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Chapter Three

Posted: October 24, 2021 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps
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Welcome back dear reader, when last we were in the pulps of the Bionic Knight–Chapter Two and now we rejoin our tale already in progress…

The penny melted into their hand. Greenish oxidized copper vanishing into their palm. Green flames engulfed them, but did not burn or consume. Illuminating the darkness. The Round Table Room and castle are gone, the woman is gone. A man stands before them. Clean bald head, salt and pepper goatee. Old blue jeans, a black shirt, green zipper hoodie under a well worn brown leather bomber jacket.

Piercing green eyes.

It is the eyes Harry connects with. They had seen them many times in battle behind the helm of their nemesis, The Bionic Knight. The face was unfamiliar, but obviously this was the man behind the armour. Judging fromt heir age, it struck Harry, with how many different folks had held their moniker, that this man had become what the world called a hero, as a teenager. The gasp was audible. What was the purpose of this journey?

“Welcome to purgatory, Harry.”

Purgatory? A place of purging. “Why?”

A laugh, a deep belly laugh, the man’s shoulders shook. “Because Camelot with my beloved, and our children, is my eternal rest. Yet, your soul is troubled, all of your known as Killer Face, were always not criminally responsible due to the entity that possessed you, your radicalization and/or your own psychosis or all of the above. Hundreds flocked to the role over time, so much life lost. A burden, you as the last, internalized.”

The man did not lie. The green flames stil engulfed them. What could Harry say. “As I healed, how could I not blame? I had a choice to let it end with me, to end me, and yet…I picked up the knife…”

The man levitated to share the green flames with Harry. The flames engulfed them both. “You cannot blame yourself, for the decisions you made in the past. They were made with the life lived to that point, the coping tools you had, and the wisdom you held. Today is not then. Today the flame chose you.”

“Chose me?”

The man’s crow’s feet crinkled, as he grinned. “Today know peace.”

Harry watched as teh void of blackness was filled with green flame.

The pain.

The past.

Who they had been as a villain.



Being loved.

A new hope.

As they vanished….


“Welcome home, Harry. A new life.”

An old oxidized penny tumbles out of the darkness, the man steps back into the castle, as the void vanishes.

The penny lands on a sidewalk,

in a town or is it a city

somewhere in Canada?

A struggling soul’s eye catches sight….


The Ashram. My front porch. The kid and me, two cups of coffee.

A plot of land I quasi-inherited, squatted upon with the demise of the immortal alien life essence that was Zeus existing as a bi-sexual Zen monastic. I wish I could say the history of life in this City got easier as the story went along, but well, it has been a journey-quest—what is more than a quest? Mystical experience of the super hero operatic variety.

The weird questions being the mentor of the new generation of hero. The Ashram is 3 double wife trailers, one is mine (that is, the home of William “Shotgun” MacKay as the papers call me, when I used to be the villain killing for a living, and for the past 20ish years being the hero). The other two are split between the young heroes that make up the Great Crime Fighters. Canada’s super heroes. They have had many incarnations, and there is the dark time, that brought back the core that then passed on their legacies before their own transitions. Our greatest hero was the Bionic Knight. He was a punk ass teenager I attempted to kill many times, before he helped me become a hero. As a middle aged man, PTSD due to a life of literally saving the universe and mourning took hold of him. He was struggling through some neurological challenge as well that we were never too sure if it was magical or electrical. The power source that made him a hero, check that, that gave him the super powers of Camelot (yes that Arthur bloke) was the PenDragon force. It found a new host. A new punk ass kid, working through her own mourning as the Opioid crisis claimed her little brother, almost lost her with that. Rick talked her back. That was his real name, Rick Saturn, the first husband of our city’s mayor, Susan Kobwash-Saturn, father of two beautiful special needs twins.

A few months ago in a McDonald’s two aliens revealed themselves, George and Dragyn, because what caused the exodus of the stars to earth was coming. A few scant weeks after that Rick vanished.

Not only him, but his family. A few months left on her term as mayor. A successful run.

“Shotgun, why me?” I take a sip from my coffee, leaning on the porch rail, Beth Venus, she’s the new punk ass with the power of Camelot. Also, very anxious and unsure of why she was chosen.

Remember it was a bit of the same conversation I had with Rick after my conversion to the light, and he shared who he was. He shared at 16 years old receiving the power scared the crap out of him, having to find his way. Thinking it was like a maze, but really it was more like a labyrinth. Only one path, however winding, to the source at the centre. A metaphor I have shared with Beth many times, but she is not used to long journeys. Like most in our technological age, she wants it now. Who knew there would be a time when I would think Johnny (Johnny Power- flies, invulnerable, super strong) and Kyla (Last name, Storm, her father Kyler was the Speedster, she is of the same super-speed, with an attention span to match, though Johnny’s can be worse).

“The PenDragon knows who it chooses, your path is to walk the inner Labyrinth to find the dragon within.” Believe that is the way Rick phrased it to me once, hopefully it sounds Yoda enough.

“Quit with the Spock crap. Why me?! Do you think I wanted to be the hero of all the multi-verse?!” Beth screams. Nights like this I am happy the Ashram is on its own little hill away from other neighbours.

Remember the argument when Susie (Susan, Rick’s wife) decided to run for Mayor. John MacCurtis, Rick’s best bud formerly PinBall, formerly Bionic Archer (of Herne and Hood variety) who gave his all had left vacant. He had started a path for a just city. Susan had the passion to complete it. Her concern was Rick stopping being a hero so she could do it, he trusted the power to find th te right host.

