 (Photo credit: BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives)

Have we really become as enlightened and egalitarian as our Elders hoped:In 1919 Winnipeg held a general strike for the rights of the working class.

Women’s Suffrage in Canada from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s

It was the 1930’s before the Metis were seen as actual human beings

Aboriginal Rights movement that was shocked by the death of an indiginous veteran on the streets of Winnipeg in the 1960’s that leads us to #IdleNoMore

The enshrinement of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Constitution Act 1982

Universal Health Care finally going Nation Wide between 1957-66 (imagine you’re sick and will actually be helped).

First Old Age Pensions in 1915-27

1960’s-`70’s – Homosexuality and Divorce Decriminalized and moved into the modern era of understanding within our society.

1969-1988 women’s reproductive rights finally liberated from the older caucasoid male, Abortion decriminalized, legalized and finally provided for under the Health Act.

2010 say the Occupy Movement

Marriage Equality in 2005…

The Differently Abled still fight to be seen as full participants in society.

Citizens still die on the job; do not earn living wages; still die on the streets…

Labels still make individual’s less than in the public’s eye.

When are we going to realize that in just under a 100 years we have come along way, but there is still another million miles to come…

Let 2013 be the year of Universal Equality for all Canadians.

Let 2013 be the year that we hold our Government and citizenry to account for the promises of our Constitution Act, Under God (actually and aboriginal concept of the Sacred)…peace, order and good governance are guaranteed.

These grow out of fair and equitable distribution of resources; living salaries; care for creation and one another; reinvestment within our social network and education and a striving to celebrate our unity as Canadians within our diversity that makes us uniquely one nation.

A year when we will realize a nation that is truly for the people, where everyone participates fairly, interdependently and with one another. Where labels finally are buried and we become a beacon for transformation within the rest of the world to be at Oneness. H-U-M-A-N-I-T-Y.

For the better, let your actions transform us in 2013, For the renewal.




Ya I know you have gotten used seeing the archives actually published, but it comes to research I have truly lost track of where all my research has wound up and what use it has happened with.

See the fun challenge is that it is more about reflecting where my research has centred and that has come across many topics within the liberal arts, social sciences and life.

The key researches have been:

How a church can come to a political statement of faith

How a church can reach out to the young adults in the culture mosaic that is NE Calgary

Faith communities and Youth Crime solutions

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada and its faith effect on the growth of multi-culturalism.

An ethnography on the most lucrative drug corner in North America known as “crack Macs”

A presentation on the extinction of the Teduray, and how this reflects on the destructive nature of the missional endeavour that attempts to destroy the religious cultural practice of the indigineous peoples.

An ethical exploration of pro-life (not just abortion) because it is about the sanctity of life from conception, birth, aging, throughout the lifespan, but also the fact that the death penalty is against a pro-life theology.

A research on the life and teachings of J.S. Woodsworth

Looking at how the history of the social gospel movement has shaped my own personal theology.

To name but a few…

Ancient silver coin from Cyrene depicting a st...

Ancient silver coin from Cyrene depicting a stalk of Silphium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay a new week, and a new motion from a CONs back bencher. At first blush it appears different than the “when life begins” motion that even the Prime Minister voted against (even if 10 of his cabinet and half his caucus did not).

Now, another CONs backbencher has tabled a motion that at first glance seems a no brainer in the world of the abortion debate… simply put that an abortion of an unborn child (fetus/zygote, insert your own term here) shalt not be performed based on the fact that Mummy/Daddy to-be dislike the gender of the child. Read full article here.

Makes sense right? Yet it opens up the rights of all involved about choice. Is abortion good? No.  The reasons an abortion are chosen are many fold: rape, incest, economic, familial, gender, birth control, disability, disease, mother and/or child health, etc (and yes, these same reasons for someone else may actually empower the family to keep the child. This is not an easy black and white equation)… when one chooses to go down this path we do not know what the reasons are, they are in the family’s heart and soul. The purpose of publicly funded and available abortions through health care is not why this path has been chosen.

The rationale is simple, it is a devastating choice for all invovled, but it is more devastating when the abortion is performed in unlicensed clinics, or aborted through ingestions of poison, or the abuse of others/self. These methodologies more often than not lead to the death of the mother as well, so then two lives are lost. It is about reducing of harm to the mother, and hopefully the child. When done properly also includes before and after counselling and reconciliation work.

So this brings us to this motion? Is it good? At first blush, yes it is and quite common sense. But sadly it crosses the line of harm reduction for  these procedures and as such is a motion that needs to be voted down.

Will there ever be a time I would come out in support of the ending of publicly funded abortions? Possibly, but then the living Body of Christ would need to have built a world where every child conceived is not only wanted, but loved, and able to live a fruitful life free of abuse.

Some entries to cause you to pause, think, ask questions of self, seek answers, and find new questions…

Community…The Christian Kind…Not the T.V. Show

Episcopal Priest calls Abortion a Blessing

Father John Responds to Planned Parenthood

Atheist Alain De Boan challenges Hitchens assertion Religion Poisons everything

Christian Exodus

I don’t necessarily agree with the perspectives of all articles, or even the subject, but that is no the purpose, the simple fact is we as a people need to be challenged to think, to process, and to discover our own understanding in this gray world in which we live.


It has been an interesting week.  Not in the normal way one would use the term interesting in a smart ass way, but rather, a week filled with great conversation.  This is different than what Lent held for me and my family up to this point.  It has been a bumpy ride, many misunderstandings and hail of attacks from those we believed could be trusted due to struggles with change and the need for human scapegoating.

But our Creator is a loving force that permeates all, and this week that love was evident with the conversations that opened up and reaffirmed some beliefs of mine, and allowed new beliefs to be explored. So here are some simple pragmatics that surfaced for me this week:

1) Where does disease come from?  Many religions have always been centred on attempting to explain disease and death.  Essentially in one conversation this week, what came out for me was “biology sucks” that is the true cause for disease that I believe in.  Not tests or punishments from God, just a natural phenomenon, a bad luck roll of the dice. 

2) This led to another reflection in many conversations, as many of my family members have chronic illnesses, the questions always arise on what makes a quality of life.  The emphasis needs to be on quality, not quantity.  What does this mean in pragmatic practice? Simple, there is no deeper meaning for suffering or disease, than simply discovering the little joys in life.  Discovering at the core of our being what causes resonnance and meaning, for those of  a spiritual inclination it would be decribed as what brings us deeply into the union with the Holy Mystery.

3) I am pro-choice and yes I can feel the hate mail coming from some members of my faith community.  Yet, being pro-choice is more than just accepting abortion. I believe being pro-choice is actually choosing quality of life over quantity.  It is about acceptance, non-judgementalism, walking alongside, showing care and understanding for one another.

The love and understanding is on the abortion dialogue as I believe it is up to us as children of God, to build a world where every conceived baby is wanted.

It is about an individual’s right to choose their course of treatment with what ails them, and I do believe if they are of a sound mind when making the decision choosing when their life shall end and when they are not of a sound mind, as individuals living in community, our responsibility to bring them through the darkness of contemplating suicide.

It is choosing a life well lived out of love and understanding.

4) Symbology- for every goodness we can see in a symbol, we need to be aware of the pain that is also inherent within the symbols.  We truly need to understand that the way we understand our beliefs is not about proving ourselves right, but rather celebrating and coming together in untiy within our diversity.

It has been an interesting Lenten journey, surrendering self, surrendering perception, and pragmatically coming to re-experience the Holy Mystery that has created all, exists in all, and everything exists in.