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a day of errands,

understanding that physical distancing

no longer understood,

for ease of restrictions–was heard as “We’re open as normal”

Face palm the selective hearing of a society

as many still thrive to protect through safety protocols.

Wondering if this means a shut down for Christmas?

But it causes a pause

for reflection

on a life having been lived to build a Kingdom

Brother Jesus stated was near,

and in the thin space,

one were everyone belonged, was loved, and honoured

for simply who they are

was possible.

A life of blood, sweat, tears and death threats

tearing down prejudices



queer hate

speaking out, supporting social safety nets

serving the vulnerable

the Sacrament of Service

Love of the beautiful Imageo Dei

int its wonderful mosaic here on earth…

Just over a year from being elected


as elected members of governance exist under a cone of silence…

environmental protections stripped away

children with disabilities, passively placed back into isolation

supports of belonging removed without a tear or a word

but a key stroke tweet

Hard fought for equality

to finally belong

living that love is love

and now under the faux cross

of Christo-fascists

they want segregated humanity



rampant individualistic


out to harm citizens

one would say called to serve,

and I ponder,

as the rain of the last 2 days recedes

an ark not necessary today

the new sun emerges

the grass is greener

but will those who say they rally under a belief ethos

actually read the source documents of the Master Teacher?

Or are we to be a part of a Roman Occupation 2020.

Where only some are allowed to be seen as


At this time,

choose love

choose advocacy,

Choose to love yourself, and your neighbour…