“Find you, and the power will co-operate.” I know great pep talk take away for a teenager. Find yourself. The purpose of adolescence.

Susan leveraged every connection she had made, John had politically and Rick had as a former journalist, politico and pastor. The Bionic Knight came out in favour of her, which also helped, and the G.C.F. backed her too. It was time to fully leave the dark, it was time to embrace the light. The Council and Administration were excited over more positivity where every person was seen as a citizen who shared the same rights of Canadians promised in our Constitution and Charter for a just society.

She moved beyond tweet policies, and quick solutions. She pushed for solutions that worked for the individual in community. Moving the conversation from simple accessibility and inclusion to belonging. From housing to homes. From work to vocational purpose. From debt to actual living wages and thriving. From reaction to pro-activity in building a world. Reconciliation and restoration not vengeance. Not looking at integration or reintegration for those who are coming from institutional life whether it be medical, mental health, addiction, corrections or shelters but true connectivity, belonging and living. She pushed hard (and had the death threats to prove it) to all levels of government that any relapse, recycle, recidivism or re-housing/re-shelter rate that was not absolute 0 had to be re-framed for what it was:

A RE-TRAUMATIZATION rate of the person and community.

Susie got the we were all in this together.

Beth is nervous because the council is pushing forward her agenda of transformation and other levels of government are working it as well with her missing. But the forces of darkness and hate are brewing.

“Fuck Will. Incels, Alt-Right, Whiteass sympathizers, So-Cons, its going back to the non-heroic age. We can’t keep the keel.” I love Beth’s passion for nautical movies.

The non-heroic age was a time when heroes rose up based around vengeance, where they played at being judge, jury and executioner. Where it was fuelled by institutional hate, misogyny, and more money makes right, privatization over public good… and every problem could be solved by the taxpayer paying low taxes, and when hit with a road block of any variety by bucking up and pulling themselves up by their boot straps. For you see we are not connected at all, we are all only individuals swirling in this world.

“And why does it matter to you girl? Just toss the ring, let it find another then.” I say.

Beth looks down at the Celtic cross ring on her righthand ring finger. She had ben through the ringer. She knew why her brother succumbed to drug use. The constant emotional and verbal abuse he had endured, and the non-heroic age, non-just society answers peddled onto him. The lack of belonging sapped him to the point of being nothing more than the chemicals that remained in the body after his soul had long crumbled into the darkness.


“Because I see through the political correct titles placed upon bullshit movements that basically mean, bully, abuser, Nazi asshat.”


“And…I want the world we are building not the one we deconstructed.”

I simply nod. It’s coming, and these kids, may all the gods be with us, for what ever is coming looks to have taken the big guy off the board.

–and that scares the piss out of me.

Stories are a slice of life. A set time span in the character’s existence. That is why characters can exist for so long with minor or major aging all dependent on when the writer wants them to exist. As I have shared previously, my Bionic Knight character was the first super hero character I created circa 8 years old. 31 years on he still is starring in pulpy hero adventures.

Recently over the past 6-7 months the story has been laid out of his struggle through health issues, and PTSD symptomology caused by his exposure to environments, stimuli and circumstances in his life in religion, journalism, outreach, and super heroics. It has led to him being “shelved” as another hero took up the mantle. In the lingo of super heroics, a legacy character stepped in.

Mostly it is the youngster that take over, as we have noted with new Johnny Power, Speedster and Bionic Knight within the transformation of the Great Crime Fighters. With the “Weird Tales of Rick Saturn, formerly the Bionic Knight” (for this and other arcs enjoy the Bionic Knight Pulps category); two new aliens were introduced. But these five characters are not the thrust of this point in Saturn’s lifespan. It is the interplay between William “Shotgun” MacKay and Rick Saturn.

For it is the closing on one chapter in the book of one’s life journey, and officially opening oneself up to what is possible to come with the new chapter starting. Literally an epilogue to one life, and the chapter one of a new book. For when folks ask why I put this four-part story together that did not have much action, it was simply showing that transition and acceptance can happen. Hope can spring forth.

Or in the observation of Rick at the end of part four:

Shotgun stepped back into the restaurant towards George and Dragon. “Look, we have a need to fill on the team with a few more members. Since you both appear to know of this imminent threat, how would you consider joining the newbies?”

Rick had to grin as he heard his friend extend the “offer”, how often he had those conversations over the years. The best conversation to have with a new or old hero, to find belonging and community. To become part of something bigger than themselves.

The world was in good hands. Rick knew it was about more than simply him, it was about taking his new life. His new book of life, one chapter at a time.

Simply a new chapter, watch for future adventures/mysteries as Rick transitions into who he is meant to be now in his life. Who knows where the stepping stones have led, and where the new chapter…new first word will lead him.





The ring box felt alien.

It probably felt alien in the palm of his hand because what it contained he was used to wearing, not holding, but since his return he deemed himself unworthy. He could not save—redeem his friend. Now another friend has called him, for a simple cup of coffee.

Rick had watched the night unfold on the news. The fire that usually drove him in his belly was no longer there. The fire of heroism gone. His whiskers were greying. He fought a tremor that was new in his left hand. His wife Susan had noted since he had returned the possibility of absent seizures. The remnants of the Camelot dimension, the magic leaving or trying to assert in his system.

