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I wasn’t that old, it was at a family dinner at my Nan and Granddad’s I remember. The image on the screen, the man in blue and red catching the helicopter…and yes I believed what I had seen on the spinner rack at the Mac’s stores— a man could fly. Christopher Reeve was the embodiment of hope. Superman and Clark Kent. There was a time with this meta-myth I would easily say one was born knowing who Superman was, with the advent of social media and algorithms, and those that only chase “gloomy realness” I am not so sure anymore. There has been many movies (I discount Man of Steel and Batman versus Superman), t.v. shows, cartoons, radio shows, novels, comics (monthly, weekly, comic strips, graphic novels, and collections out there)–and a host of family-Supergirl, Superboy, Bippo the Super-monkey if you will.

Yet at the core, is a hero designed by two Jewish boys. The original iteration was a villain, but by the time Action Comics #1 (1928) hit the newsstands, it was the familiar hero we know today. Superman started out fighting corporate corruption, as a voice and hero for the disenfranchised, the other. He was in PSA’s against racism, and fought the KKK. He would save the multi-verse, and fight to sexual trafficking as well in his career. My most familiar version was the post-crisis one crafted by Calgarian, John Byrne.

But I digress (can you see the fan boy coming through). What is the origin of the Man of Steel? The Man of Tomorrow? And how does it tie into the ancient wisdom stories of the Hebrew Bible and our modern world discourse around climate change today?

The Moses story was the meta-narrative used to craft the origin. Moses as the Hebrew Bible’s book of Exodus, tells us there came a crisis for the Hebrew people in the land of Egypt. Pharaoh did not know the patriarch that had settled them, and he became fearful of the nation within his walls (hearing anything about our current political climate in those words? Fear generation?). As such, Pharaoh set out on an program of genocide by eliminating all male babies of a certain age to ensure a culling. Moses’ family set Moses out in a basket on the river for a safer life, a new life, they did not know if it would work, but they hoped.

Moses was raised as an Egyptian, and upon discovering his roots, became a voice and actor of hope and emancipation for his people.

Jor-El, saw a world ending crisis coming to Krypton. He took his scientific data to the governing council that did not want to act. Did not want to create a panic in the populace. Did not want to believe that nature would conspire to rebel against their unethical dominionist ways. They laughed, they mocked, they used media to discredit him as hokey, call it a farce, fake news, fake facts, that this is all about the normal rhythms of space and their world.

Jor-el and his wife built a rocket to save their son from this self-inflicted genocide of the planet Krypton driven by ignorance. For what would have been the cost to listen? What would have been the cost to make their world and their people healthier by transitioning industries? Supporting one another? Why they would have to change the great Kryptonian ethos of “we’ve always done it this way.”

Kal-el was rocketed to earth. As he grew through puberty and his powers emerged, technology allowed for him to connect with his heritage. He grew, with the support of the core values he was raised with as Clark Kent, into a symbol of hope, and an emancipator for Earth from fear and corruption though the battle was a bit more cyclical than what the Hebrews had–wait—having read the Hebrew Bible, nope it was just as cyclical as that ancient wisdom works share with us.

Both Moses and Superman became hope. Jor-el is a symbol of what happens when we ignore science and truth because it is inconvenient, or disruptive to an echo chamber narrative we want to craft. I may not think climate change will be as catastrophic as the young are predicting, but I am no scientist. Though I have to ask, if we shift gears to a healthier relationship with creation, more of a caretaker than the strip mine dominion approach, back to the actual relationship and entrustment God gave us in Genesis 3 what is the worst that can happen? Cleaner air? Cleaner water? More equitable relationships between nations? Healthier holistic life? Being able to see and be with one another as neighbour?

If it is true and we ignore the end game is Krypton’s. Though there is another end game in the journey no one is addressing, by the voracious and bully focus of climate denial, we are doing something else. We are telling a generation of youth, our leaders now and in the future, that we did not equip them, we do not trust them, they are not valid or valued as members of society. Let that sink in. Aside from austerity measures that are harming the most vulnerable:

we through our lack of ability to discourse and change, are telling our young that they do not matter and then became outraged when their response to Gen X to the Baby Boom is the middle finger.

The question before us on planet earth is simple, who in the origin story of hope do we want to be:

The Kryptonian High Council or Jor-el?


9/12 that is where we stand on our exploration of the Minor Prophets. It has been good to reconnect with this portion of scriptures and see how they apply today, I do hope you have been enjoying this. Today, I will give a short reflect and then links to two videos.

Joel uses the allegory and instance of a locust invasion to illustrate the imbalance within the nation of Israel, and their relation to one another and creation, 1:4 (New International Version):

What the locust swarm has left
    the great locusts have eaten;
what the great locusts have left
    the young locusts have eaten;
what the young locusts have left
    other locusts[a] have eaten.

The etymology of the locust shows the stages of chewing, swarming, jumping, and finishing. Anyone who has dealt with any swarms or infestations knows the cycle is important to understand, locusts being destructive of everything in their path. The infestation places nature out of sync, and is a great illustration that Israel is out of sync with creation, neighbour, wholistically, and with God (Joel 1:10, NIV):

The fields are ruined,
    the ground is dried up;
the grain is destroyed,
    the new wine is dried up,
    the olive oil fails.

The ancient Israelites believed that nature felt the negative and positive effects of humanity’s life cycle upon it. Much like science has proven today. Like Israel that Joel is speaking to, many try not to change, fight vehemently against the change, do not want to understand science (that which tells us the how of creation); and do not want to be held accountable or responsible. As we enter into deeper conversations, and needed transitions within our world for energy, and consumption, it should be the church leading the charge, instead we see regressive Christians taking the name of God to play their command and control structure of devastation, destruction, and pollution. We are a province that pedals ethical oil supposedly, yet we have not dealt with abandoned wells, or other environmental issues, we balk and fight, and call traitors those that see the writing on the wall of the changing energy sector and call for diversification, research and transition. We fear change, and as a result respond with anger and hate, in what could and will ultimately be beneficial. For those outside of the power bubble trying to be heard, one can very much be like a Joel.

I encourage those of faith to listen to these talks, one comes from the Pop-Up Theology Series on Science and Faith at Ambrose Seminary here in Calgary, the other is a Lutheran Pastor in Calgary.

John Van Sloten Pop Up Theology: Faith & Science (watch here)

Kevin Powell What is it with Alberta Conservative Christians and the oil & gas industry? (watch here).

Wildrose written in Wildrose Party green, as s...

Wildrose written in Wildrose Party green, as seen on Français : Wildrose écrit en Parti de Wildrose vert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith reacts...

Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith reacts to Premier Ed Stelmach's resignation announcement on January 25, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please Note this article contains something known as sarcasm in the title:

Allan Hunsperger, a pastor who’s running as a Wildrose candidate in Edmonton South, in which he warned against accepting gays and lesbians for who they are.

Ron Leech speaks for ALL Albertans because he’s white of course

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The Unspun Danielle Smith

Danielle NOT campaigning last week 21 days and she’s too tired to meet electorate

So why a Wildrose Government?

To reverse the Enlightenment of Course 🙂