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Ah day 48 of C-tine dawns,

a blessed Sunday morn

to explore the stories of Joseph (he of the amazing technicolour dream coat)

in worship and teaching from our church

(online of course, for we are not of the dominionist-tribulationist variety)

Who is Joseph?

A younger son, lost in exuberance, sold into slavery, falsely accused, imprisoned, brought forward to be honoured for his gifts, faced with the challenge to embrace or exclude his family in a time of famine…

also a catchy musical with Donny Osmond or the movie by Dreamworks

Yet, there is more,

as we walk into the story,

and descend into where the Holy Mystery is alive in our world

some may only see the sruface

or what is known as the short game

but the long game is and has been being played

lgbt-pride-flag-redesign-hero-852x480the last gasps of Christendom and empire struggle to turn back the tide

of the love wave.

Not seeing, the blessing of true authenticity


and love of the Imageo Dei in its beautiful mosaic of life.

My life was blessed,

yet I could not fully be true to me

some aspects had to be hidden

due to societal “norms”

that were nothing more than hatreds hidden behind pretty drapes,

like a Wizard to be exposed

and that wizard was,

crashing down

Love wins!

Where I stood ground,

faced violence, death threats

my kids can be who they are meant to be

build upon the cornerstones laid down,

some may be bitter or cynical

for what they view as a generation’s “easy ride”

But was this not the point of the blood, sweat and tears of the justice fight?

Where all can be seen as fully who they are meant to be?

yes we need to rise up again with voices joined in our province,

but the battle has been one, and the war is beyond a tipping point to victory

like a fascist regime clinging to delusion is what those who perpetuate hate and fear are still.

For in this time of C-tine,

I loved that GSA’s were able to allow our children to acknowledge

sometimes checking a box is not useful,

but rather, be who you are, be authentic, be love

for that is what Brother Jesus lived as his sermon, gospel declaration

and what we were beginning to be…

sadly, online school does not have this courageous sacred space,

may it be renewed,

for children like my daughter

who have lived in the glory of love previous generations fought and built

simply being able to be


What a beautiful time

why do we need to destroy it, to hold onto what is past?

Maybe, just maybe,

the future is now,

and it is time

to be…


Where do you experience the Holy Mystery today?




A series of reflections on the Harvard Business Review’s (2011) 10 Must Reads on Strategy…

Execution, and no we are not discussing the death penalty. This is about how to ensure the strategy actually leads to outcomes desired. Mankins & Steele (2005) “Turning Great Strategy into Great Performance” gives us 7 rules for attempting this (p.212-213):

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Challenge assumptions.
  3. Speak the same language.
  4. Discuss resource deployments early.
  5. Identify priorities.
  6. Continuously monitor performance.
  7. Develop execution ability.

Keep it simple is essentially the K.I.S.S. concept put more nicely, so I don’t think I need to spend time unpacking that. Challenge assumptions though is one where the 5W’s and H questions to test the reliability of the foundation you have built your plan upon. Within the church world far too often the underlying assumptions go this way- we are (insert denomination here) thus everyone attending is (insert denomination here) so we do not have to teach/disciple about it or, if they go through Sunday School they will stick around. Remember the old joke of how to get the bats out of the bell tower, just baptize and confirm them.

These two flow into the third step, speak the same language. In a multi-cultural setting where I am this can be a challenge on many levels. Within the church though it can be a tad humourous. For it extrapolates the probeative questions of challenging assumptions. If all the newcomers attended (x denomination) in their home country, then they get us. Totally removes context, formation, and functionality from the question and creates more stumbling blocks than are necessary if one had just kept life simple with a rolling introductory course on how and what the church is.

The first 3 become the foundation for the last 4. It is about creating the framework for the strategy so that it is successful.

In our own lives we tend to over jump these steps and dive right into step 7. Well, let’s back it up, what are assumptions in your life you need to challenge about your goals/vision/direction/vocation? What language do you need to learn to speak? How are you deploying the resources/skills and talents you have? Is it scatter shot or is there a focus about what you do? What are your life priorities? A quick way to figure this out is to have lived through a challenge (over time versus family event) or to take an ethics course to be able to explore core values. Point 6, is really the monastic rule around daily examin, end of the day reflect back on what happened- good, bad, and indifferent. Areas of growth and opportunities will emerge, so will an authenticity of life as you look back on other areas. Are you being the true you? or not?

Are you able to implement and execute your plan?

Basically, are you living your life as an authentic you?

Sin, righteousness, our old self crucified (Romans 6), living as slaves or freed are words Paul has chosen to communicate with the folks of this gathering for where they are in this life. Paul is laying out the transformation, and ritual of renewal. In life coach we speak of discovering the gremlin-saboteur, acknowledging, thanking (yes, even if it was not helpful in becoming the full you, this gremlin had kept you safe), then a ritual of drawing out, writing out the words used, naming the gremlin… then destroying the gremlin when you are ready. The old you dying. The old you being crucified so that you can step into the new reality and begin the practice of living out of authentic love of self that shines through in your love of neighbour. A stark reminder in verse 21 for when we let new gremlins creep in, or in times of stress and struggle old ones reassert:

21 But what fruit were you getting at that time from the things of which you are now ashamed? For the end of those things is death.