Rick sips his cup of black coffee at the Husky House. His breakfast special of scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, hash browns and toast. He watches as Shotgun McKay Irish’s up his coffee and moves the hash browns on his plate into the yolk of eggs sunny side up.

“Rick, we need you.” William says. Rick looks at the older man’s face. New scabs, and bruises from the fight with the Killer Face cult-gang. “K is back.”

Rick nods and scoops some eggs into his mouth. “You and the kids can handle it.” The words tumble from his mouth, but even Rick is not sure he believes it. K was designed for genocide. The fact that he has managed to survive somehow does not sit well with him.

But he remembers the promise. Made to his heart upon his return. Time to support her life, her run for mayor. To live and love. No longer concerned with saving the universe. A game for the younger. The hero without so many scars on their soul from failures.

“You know that’s not true. We need you.”

Rick rolls the box in his palm a bit more before setting it down in front of McKay.

Hard to believe how complicated their friendship was. How many decades ago in which McKay was a hired gun attempting to kill his adolescent super power self? Now, the mentor-trainer of the next generation of heroes. The one that the new Thunder (Johnny Power) and Lightning (Speedster) needed…to forge a new era of the Great Crime Fighters.

“I took a quest to save myself. I lost. That is what remains of the Knight. It will find a new heart.” Rick finishes his meal. Downs his coffee.

McKay picks up the box and opens it. The ring is a simple band of Celtic knot work. He considers the pained eyes of his friend, former enemy, but brother in arms. “Who?”

“Ask the ring, it will know.” Rick said.

McKay signs heavily. He feels the bruised and broken ribs he has suffered at the hands of K. This obviously wasn’t the outcome he was expecting. “How?”

Rick smiles. “The solar eclipse is rolling in. Step outside, open the box and watch magic happen.”

“I fuckin’ hate magic.”

Rick laughs as his friend leaves the booth stepping out into the parking lot. Rick’s hand tremors a bit more as he pays the bill. Watching from the cashier as McKay opens the box. The wrinkled semi-arthritic hand pulling the ring out as the partial eclipse darkens the sky.

The ring illumines in the shadow and flies.

To the next Dragon be born….

Out of the corner of her eye a middle aged waitress catches a glimpse of Rick’s cheek, she is unsure if it is sweat from the ungodly hot summer or a tear.

For who will stand against Evil incarnate simply known as K

“Fuck me!” the green flames seared metal. The liquifying substance heated that Rick felt on his skin as the spear sears into the armour. Excalibur twists, barely re-forged.


Guinevere cackles.


Susan aims. Her finger pulls both triggers unleashing a flurry of pellets into the immortal and ancient evil.


From around Rick’s neck absorbing the green flame a pencil size dragon emerges. Lightning shooting from its mouth striking Guinevere in the right eye jerking her back. Rick smirks. She won’t release the spear now embedded into his abdomen. The abdomen and armour of the Bionic Knight—the PenDragon—reincarnated—rebirthed—King Arthur of Camelot.  A magic spear that is apart of her form.

He hears Susan open the shotgun again she is searching for more shells.

The Ancient Evil, kingdom destroyer, power seeker… truly what Shakespeare described in absolute power corrupts…absolutely.  She locks eyes into Rick’s as Pen circles. Rick notes the green flames licking at the miniature dragon.

He flashes a grin to Susan, and a wink. Mouths simply, “I love you.”

“Aww, what a lie Arthur.”  Guinevere said.

She was mere inches away from him now. Rick could feel the blood beginning to boil.  He locks eyes on Guinevere.  “For the last time, I am not Arthur. I am Rick Saturn, and unlike you sad power players, that woman over there and I are deeply in love.” Rick nods ever so slightly, as he raises Excalibur up, the green flame flowing around it. “And I end you, so she may live”

A roar of a much larger dragon escapes Pen’s mouth as he swoops up under Guinevere’s chin and chomps down on the shadow neck as the green flame channels through him like a chocolate milkshake through a straw.

Unearthly wail escapes Guinevere’s lips.

Excalibur slams into her side and upward shards exploding inside her as Rick smile widens. “Two simple words queeny! Bionics Off!” the last word capped by a bubble of blood he spits forward.

Lightning erupts.


Green flame and fog suck in.


Susan stands. Johnny Power and Speedster are still down in need of medical aid. Somewhere in the sound vacuum there is ambulances coming. MacKay pushes himself up to a knee but can’t catch his breath, a broken rib or three. The Great Crime Fighters sidelined. Once more victory left to the Bionic Knight.

Susan’s ears ring as she stares at the spot where the three mystical figures brought to a conclusion a story of hatred and betrayal as old as time.

The silence vacuum ends.

Susan watches as a flash.

The very human form of Rick Saturn lands on the asphalt.

A wound in his side.

His blood on the concrete.

She runs to him.

A hint of fog.

Guinevere’s body.

Still alive.
Decaying like a zombie as she crawls towards Rick. A shard of Excalibur in her hand. “Die Arthur.”

Susan’s boot slams into her jaw.
She hears a rattle from Rick’s body.

She is at his side. Guinevere pushing herself up hissing. But Susan focuses on her husband. Her high school sweet heart, soul mate, the one that made her whole.

Her hand slips into his burned hand.

“Sorry, Susie.”

“Shhhh… Rest. I hear an ambulance.”

