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It is actually quite funny that I would write a post on Preston Manning’s old Reform Party. But before the shenanigans that began with the merger, there was a lot of positive things within the party. It grew out of discontent in provinces, was member driven from the grass roots, knew that the Senate of Canada needed to be redone to be useful (Or abolished if you are a CCF’er)…

Then it began to veer of track, the first chink was when the MP’s backtracked on a party policy and opted into the platinum MP pension plan hand shake. Then the Stockwell Day days of the Canadian Alliance. The ascent of Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay’s platform of no merger/backroom coffee merger that did lead to the Conservative Party and a 10 years in power that did not help the masses within Canada, but did help corporate Canada and the wealthy…I mean just look as the MP for Calgary Forestlawn Deepak Obhrai pointed out recently that it is a party moving away from grassroots and chasing the wealthy.

In a time where the governing Liberals are talking abolishing membership fees, the Cons are increasing from $15 to $25, and you need a credit card to buy it to boot. They are out pricing themselves from the multi-cultural communities, and the new leadership race fee is locking out all but the Upper Class from running (at $100K)…yes Obhrai is right the party is becoming for rich white folks.

Trust me, it is a shocking day when I agree with a Conservative, but for once I am happy this guy is my MP for he is breaking party line and speaking up for his members.



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MPs vote to repeal hate-speech sections of human-rights act.

Once again Alberta politicians prove our ignorance in regards to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, moving this private member bill through a majority government by the Conservatives saying that not being able to communicate hate via telephone and internet impunes our guaranteed Freedom of Speech in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms…uhm…We do not have Freedom of Speech in Canada, we have Freedom of Expression in Canada, and what this stipulation in the Human Rights Act was enforcing was that right, here is the repealed section:

Charter of Rights and Freedoms here:

Here are our fundamental freedoms:

Fundamental freedoms

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;

(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and

(d) freedom of association.

Taking a basic Grade 11 law class in Public School will help one understand these.

Thin-skinned Wildrose bullies attack the media, again.

The Wildrose Party is proving to be more thin skinned, and bullish than the Klein Government of 1993-2006 that saw a decimation of social programs; health care; etc (any historian or Poli worth their salt knows the tale). Klein dissasociated many reporters (rumour being me among the black listed while I was still in High School).

Yet here the WRP is lashing out at journalists attempting to discover truth in their sound bite vote buying platform planks. My dialogues on twitter with their supporters veers very closely into confusion, as the party’s policy writers do not seem to understand the Canadian Constitution Act 1982 (or the BNA Act 1867 for that matter) or the Health Act; the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (and what our rights actually are as Canadians–sorry we are not Americans);the history or character of our province, the diversity of our citizenry in culture, religion, age and socio-economics or the basics of capacity issues when it comes to growing social sectors; the impact of privatization. The fact that school fees are actually illegal and not just a financial impediment to the family.

But why do one’s homework in regards to those you are seeking to lead? Why not just blow smoke and mirrors… this is the result, motions to eliminate communication, and the ability to create accountability and transparency. The question is not just eliminating those things they view as ineffective, but truly understanding why they exist (much like the Human Rights Commission and legislation they want to abolish) and how to make them actually work properly.

But the question does arise, how do they hope to make this all happen? Let’s be honest, it is not the first time a Conservative Party has sold Albertans a “golden ticket solution” to our problems. Sic Klein and Harper’s $100 a month cheque for child care.

Just sayin’ before voting this April 23, scratch the surface, ask the questions, and find the answers…

What happens when you are raised in a Conservative Church, but realize that God created you in Her image that is the LGBTTQ community of our world?

Watch and listen:

Matthew Vine

Read more Here.

For we are all children and beloved of God…



This May 2, 2011 what is basically needed is for each and every Canadian 18 years of age and over to enter their local polling station and vote for the best local candidate.  To vote for a Canada, that echoes of Peace, Order, and Good Governance.

I have lived in Calgary Northeast my entire life, in 2006 I ran, and was unsuccessful, in defeating then incumbent Art Hangar (Reform, Alliance, Conservative).  This community has its struggles of culture, economics, addictions, and erosion of community just like any other community.

Entering the 2011 election the quesiton arises on whom would be best in understanding the need for unity in diversity, in building community, through community being proactive in ending youth crime.  At this juncture, I personally believe it is not Devinder Shorry, or Collette Singh (whom at this moment I can only see as running a name on ballot campaign, as I cannot find anything out about her).  The best choice is Cam Stewart, Liberal Party of Canada, for the people of Calgary Northeast.

May 2, please vote…….vote your beliefs…vote for your community.