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It has been a unique and stressful last 6 months in my family. We have taken a journey that happens with children with special needs, and understanding what is linked to Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy, worst case scenarios for neurosurgery or SUDEP, to have the Universe bless us at the light at the end of the tunnel for the spells to not be seizures, but rather Attention Deficit that there was 3 options for treating: do nothing, Ritalin, or a mild natural stimulant (coffee, a cuppa in the morning to re-align the brain properly) until he outgrows.

This leads me to ponder more into our world, and my specialty of holistic psychology, and health. Think about it. We are a new world in the 21st century that due to technology has removed activity of the conscious and subconscious mind. We are without routine, that allows for times of activity, times of relaxation and a structured day. This is a recent development, even when I was a kid I remember coffee and/or tea time depending on the family that we were with. I remember playing outside, reading and watching television, a structures school day, where we learned structured sports, rules, and how to be a participant in society as a healthy citizen.

yes I was part of the generation on the cusp of mass attention issues and drugging, yet it has exploded as a cottage industry for Big Pharma, that in a majority (not saying all, as sometimes pharmaceuticals are needed) could be corrected by a different paced life style that allows for proper activity, rest, and yes natural stimulants.

End Rumination 1.

Rumination 2

begins with the Dying with Dignity laws, and rumours coming out of Ottawa. I can understand why they are looking at the person seeking this needs to be an adult deemed competent. Unfortunately this removes dying with dignity from a section of the adult population who will be ravaged by dementia and Alzheimer’s. Makes me wonder what role Personal Directives will take prior to these diagnosis to ensure legally wishes can be respected.

End Rumination 2.

Rumination 3

ties into Pope Francis’ address on family, birth control and same-sex unions. The “well-duh” moment if you will for Catholics in that the clerics are basically said be like Christ, and the faithful are told to follow their conscience and what they have been taught. For the ultra-conservative Catholics though the Irony of believing the Pope Infallible, yet that the Pope is wrong on this.

End Rumination 3.

Rumination 4

Tom Mulcair as the NDP leader, and his review starting up this weekend at the convention in Edmonton. The cracks in the party are showing with the Alberta Governing NDP and membership up in arms over the Federal wing’s stance on fossil fuels, and a major driving point of Alberta’s economy (oil) now in recession. Will it shatter the “solidarity” of the party that one membership encompasses both federal and provincial parties? Or is it just good sound bit media to aid a government under attack by the Right?

Also will Mulcair the man who decided to play safe, and fight for the centre instead of going for broke in Canada’s historic socialism thus loosing the “Official Opposition” position, and possibly the Federal Government to be reduced once more to the “Conscience of Parliament” survive his leadership review?  As a former candidate and member I for one would love for the ravenous socialists with economic sense to once more be running the party.

End Rumination 4

Rumination 5

Through the practice of simplicity every so often I give away things. This year’s spring cleaning saw some comic books/graphic novels go to an affordable housing program we support. It was great to see how people of all ages and backgrounds were brought back to a safe memory time by picking up comics and spending time reading.

There is much to be said, and Joseph Campbell has written a lot about meta-narratives; and Carl Jung on archetypes, but truly the comic book is this for the 20th-21st century, a bonding story much like the gods and heroes of mythology in the ancient world.

End Rumination 5.

Rumination 6

How much of an overproduction marketing machine is Disney when much of their graphic novels and toys from Disney, Marvel and Star Wars winds up a Dollarama. Not complaining as it has been great to pick up graphic novels for cheaper than a monthly comic ($3 each) whoo hoo.

End Rumination 6.

So yes just some time to exhale, decompress, let the stress leave the body and monitor how this bundle of energy affected one throughout the time with down days of sickness for no reason, but even in the glow of a blessing how it still takes time for the mind, body, and soul to recover fully when you leave the heightened state.



emblem of the Papacy: Triple tiara and keys Fr...

emblem of the Papacy: Triple tiara and keys Français : emblème pontifical Italiano: emblema del Papato Português: Emblema papal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

St. Francis of Assisi (circa 1182-1220)

St. Francis of Assisi (circa 1182-1220) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is funny, for those who have followed my musings, other blogs, let’s be honest my whole writing career I have made a living off of being the progressive voice, the one always for inclusion. This weekend the family had to come to a hard decision, we will admit that we originally felt the pangs of just saying to hell (stronger words came out of my mouth, with tears) with God‘s fan club after yet another time of being ripped asunder.

I will be the first to admit that I enjoy pushing the envelope, why? Simple, because my understanding of the Gospel of the Living Cosmic Christ, is a story of a man, backed by his family, unwilling to bend on living out the love of God.

I surrendered my discernment with the UCC because of them deciding the differently abled were not welcome within our local congregation.

Surrendered my lay ministry in the ELCIC because of the local church spiritually and emotionally abusing my children.

We thought about returning to Anglicanism, but the parish of my baptism made it quite clear that children were not allowed to come to Christ.

The more evangelical sects question our family life, which quite frankly is none of their business.

Yet it was this past weekend within a congregation I had made the mistake of akin to a Franciscan Community simply because I like to see the best in people, and never give up for the simple reason that I truly believe that faith is not simply an individual enterprise, or a community participation, but both-and, a truly interdependent enterprise. So without the church then there can be no faith.