Rick shakes his head as a coughing fit over comes him. “Sorry I didn’t make it back.” His voice is fading.

Susan feels the water in her eyes of her heart breaking. When she believed he was dead she chose a new path. Now she knew he wasn’t and to save the world he had again put his life on the line. Only the ancient evil was stumbling in old b movie horror zombie slo-mo towards them.

Susan kissed Rick.

Guinevere’s newly decomposing mouth freezes and for a moment MacKay’s old eyes thinks he sees the ancient evil mouth “No.”

A brilliant golden flash baths the area.

And gray dust is all that remains of the ancient evil.

Susan feels the burned skin of Rick’s body flake away. His rattling chest stops. His eyes close as her tears hit his cheek.

His eyes pop open.

Golden light floods out of his body.

She smiles.

He heals.

Absolute power may corrupt absolutely. The curse of Camelot and the corruption of absolute power is answered…for your see….

As Rick and Susan have always known.

Love wins.

Sealed with a kiss.

Reborn with the water of a tear.

A New Beginning…




Pen spits out a spark of fire. Susan dive rolls, feeling every year and the time of being a mother reminding her she is not the teenage adventurer she once was. Back when Rick was of the brilliant gold armour, now she’s a mayoral candidate. Shotgun fires and the pellets vaporize as a metal gauntlet backhands the old scoundrel across the trailer.

The sword raises again swinging towards Susan’s carotid artery.

Things go swirly.

A leather gloved hand shoots under the sword arm grasping at the elbow and stops the sword mid-swing.

Susan let’s out a gasp.

It can’t be possible.  Susan thinks as she watches the new form that had stepped out of the swirling mists of the floor push the sword arm up and away.

A leather first delivers a quick jab between the chinks of the helmet and the armour, where there is a chain mail space to the throat causing the Knight to stumble back.

A steel toed combat boot sends a round house to the gauntleted sword hand. The sword that was/is known as Excalibur skitters out of the Bionic Knight’s hand and clambers to the ground. MacKay picks up his shotgun, reloads while the knew combatant has his former teammate staggered.

Susan pushes herself up and moves to where Excalibur landed.

It is legend that only the once and future king could lift the blade. But truly it is the one of pure of heart as well. Susan grips the ancient leather on the hilt.

The Bionic Knight looks at the new intruder. Green flame crackles from the eye slits.

The new fighter stands a bout a head and a half to two heads shorter than the armoured form. A slow exhale of breath, as the green flames crackle more around the armour. The breath begins to become visible as the temperature inside the “Ashram” begins to drop.

Zed gets up and stares at the two. He looks to MacKay who is bringing his shotgun up, but the immortal alien entity shakes his head. It would not work as well as the last time, or go worse than before.

Susan’s hand grips the hilt fully. It wasn’t possible what she was seeing before her eyes could not comprehend. How could they be separate?

But the more her eyes came into focus as she lifted the sword and looked at the two. She had lost faith he would find his way back from his quest…yet he had returned. Only changed. As any quest into the next life would do to a person.

But the strength he showed saving her life. Causing the PenDragon/Bionic Knight to drop his sword. The power all those years ago had chosen an adolescent who was meant to be, much like the sword in the stone centuries before had chosen an adolescent. Yet back then the absolute power had corrupted, and Camelot had fallen.

Yet here, the power had not corrupted. Despite every challenge laid before. That was at the core of the PenDragon cycle, there needed to be the ancient evil, and yet the ancient evil could not tear apart this friendship, and this love.

Even when the essence-archetype that had been Lancelot found its way into Rick’s long lost brother James, and led to the villainy of the Ionic Knight, in the end James found redemption and gave his life to save the universe.

It appeared the PenDragon-Arthur had finally been redeemed and that corruption would not come. But this last quest something had changed, for here in the trailer’s living room, the heart of the Ashram of Zed stood the corruption.

Pen hissed at the armoured figure as he landed on the shoulder of the other.

Susan lifted Excalibur and swung at the Knight.

The blade slammed hard across the chest plate.

The Knight screamed as the blade shattered and the chest plate cracked.

He dropped to one knee.

“I will destroy.” PenDragon said.

Susan dropped the broken sword as more green energy seeped out.

The intruder held up his arm.

She slipped under it.

There was a rattle from within the chest of the Knight.

The man that saved her life, his salt and pepper stubble. He lightly kissed the top of her head. “I love you Susan.”

“I know.” Susan said.

Rick Saturn let his arm slide down her back and squeeze her tight once more before stepping fully squared before the Bionic Knight/PenDragon/Arthur entity. Green energy swirled around. His leather gloves he used to straighten the old oil slick duster. It was interesting what clothes he wound up landing in the Ashram in at this moment.

Susan was the anchor that brought him back.

John knew he needed to come back to her, and to save the world from the ancient evil.

A quick scan of the room showed that the youngest members of the team where out, which meant they were more than likely in contact with the ancient evil that would be hunting tonight.

An evil he did not want to be reminded of that existed.

One that Zed had hidden the true essence of, but he was prepared for.

Check that, he had been prepared to face it as the Bionic Knight, but coming through the portal after the collapse of Camelot.

“Why are you outside of me?” Rick said.

The Knight gasped like a smoker’s death rattle. “You will die at my hand.”

“Possible, but let’s be honest it won’t be tonight. But why the wanting to kill me? And for the second ask, why the hell are we able to even fight?” Rick asked.

