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Strange Ethics?

Posted: May 23, 2022 by Ty in Spirituality
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A long weekend to hopefully renew, a week showing (the first in many months) of a revitalized Wally West Flash run, so the public library for what used to be called “four colour” fix it is. King, Gerards and Shaner’s Strange Adventures collection. I am a fan of Tom King’s writing style, so even though, I am not even minute fan of Adam Strange, this was on the list of curious reads. To catch you up dear reader, Adam Strange is a man of two worlds, due to zeta beams, he is taken for times from Earth to Rann, on Rann he has a wife and child (daughter). I would soliquie more on the stories of Adam Strange, but these basics are pretty much all I know, he has been a sci-fi super hero since about the Silver Age me thinks, and there has been some good stories I have read in the Hawkman-Hawkworld-Hawkgirl-Hawkwoman mythos (Rann-Thannagar War???), but really not one I think of.

This story opens up as an old war hero, sharing his thoughts on fighting of a Pykkt (alien horde, alledgedly evil) invasion of Rann, and now back on earth, having written his memoir and is in the bookstore-talk show circuit. Because really, who doesn’t like an intergalactic war hero? Allegations surface of nefarious, possible war crimes surface, a murder mystery ensues, and we dive into an investigation if the hero is what he attests to be or is simply trying to put a spin on his own devilishness.

Throw in the complexity of the Pykkt now looking to invade earth, and asking, will the super heroes do what Adam had to do to stop the invasion of Rann?

And why is Mr. Terrific focusing his investigation of Adam Strange on the inscription to Strange’s memoir for his daugther that was lost in the invasion…

But enough spoiler fodder, for sometimes reading Tom King, is like a Shalaman movie, and the twists are the fun, but what formed in my mind is a reapproach exploration of ethics in crisis…can one go biblical? Possibly, thinking of concepts of Adam, Ancient Aliens, or even simply looking into the David Story or maybe the Maccabees, but that would take a bit longer, and have a few more spoilers involved.

Yet, exploring ethical decision making would not, for it lays out a lens. A first year ethics course (within your faith background, or philosophy department) will lay out, all the different ways to approach–absolute, positive, natural, etc.

What I want to touch on, is how one makes decisions within the scope of human services and for that there can be some simple steps to see if there is an ethical dilemma at play:

  1. What does the law say? Criminal law, is contextual to where you are existing–whatever happened on Rann cannot be judged by Earth laws…or can it?
  2. Is it simply unethical– there is a code from a professional association you are a part of that stipulates what ethical conduct is, and in black and white it has been broken. Is it untehtical, if Adam Strange is an active member of the Justice League, to take a life, even in war?
  3. Then there is the dilemma. The not cearly black and white answered in the first two. Within the scope of these, sometimes time can be working against the porfessional in maing the decision, sadly, but let’s assume this is a perfect time placement scenario, what steps after realizing something is hinky can one take?

Step 1: What do the policies and procedures of where you work say? (does not mean these are fully ethical, just gathering information).

Step 2: What does any ethical guides you adhere to stipulate? (this can be professional or other belief systems).

Step 3: Objectively what are the facts of the situation.

Step 4: Engage the first steps in discussion with teammates and/or a supervisor

Stepf 5: Arrive at a decision. Establish the rationale for the choice of this as the solution (this is key, if you are working contrary to policy or procedure or in the gray area, being able to explain why aids your growth, but also worst case scenario if you lose your job, you are able to find a place that better aligns with who you are).

Step 6: Inact the decision.

Step 7: Afterwards, debrief, did it work? Is there changes in procedures? What was the objective outcome.

Sidenote: Sometimes I will here from professionals not wanting and/or refusing to follow through on their duty to report for fear of losing therapeutic rapport. This is bullocks, in these hard reporting decisions, rapport can be strengthened by working/supporting the client to be a part of the disclosure or lead in the disclosure.

As you jump into Strange Adventures gather the clues, and explore the layers of ethical dilemmas at play, the resolutions, and walk through Step 7 with them (as well as the other steps to see where you would go).