-Romans 6:21, (English Standard Version)

The old life is a living death for you are not whole, you are not living into who you are meant, and created to be. When you are in the new life, looking back may bring shame upon your past through your new eyes, but that too can be a path for a saboteur. Instead, focus on who you truly are, affirm the divinity of love that is you. Live into and out of that.

For we can default into legalism, the judicial system of life of what is legal and illegal as living under the law and rules produces (Romans 7) and it will guide us into a decent living this life. For we know what the end result should be, and the loopholes to work around when the means may not be completely “legal” but have we lived fully into the divine right and wrong?

I think there was a reason.

-Jesse Stone, Stone Cold (2005)

It was a cryptic comment from Chief Stone, after a gang rapists father tried to get the victim’s Dad arrested for assaulting his son when the son had called the victim a bitch. The Dad’s defense was the assault was for no reason. The function of legal/illegal versus right/wrong. There was yet to be a case made against his son, so it was not a crime. But there’s still a reason.

Reading Paul’s words around law and legalism, and more importantly living, I reflect on this scene and many others from the film and book series where a prophetic police chief keeps reminding folks that the police deal with legal and illegal, and all the loopholes that brings. While right and wrong, is a more inherent gut thing that when one is on the path of health, or whole, they just know how to live.

For Paul, that is the emerging life in the Holy Spirit. Some believe it is something that comes down upon us when we “convert”. To those, I believe a point has been missed. The Holy Spirit (Ghost for some) is the living breath of the Holy Mystery (God). It is what bonds communities together. It is what was breathed into creation of humanity on Day 6 of the Hebrew Poem in Genesis 1. It is not so much a coming down, but a coming out. That is we finally let it burn through the sludge we have used to bury it all this time. We allow our true nature to evolve within us, and evolve us.

We connect to the Cosmic Christ, so it becomes easier to live out the hard life lessons. We can move beyond what is allowed, what coding of other people say about them, we are able to look upon people as persons. Individual and not by grouping, you become able to see the divine within them even if they cannot see it within themselves. You begin to understand that life is not a quick fix, that there is preparation needed, and that inherent worth and dignity of the person. It is when your light, becomes able to connect to the spark, and perhaps, just perhaps a new healing journey can begin for another.

Like a game of Blob tag as a child, so is the game of connection of Holy Spirit.

Emergent light of community through self (Romans 8).

To the true you.



It never hurts to pause, and re-examine the core beliefs you were indoctrinated with in life. At different steps in life. That is what the discussion of the Sermon on the Mount was about. Shattering/obliterating the old that needed to go; preserving that which is true to you, and building upon that to flavour a new future. Being blessed in the tension of transfiguration, and knowing that no matter what the world, your community, your family or your own inner saboteur/gremlin may tell you—YOU ARE COMPLETE AND WORTHY JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. It may sound corny, but corny is because we know it’s the true we do not want to accept.

The journey of interior/exterior change continues. The laws and lawyer classes had made things convoluted (hmmm…) and no one was sure where different groups stood on what was allowed or not, what was true or not. In fact, the family that ruled between the Empire and the Religious Oppressors maintained authority by constantly playing all sides of the conflict (like a modern day dark money PAC will).

What is resonating of the past where these words were spoken, that is true in your world today?

Take a moment and mind map it out or draw it or journal it—whatever creative process you use to let go of the rational, and let the creative energy flow. What in your world today is holding you captive so that you cannot live into the best you? What is the gremlin trapping within you?

33 “Again, you have heard that it was said to those of ancient times, ‘You shall not swear falsely, but carry out the vows you have made to the Lord.’ 34 But I say to you, Do not swear at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God, 35 or by the earth, for it is his footstool, or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. 36 And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make one hair white or black. 37 Let your word be ‘Yes, Yes’ or ‘No, No’; anything more than this comes from the evil one.[n]

-Matthew 5:33-37 (NRSV)

So much rhetoric was destroying the ability to trust one another. People were taking on things not because they wanted to. It was out of fear of losing out. Fear of being kept out. Fear of not keeping up. Building one’s own prestige. One’s own “holiness” or reputation…and the list can go on and on.

The core though was they were being untrue to themselves. They were keeping up with whatever voice was sabotaging them, they had to prove/disprove things that did not matter.

We all hear a voice like this at times, or many times. What rings in your head that keeps your word from being simply yes or no?

Pause on that.

Name it. I like Clyde, but what name resonates with you.

Draw them, and spend a moment or perhaps several. When you are ready to silence the false voice. The Gremlin/Saboteur. Dispose (tear up, burn up, throw out)…but only when you are ready. For this is a step into the authentic you, not just a per functionary check box on a spiritual bucket list.

Are you ready to destroy the false promise of you and enter the true assertion of you?

Burn a Gremlin.