The Knight picked up the hilt with the broken sword, and looked at it. Green energy swirling as he struggled to be on one knee.

Rick looked down into the eye slits, the green energy had enveloped what ever creature truly existed within the armour. But the raspy voice emitted once more. “You defeated the ancient evil of Lancelot, but still you needed a quest so Camelot would collapse.” Rick thought it through, in the story it was Lancelot and Guinevere had been true love, the King was left out, to lie with his sister Morgan le Faye, and to produce Mordred who brought down Camelot.

Yet, it was the quest to bring back a hero this time that led to Camelot’s final demise in the multi-verse. “But Lancelot wasn’t ancient evil. He, with my brother, made the ultimate atonement sacrifice to save everything.”

The Knight roared. Confronted with a new twist it could not comprehend on an ancient story that should continue to play out. “And as for John, unlike your friend, he never stole my love.” Rick stopped, paused on the thought letting it hang in the air. “Guinevere was the seeker of power. It wasn’t Morgan, Mordred or Lancelot.” His mind kept racing. The ancient evil that came around reincarnating in new forms, Rick had always believed it came from the remnants of Mordred, or more precisely La Faye. But those were just chess pieces. What truly shattered Camelot was the lack of “an anchor.  You never had an anchor to bring you back, and the story kept playing itself over and over again.”

“No, you lie Rick Saturn.” The Bionic Knight said.

“No it is true. If you had truly seen what evil had ripped out the heart of Camelot originally you could have save Camelot and the world may have been different. Now we are at a new beginning and it needs to be different. Your queen was the one that absolute power corrupted absolutely, and she was the cause.”

“No. You die Rick Saturn.” The Knight screamed and lunged with the broken blade.

Rick side steps. Both his hands grip the helmet. He looks in the fluid motion right at Susan. “Remember I love you and I will be back.”

The helmet rips off and green flame envelops Rick and the Knight.

To be Continued….

The Calamity was what it was described as in my own soul. I am one of two folks that remember it, and the only one still alive. It was when a multi-verse came crashing down into a singular reality, much like the Crisis and Flashpoint story-lines in DC Comics, and Marvel Comics (2016) Secret Wars. It was a time when I met other “me” with code names like Pirate, Arrow (John was the sidekick Poison) or went by my first and middle name as the PI Rick Tracy.

The calamity brought all this together and stripped all that away from me. The heroic identities existed but their secret identity had shifted as the primary Rick Saturn was tied to the PenDragon power and the Bionic Knight. Much like the John MacCurtis primary was tied to Herne and the Bionic Archer. Yet is should have been a sign to me that something was awry that during the darkness we fought back by bringing the Great Crime Fighters back together, it was his PinBall self that re-emerged not Herne. It meant the other entity was still existing inside him despite an exorcism that was have supposed to solve that during the Calamity.

Everything coming together as I enter the Camelot realm.

I remember John sharing during the Calamity he entered another realm as a Tulpa and wound up on a journey of spiritual pilgrimage that ended with the Ankh brand emerging on his arm and bringing the Calamity to a close. His awareness began to fade over time of it (the Thor blocking the Herne) but as the campaign heated up for mayor I am not going to lie our family’s drifted. John was up for full disclosure of his super hero past (easy when no powers still there) and could not comprehend why I did not want to unmask with him and endorse him. It was a rift that during the darkness mended mostly because of my supposed death coming into Camelot and bearing witness to Merlin’s passing, and him blessing me fully with the power of the PenDragon.

Now in the armour, with Pen having become scaled armour on my right arm, Excalibur at my side.  Here I am fully powerful. Still don’t comprehend why it does not exist within the Earthly realm, but hey that is a wonderance for another day and time. Here I am gliding through the air over the green valleys towards the…

Okay last time I was here Camelot was gloriously golden and diamonds shining.  Not a burned out hulk of a building with bodies strewn everywhere.  Bodies? But they are of mythical monsters and beings.

In the doorway a short black hair covering, claws…I know that hero. I have fought beside him years ago, he vanished believed dead, but blood is dripping from those claws.

“Badger!” Draw Excalibur and stand at the ready.

The short were-badger turns to me. Teeth bared. Flesh of a troll or a goblin hanging loose and he lets out a roar. More beast than man right now. “You shall die Arthur.”

It is a guttural growl. Seeing me as many in this realm would. As the immortal king of the unified Kingdoms, Arthur PenDragon. Yet if Badger is here, his eyes are glowing with green energy. Herne energy.  “Where is the Wilde Hunt?”

The Badger spins and I view the carcasses. Did the god go mad outside of John?

Or was the god already mad?

Is this why the power does not fully manifest for myself in the earth realms? Is this where I would become more monster than man?  Part of me is thinking I should have brought the rest of the G.C.F with me…but then I would’ve had to explain laying out of Zed to them.

I need in the castle. My arm is warming. I feel Pen’s impulse, the Round Table. Something there. But this thing is in my way. What’s that Pen? I need to release Herne?  How?

I am not killing Badger.

The thing leaps at me.

Badger was an ally.

But in this world. Can this truly be the Badger I knew?

Its claws are powered by mystic energy and I feel it slice through my armour. That’s not supposed to be possible.

Damn that burns.

I land on the grass and roll away.

Okay Pen guide me on reading this.