What brought me to the brink of this crisis, my family even, simple the charismatic-non-denominational/LBC that deemed it necessary to spread lies, see it came as a shock. A note that I had been deleted from their facebook group, usually thinking its a glitch but then noting that my wife had been deleted as well. Wife took it upon herself to contact the pastor, and this is where true character of people shine through. We were kicked off, because of me, wifey guilty by proxy, and why do you ask was I kicked off?

Simple, I had made the error of following other members leads and advertising their home based businesses (for me though it was spiritual direction which I had posted in other group pages), inviting church members through the page out to our home bible study (which was posted in other group pages, and was done at the behest of some friends in the church asking us to), and the mistake of asking if anyone during this season was interested in a contemplative service and if so who needed to be contacted within the church to make it happen. Oh, and at the behest of friends, contacting the church office to have the bible study ran in the bulletin (which has happened at multiple churches before, and many churches still advertise for us). For these transgressions we were deleted, and I was to be presented with a formal letter from the board to desist or else.

The pastor claimed that the board had contacted me on numerous occassions and I was “blatantly” ignoring their wishes. The kicker? Yep, you are right, at no point no one had contacted me, explained anything, the mysterious board of this church is hard to fasten down because there names are not public, and there is no easy way to contact the church. After almost eight months of attending the amount of words the pastor has actually spoken to my family can be counted on less than two hands, and that is including the time on a women’s spiritual retreat when she judgmentally told my wife that she had no relationship with Jesus.

The reason these simple postings of invitation, and query where creating a stir? Simple, according to them I am not a leader in the church, as such have no authority to teach, and by posting on the social media (Facebook) page of the church I was trying to ascertain the church endorsement of these activities.  The funny thing is they would rather find a way to cause a family harm, distress, and drive them away…rather than simply on the first post of “offense“ simply responding saying “Hey Ty anything like this needs to go through the board, this is who you contact“ or even taking the post down, and private messaging a person.

But they would rather abuse their power of the inner sanctum, and pretend they are the ones who know all, the sad part at this point in the journey, we are now simply done with this protestant pissing match of authority. Jesus called us to make disciples, to make disciples is to gather together, grow together, learn together, to have the open house and open arms that Christ taught us to have (that St. Francis of Assisi and many have restored the church to in times).

But the response was to simply remain silent, for none of this would have come to light if my wife had not contacted the pastor, an admin on the page to get this plot of lies exposed. The sad part is that after wife informed the pastor that whatever she was selling was b.s. and not to worry because our family would never be back to this nest of vipers, the pastor tried to add her as a friend on Facebook, ballsy or sad irony you decide.

So the spiritual pilgrimage of our family continues, we are simply looking for a spiritual home where the spiritual gifts of all of us from my little 5 year old princess, to my almost 7 year old preacher, my wife and me can be utilized in building God`s Reign here on earth to transform this world into the Imageo Dei.

So we have moved back from our stance on we are done with church, to rather we are done with Protestant churches, the politics and one up man ship, fear of power loss, money loving is just too much to take.

I had made a phone call to a local catholic parish to inquire about Children`s church at the parish, they had undertaken a discernment process to see if the church desired to have the children separate from their families during service, and if so what form should it take. I had done as my wife has asked me to do each time we chat with a new church, our son is blessed with Cerebral Palsy, and we wanted to make sure there was no issue, the lovely secretary at St. Mark`s simply responded, `why would that be an issue.` I explained that many churches we have attended had an issue with the differently abled, her reply was simple “all are welcome here, except those that want to make others unwelcome for we are all God`s children“ the response is something I held to this weekend during the prayerful discernment for it was simply such a community answer.

So now, we are praying for where God is guiding us within either a Roman Catholic Parish or Othodox. We are a wounded family, but it is in the wounds that we experience the resurrection with our Lord Christ. Our pilgrimage is taking a Sabbath for us to cleanse our spirits, but we know there is a community out there that will embrace us…trust in God, this Advent season is one of peace, hope, faith, joy, and love…for we await the miraculous birth of  a wee babe that will transform the world again.

So here we await… the miracle to be birthed anew.


I must admit that one year ago today when I received the e-mail that I had been nominated for the greenhouse I was blown away.  Sure I had held leadership titles, commissions, ordinations, whatever, but I always and still see myself as a plugger trying to build a better world. This was a year of self-reflection and renewal. Yup my own personal reformation, for this work started for me when I was 8 years old when my elementary school challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to disarm, and it became a more localized human rights work when I was 15 years old and the first child sex trade pad was busted in my local pizza parlour so me and my friends started working with the original street teams, to 12 years ago this coming January 8, 2012 when I became associated with the Mustard Seed.


     It was a simple belief that following the love of Christ meant working for equality and inclusion in this world.  As I walked and talked with people from the Royal Canadian Legion and Veterans Affairs I realized that part of the renewal this year was seeing the same passions emerge within my own children. My son, Leland, who at 5 ½ years old and experiences life with Cerebral Palsy. According to the experts was never to leave a hospital bed and have a 1% quality of life, can now take 25 steps unassisted and anyone that meets him has stated that it is like meeting the love of God on earth, he’s my Preacher_boi that challenges me to continue in this world of inclusion, he wants to be a preacher. My princess, Justina who at four years old astounds her teachers with her imagination, but when a new person enters her class room she boldly walks up to them and says “Hi I’m Justina, let’s play you’re my new best friend”. My little ambassador.


     This year with the Greenhouse has allowed me to focus in on my personal leadership understandings and styles and to grow. I thank my peers and leaders for thinking I am a leader, and know that my personal vision of just making my own corner of this world a better place is my true calling as evidenced in my children’s actions.