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It has been a unique ride for my family over the last several years. Times of discussion, lament, counting blessings, defeat, staring death in the face, and wondering what happens when a key identifier (work) is removed from the chess game of life? What happens when something sideways crops up after a clean(ish) bill of health. To enter into an epilogue of book one of three in life, feeling not like being fully housebound and 3 weeks later to being, well house bound.

It is the beginning thoughts that ruminate, much like when we were given some Russian peppermint cookies (baked with ammonia, sadly no honey icing), and being frozen on trying them as my mind wanders more the concept of the chemical used and the pulp adventures I write fiction wise. What a fun way to off somebody? A dash of another chemical and boom chlorine gas? Or some nitrate and kablewy?

This type of mind wandering can be what it feels like to be in time of c-tine. Distancing from others, connecting via internet calls, mourning away from those lost, there was times of less restrictions, when we could cohort or travel to see folks within our province. Though my Spidey sense from too many years responding to and living through human systems crafted crisis to not realize that the libertarians’ way things were handled in first wave, meant a winter quasi-lockdown (it is not a lockdown Alberta, we have restrictions, but seeing how others are right now, if you are making allusions to the 60’s scoop, Nazism, or any other horrible time in history due to this, you are on the wrong side of history). Predictions, hypothesized, tested and proven, Even the height of priviliged disdain played out into the most recent (and still unfurling) Alohagate of a caucus not held accountable for actions, really the epitome of adolescence lived out in governance that was even called out by Pope Francis. It is hard not to feel disappointed and mourn the simple losses of trips, time with extended family, our usual New Year’s winter camp trip to Countess and time with my Dad and his wife (my kids Poppa and Grandma), and then to have the government of Alberta literally slap you in the face for doing what you are asked to care for neighbour.

It can be said at this time, to feel like 2020 was horrible, yet is this true. I still think, and lean on my faith (it is not a physical building, our fam-jam has been online worshipping as our quartet, now quintet with Rose the Wonder God-yes all of us take communion, her with her treats-I’m a Franciscan soul what can I say) and look to what it means when Brother Jesus in the Gospel of Mark told us the Kingdom was near.

That is just through the thin space, and what it means to transfigure our world that has created the mess we’re in, into one where all know and are loved, where each person understands the ideal self is hear and to come.

It was a conversation this morning after church as we discussed and the above resonated out of the writing of Paul, from prison, to the church of Philippi:

27 Only let your conduct be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or am absent, I may hear of your affairs, that you stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel, 

-Philippians 1:27 (New King James Version)

The goal, is to live in a transformative and transfiguring way to create a better world now. Not to simply freeze and await the future alleged Second Coming (I believe it was the Colossae Heresy in the early church), or for a more colloquial expression, so heavenly minded no earthly good. For it is when you slip into this colloquialism it becomes easy to shift gears and see people (neighbours) as human capital, and creation as nothing more than a charge card that you, sadly, do not believe will ever come due (because you are ignoring the prophetic warnings abounding on climate shift and change), in other words, slip into the apathetic acceptance of theocracy and dominionism, which if one remembers the Hebrew Bible stories of Judges & Prophets, does not end well.

Yet this rabbit trail while enlightening, does leave me wanting to cultivate a healthier entry into 2021, and that is by pointing out what 2020 has given each of us. A simple practice we began working with our second child, the idea of gratitude/blessings when the world around was becoming overwhelming. A simple act of journaling. Begin with 10, then each day add 3, when you are feeling overwhelmed it gives you something to look back on, and have the practice of enjoying the simplest things to the miraculous.

For instance in 2020, this what I experienced as blessing:

a. Both my kids being able to have summer camp, as it was online and removed the accessibility barriers.

b. Being able to cohort with my daughter’s best friend’s family (until the new restrictions) so she had the connection, then adult priviliged stripped that away (but Mental Health am I right?)

c. My son being able to continue in in-person classes to receive all the supports he needs to thrive in life.

d. An exciting epilogue added to an almost completed for Book one of my life adventure.

e. Being accepted back to seminary to complete a Master of Divinity.

f. Rose the Wonder Dog

g. Time together with my family and seeing each of them becoming more of who they are meant to be.

h. J grooving into their true interests, and learning new things such as cos-play.

i. L working to save up his allowances to accomplish his goal this year of a personalized hockey jersey.

j. J excitedly starting a new book, that they love because it is so descriptive and needs to read it so they can learn for their own stories (not saying this sounded like me at their age, but maybe).

k. That J is able to continue schooling safely online, and is thriving with their teachers that see who she is as a person.

Multiple times of fun drives into the mountains sharing the camera to take pictures of what we see, bouncing to Vulcan before the second wave for some family fun in our geekiness, and exploring new movies, stories, crafts, interests, creating time to sing together and discuss faith. That even when times may appear or feel lonely, we can always start anew in the morning.

2021 is starting, as 2020 entered, there is vaccines out there, and possibility of shift. Many have shown us that we are not in this together, yet to bring the transformation through the thin space it was not having everyone in it together, but rather a tipping point of those that refused to be beat down by the negative of the world. Where willing to continue forward.

In 2021, are you willing to resolve to continue forward to a better corner of the world you inhabit?


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A weekend of challenge

from my life in ministry

how to support youth, children and families

in congregational

healthy spiritual community life

celebrate Mother’s, as they should be,

I know,

a wonderful blessing in my life from the matriarchs of my family

that were mentors, friends, and mentors

blessed and privileged to know a family of love,


not everyone is

what do do?

How to support, minister, and show love for those without the privilige

who are hiding in the darkness, in survival

has C-tine increased this risk?

Brought the horros of domestic violence, that our province makes apologies and excuses for

driven the victims back into the basements,

hiding their voice in the shadows,

if you are one

if you hear one

if you know someone

speak out

call out for help.

(PSA Video: Alyssia Lies)

Stand in the love you have been blessed to know and experience,

share that love

create a healing sacred space

as we carry through physical distancing

may we emerge stronger into a healthier social normal

may this be the story of Mothers Day Weekend,

that all can come to know the courageous safety, space and love

Day 53 dusk begins to settle.