Herne needed a vessel. Badger those years ago, believed missing/dead had died, but that was when Thor took over John and cast Herne out, Herne not wanting to be dispersed into the Nexus grabbed onto any physical form and brought it to a place it could survive.

Now I need Herne released to renew this realm…no a misread of the impulse of energy. Herne needs to be released to judge this realm for in judging it…judging is wrong word? Seriously Pen what word are you trying to pass through me?

Vanishing point.

Herne needs to be released so this realm will return to pure energy.

Then what?

Get to the table.

Get the heart.

Know John.

Seems simple.

Okay Excalibur are you ready. Move the blade to my right hand.  If this is going to work I am going to have to drive the sword into Badger and??? Seriously, break it?

Exhale slowly… Badger is huffing, growling and moving fast towards me.

Fly fast.

Swing sword out.

Badger hits the grass and rolls back to the entrance.  He is scampering inside.

Chase. Dodge inside. Move around the fires, leap and dodge the bodies. The were-badger-godling is moving towards the Roundtable room.

The huge oaken double doors are burned down and it bursts sending burnt wood timbers and ash everywhere. A chunk slaps hard into the centre of my golden armour darkening it.

The Badger is in the room. I re-adjust my eyes for night vision as I step inside. Trying to track it.

The chairs are overturned. There is bodies of knights strewn about. But in the centre of the table is an orb. That is new I…in the orb a face.

“Help me Rick.”

Damn it. In the centre of the heart of Camelot is the soul of my friend, John MacCurtis.

The Badger snarls and leaps onto the table heading to reach the orb.

Pen sends a shot through my arm.

Stab the orb.

Shatter Excalibur.

But the last two words cause me to move with the sword ready to plunge.

Save John.

The Badger grabs the orb as the tip of Excalibur pierces it.

Green, red and white energy burst.

But those two words flash across my eyes with the unearthly guttural scream I am not sure if it is me, Pen, Badger, Herne, John or all of us…but two words leave my lips for sure:

Live John.

As all goes black

To Be Concluded


The Transition of James Saturn, the Ionic Knight

                The Void was finalized when Camelot fell by his hand. Excalibur met the mystical centre of the Round Table and caused an implosion of black hole proportions. Yet he lived, and well he did not. Now simply floating in the void waiting whatever comes next. Arthur, Merlin, Gerklyn, Morgan, Mordred have all vanished, as well as the Lady of the Lake (that lived in the centre of the table.

James watches his silver armour float before him, the mystical energy that remains holding it together. It is the soul presence of the Ionic Knight, the other voice in his crowded head. What had Merlin said before his twin had lashed out, both of them had not meant to be. It was mystical coercion that created the twins that would go on to survive the massacre.

James reaches out with his hand to touch the armour. The final light snuffed out as the blackness envelopes the armour and the Ionic Knight vanishes into the ether.

* * * *

Rick scratched his goatee as he stared out the poly plastic over space that had once been John MacCurtis’ mayoral office. John looked at his old friend. “So you drove your sword…”

“Into the Round Table, next thing I know I am standing in my back yard and Susan’s there, and my armour is no longer shimmering gold, but back to the retro look of grey.” John nods at his friend’s account. “And Excalibur did not make the journey; as far as I can tell neither did my brother.”

It always struck John as weird that Rick still used the family euphemism for James, since the massacre when they were both pre-schoolers they had not been raised together or lived together, yet he still felt kinship to his twin. “And in Camelot Merlin basically stated James was not supposed to exist to begin with?”

“One of us wasn’t.” Rick sips his coffee. There was quite a bit of water under the bridge if you will between John and Rick, but also with his brother James in the cat and mouse game of super heroics. That was before James returned on the scene executing Calgary’s temperamental killing hero, PenDragon, and triggering Rick’s return to being the Bionic Knight and gathering together other heroes of his era to regroup as the Great Crime Fighters.

“So no more Bionic Archer for you?” Rick asks.

John smirks. “Nope, I went out the window with the explosion and did the Bionics On bit only to have my latent Supra gene kick in and go back to being PinBall. It was a blast, forgot what it was like to just bounce and feel the energy surge.” Rick nods; it had been a long time since he felt that. John moves towards the file cabinet in his office and opens it, pulls out a sword.  “Guess this is yours then.”

Rick takes the sword and it shimmers away. Chivalry, his brother’s blade now part of his armour when he uses what little magic is left.

“It is weird though John, to know that my twin has transitioned, and yet I don’t feel any emptier. Yet for home many years did those sorcerers’ convince us that we both needed to exist.”

John nods, and pours himself a new cup of coffee. “At least you still have a secret identity in all this mess, I kind of made prime time with my bouncing around.” He should say something to his friend about his loss, but in all honesty all the mayor could think of was that this villain was finally gone. It made the world safer, and by making the world safer, it made life simpler and better.

* * * * *

The darkness surrounded James’. Was this what Heaven was like? Or was he in Hell? Being in what had been pictured as pits of eternal torment and burning, but truly was just nothing. What was this a C.S. Lewis version of the end? Simply ceasing to exist?

But a small spark of light. A light in the darkness, creative spark that draws James forward, as he feels his mind open up. A revelation, no more than that, the opportunity being laid before him, not to reside in a hellfire and brimstone torment, or live in a heaven with an anthropomorphic God, a veritable old man in the sky, but rather a union with a Divine Creative Force.

A union that makes the Void vanish.

James smiles as enlightenment shines his soul a new.

* * * *

Night has fallen on Calgary. Rick removes the Bionic Knight helmet as he lands on the top of the Calgary Tower.

Chivalry in its scabbard, he scans the city scape. A star to the north bursts a little brighter.

Rick smiles.

“Rest well James.”

His soul is filled with the knowledge of his brother’s transition. Finally at peace with himself, and knowing that he could not be used as a pawn for evil anymore.

Rick puts his helmet back on and launches into the night.

Susan Saturn nee Kobwash sat in silence in her living room watching the reformed Great Crime Fighters announce their return. Watching as Killer Face and K are loaded into a Calgary Police Services Van destined for the Remand Centre as they await trial. Watching as no one will say what happened to her husband.

Outside of her wedding and the birth of her children, the second happiest day of her life was at 16 years old shortly after the Bionic Knight premiered; Rick came to her and shared his secret.  The happiest was when he announced to her it was time to put the ring aside, although he constantly wore it as a reminder of who he once was.

For twenty years she lived in fear that each time she kissed him, said good bye, good night, good morning or I love you, it could be their last time. She had been lulled into a sense of security, this morning a ridiculous and fun argument as he had taken the last of the coffee without making more.

Now, all that remained was a gauntlet.

The Void: Much less poetic than its original name when it existed in the world of human history… Camelot. Now it is usually only accessible when the Lady of the Lake opens up the rift between existence, and Merlin welcomes you in.

The last time it was so readily accepting of visitors was when Rick Saturn turned 16 years old, and found himself in the landfill in Calgary (don’t ask, long story, and really does it matter?) and stumbled upon a ring that released the power of Arthur reincarnated through his life force. That was until today.

Merlin stepped into the empty Round Table room and awaited his visitors.

The ceiling opened and eight forms fall into chairs. The immortal wizard, who ages backwards and currently is experiencing his twenties again looks at the new arrivals. “Now how did you all fuck this one up?”

Rick scratched the stubble around his face as he peered through brown eyes at the golden, yet singed armour that is the Bionic Knight, and the boy King, Arthur, both existing outside of him. Filling five more seats are Gerklyn, Mordred, Morgan Le Faye, the silver and cracked armour of the Ionic Knight, and his twin, James.

“Long times no see Merlin, how’s interdimensional hermitism treating you?” Rick said.

Merlin looked at his protégé. “I prefer company of sanity, which is why I prefer my own company. Now what caused this?”

The centre of the Round Table opens; a shimmering white woman with very little clothing emerges out of the enchanted wood and floats in the air looking at Merlin. Her eyes move to James and Rick then back to Merlin.

It is Merlin that breaks the silence. “You’re right my dear, I should tell them.”

This time it is James that speaks. “Damn straight, for 20 years I lived with voices in my mind and then my brother almost kills me. What is going on?”

Morgan chuckles and flicks her long black locks back. “Yes Merlin, tell the lads the total game. Why at this point are we here.”

Gerklyn with his long white beard and long white hair, flowing robes of gray simply chuckled. Mordred was young as well, and lived with a permanent scowl. But then how could a young adult live knowing that your parents were brother and sister, and your mother had enchanted your father to rape him to produce him so that you could dispel him on the battlefield and end paradise.

Merlin laughed. “It is quite simple my dear twins, you were not meant to be twins. It was his fault.” The shimmering lady spins and white light launches from her fingers evaporating Gerklyn. “Gerklyn enchanted your mother at pregnancy and you came out as twins, two sides of the same coin, both incomplete which allowed for enchantment on your 16th birthdays. The year Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone, and the year Mordred would slay Arthur.”

James looks to his armour and realizes that Chivalry his blade was left back on Earth. The cold chill moved from the top of his neck to the base of his spine. This was not an end game that was going to end well.

“I attempted to knit your souls and bodies back into one on the day of death,” the day that their family was massacred and both boys were taken to live with separate families, “but then she got in the way.” The shimmering lady twirled and from her eyes red rays vaporized Morgan La Faye.

“You are probably wondering why it is so easy to dispatch my enemies here, but you see within Camelot, this existence is mine and those I choose not to exist, simply cease.” Merlin states succinctly.

A flash of steel as Mordred leaps towards Merlin. “Die Warlock!” A young arm draws a sword, and there is another flash of steel blocks the blade inches from Merlin’s face, leaving the proclaimed Warlock to smirk at his good fortune.

Merlin looks at the two duellers. “Truly children this getting tiresome, you both need some Dr. Phil, but all I can do is offer peace and quiet in the respite of Tartarus.” Merlin mumbles some backwards words and both Arthur and Mordred shimmer into wood and retreat back into the mouldings of the table.

The centre of the Round Table opens and the shimmering lady in white vanishes. The table closes and Merlin faces both Rick and James. “Now, there is two, well actually four, but really the armour’s are simply empty husks.”

Rick pinches the bridge of his nose as he faces the young sorcerer that had gifted him his powers. “Okay so if you could clear up our soul confusion so easily why did we have to carry/gain all this baggage during our careers?”

“Simple Richard, I enjoy soap operas.” Merlin said.

James fist connects with the sorcerer’s jaw and sends him reeling back into a wall. Merlin chuckles “Ah James shall I end you now.”

Rick snatches the sword Excalibur from the sheath of his armour and directs it to the wizard’s heart. “Step back from my brother.”

“Haven’t you two been listening, you are not supposed to exist. You came to Camelot because of the breaking point your battle brought you too, when your fist shattered his helmet and you drew Excalibur in anger and thought of separating his head from his shoulders, well Rick, you channeled that piece of you that was missing.”

“So you are saying I am the brother that was a figment of Gerklyn’s mind?” James said.

“Really James,” Merlin wipes some blood from his lips, “I cannot say which of you was the figment, because neither of you should have existed. My dear brother, Gerkie had his own issues to overcome, and well; when it came to powers really you got the bastard kid from enchanted incest.”

Rick felt metal grip around his throat. James felt the same sensation. Merlin laughed. “Have you both forgotten that the armour was created by me, and as such in this realm I control it?”

Rick rolled his ring on his finger his eyes flashed to his brother’s ring as they both were feeling the air be choked out of them. James slipped his ring off and tossed it into Rick’s outstretched hand. The Ionic Ring and Bionic Ring connect as Rick whirls Excalibur around connecting with his armour.

Merlin’s eyes grow wide.

James lets out a guffaw as a bolt of lightning shoots through his crumbling armour. Oxygen rushes back into his lungs as Rick in the electrical energy swings Excalibur back towards the Round Table.

“No you’ll destroy us all!”

“Do it bro!” James yells.

The centre of the table opens and the white shimmering female form begins emerging as Excalibur slices through where her heart would be.

The Camelot earns its new name The Void as all goes black.

Susan feels a cold chill grow from the small of her back and moves up to the top of her neck.

Then a sensation of warmth that she cannot shake, that there is a reason for her to be in her backyard, as she moves through the living room to the kitchen and the back door. Susan steps out onto her deck and down the stairs onto the gravel by the fire pit, looking into the car park as the night descends upon the city of Calgary and her heart that feels empty, now has a sense of bewilderment.

A small spot of light appears in the dirt. The small spot of light grows bigger until Susan sees a form standing before her. Armoured in gold with sword in hand, the sword slides into the sheath. Then she hears two words which bring joy to her heart.

“Bionics off.”

Susan looks at the man before her. Scraggly greying beard, brown eyes, bald head, a few more wrinkles than the first time they met. And she knows it is a cliché from a 1990’s comic book, but she is in his arms faster than a speeding bullet.

He kisses her.

“You made it.”

“Susie, you’re my anchor and I will always come home to you.”

The Beginning


Heroes have always needed a rallying cry. It has been a dark time. But light is shinning. Old villains have emerged to show the newer more violent generation of heroes that they are not as bad ass as they believe. The battle was ensued by renewed heroes of the fourth wave of Supras. The fourth wave, unlike the violent fifth, has been making quick work of their old foes. For it is not always about killing your opponent as judge, jury and executioner, rather it is about playing the game to a checkmate.

MacCurtis found the energy course through him. He was expecting chain mail and a bow, but something else happened. A true throwback as the energy coursing through him as he bounced back at K his fist connecting and sending the villain slamming into the street unconscious. The newly re-powered PinBall landed in a heroic squat next to the unconscious villain.

He smirked, feeling sixteen again as he looked at the Speedster. “Guess the fastest girl alive got caught in a speed trap?”

“Funny old timer,” Speedster retorted. “At least I didn’t show up last.”

MacCurtis chuckled. In his PinBall guise he was completely bright red skin and white unitard from head to toe, with flaming red and orange hair. He chuckled. Agent Regis and Power moved closer to the newly reanimated mayor. The media was moving in.

Regis clicked on his smart phone and sent out a message for a cleanup crew to collect Killer Face and K. He looked at the three heroes. A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reporter is first to get a microphone into PinBall’s face.

“Did we just see that PinBall who historically became the Bionic Archer is none other than Calgary’s own Mayor, John MacCurtis?”

PinBall looked to the reporter. Exhaled, and simply said “off.” The red skin and blue outfit of PinBall vanished to reveal the mayor in a much ripped suit coat. “Yes, and I stand with my comrades, my friends, Louie, Johnny Power, Speedster and the Bionic Knight. We are the Great Crime Fighters and we are back to protect this city, province, country and world.”

Susan watches on the screen at the viciousness of the blow from her husband. His greatest fear had always been losing control in a battle with James’ of all people, and crossing the line, the line that heroes did not cross, but the slice of the sword had never drawn blood before.

                The Bionic Knight looked at his reeling brother. He slowly draws Excalibur and raises it over his neck in the mid air. One stroke and it would all be over…The Ionic Knight rolls over in midair and sends a gauntleted fist into the Bionic Knight’s throat, The Ionic Knight’s bloody face and broken teeth as he looks up at his brother and grips his sword arm. “Ionics off.” An eruption of lightning from his chest-

The Bionic Knight lets out a quick breath, “Camelot.”

Susan watches through the television. Her husband and brother-in-law locked in battle. The words of the Mayor, her kids godfather echoing in her ears. The Great Crime Fighters are back. And they are victorious over evil and yet the main fight is not over.

John looks up.

The charred gauntlet lands at his feet.

The two aerial combatants are gone.

Susan watches as the camera zooms into the empty blue sky. A talking head continues… “On a day of victory as Canada’s greatest heroes have reunited to protect our nation, its darkest time, the Bionic Knight is believed to have fallen in battle.”

Tears stream down Susan’s face.

To be concluded

Next: Bionics Off. Ionics Off. Camelot.