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And Jesus said to them, “Have you come out as against  arobber, with swords and 

clubs¬†to¬†capture¬†me?¬†49¬†qDay¬†after¬†day¬†I¬†was¬†with¬†you¬†in¬†the temple¬†rteaching,¬†and¬†you¬†did¬†not¬†seize¬†me.¬†But¬†slet¬†the¬†Scriptures¬†be¬†fulfilled.‚Ä̬†50¬†tAnd they¬†all¬†left¬†him¬†and¬†fled.51¬†And¬†a¬†young¬†man¬†followed¬†him,¬†with¬†nothing¬†but¬†ua¬†linen¬†cloth¬†about¬†his¬†body.¬†And they¬†seized¬†him,¬†52¬†but¬†he¬†left¬†the¬†linen¬†cloth¬†and¬†ran¬†away¬†naked.

Mark 14:48-52


Tradition teaches that the young man is John Mark, author of the gospel of Mark (earliest written on the Canonical gospels) whose parents owned the Upper Room that Jesus’ community had gathered in for the Last Supper. A turning point in their lives. A new beginning, while they entered the darkest hours. Having fled the oppressive authorities and entered what is termed today Holy or Vigil Saturday.  A day that many overlook with exclamations of Friday is here, but Saturday is coming and not realizing the full scope of the journey.

Francis of Assisi shared a mystical experience where he literally believed he had transported back in time and entered the story as the naked boy.  Think about that. Astral projection and time travel, yet how would it shape your life to see the moment authentically and realize that fear would over run as well? This is the time of the Saturday. A time to reflect.

For you see it comes into a time to truly reflect on the life lived. In the passage that is to come from the Aquarian Gospel, some may say it reflects the Akashic records. That which one can tap into for understanding/experiencing their past lives.

This will become a point of consternation for those that do not hold to reincarnation as a staple of the spiritual journey, but then they are missing the rebirth of the Judeo-Christian culture. For as John Shelby Spong, retired Bishop of Newark, would put out the life lived can be viewed in thirds. Each third marking a rebirth. A renewal.

Holy Saturday is time for one, as with Brother Jesus’ earliest community to enter a time of reflection and release. A time to look at one’s journey and realize that we are a culmination of all the good-bad-in different adventures and voices up to this point. But it is only up to this point. For like the celebration of new life to come with Easter Sunday (Spring Solstice). It is time to celebrate our new life by releasing the old.

Before you enter reading and meditating on the words that are to follow. Take a moment to prepare your space at a table/desk. Clear it of anything except some blank paper, a box of colours (crayons, markers, pencil crayons and/or pastels) but do not leave them in the box‚ÄĒdump them out into random chaos upon the table top. Lower the lighting to simply a few candles, this is how the ancients did their spiritual work and sometimes by removing artificial electric lights a different aspect of creativity can be accessed.

Slowly enter into meditative breathing as you read these words:

The Christines go to a place apart to pray. Jesus warns them against the leaven of the Pharisees and reveals the fact that all thoughts and deeds are recorded in God’s Book of Remembrance. Man’s responsibility and God’s care.

1. Now, when the feast was finished Jesus with the foreign masters and the twelve, with Mary, Miriam and a band of loyal women who believed in Christ, went to a place apart to pray.
2. And when their silence ended Jesus said, Be on your guard; the leaven of the Pharisees is being thrown in every measure of the meal of life.
3. It is a poison that will taint whatever it may touch; and it will blight the soul as sure as fumes of the Diabolos; it is hypocrisy.
4. The Pharisees seem fair in speech, but they are diabolical in heart.
5. And then they seem to think that thought is something they can lock within themselves.
6. They do not seem to know that every thought and wish is photographed and then preserved within the Book of Life to be revealed at any time the masters will.
7. That which is thought, or wished, or done in darkest night shall be proclaimed in brightest day;
8. That which is whispered in the ear within the secret place shall be made known upon the streets.
9.¬†And in the judgment day when all the books are opened up, these men, and every other man, shall be a-judged, not by what they’ve said or done,
10. But by the ways in which they used the thoughts of God, and how the ethers of eternal love were made to serve;
11. For men may make these ethers serve the carnal self, or serve the holy self within.
12. Behold, these men may kill the body of this flesh; but what of that? the flesh is but a transitory thing, and soon, by natural law, will pass;
13.¬†Their slaughter only hastens nature’s work a little time.
14. And when they kill the flesh they reach their bounds of power; they cannot kill the soul.
15. But nature is the keeper of the soul as of the flesh, and in the harvest time of soul, the trees of life are all inspected by the judge;
16. And every tree that bears no fruit of good is plucked up by the roots and cast into the flames.
17. Who then shall you regard? Not him who has the power to kill the flesh, and nothing more.
18.¬†Regard the mighty one who has the power to dissolve both soul and body in the flames of nature’s fire.
19. But man is king; he may direct his thoughts, his loves, his life, and gain the prize of everlasting life.
20. And you are not abandoned in your struggle for the crown of life. Your Father lives, and you shall live.
21. God has a care for every living thing. He numbers stars, and suns, and moons;
22. He numbers angels, men and every thing below; the birds, the flowers, the trees;
23. The very petals of the rose he knows by name, and every one is numbered in his Book of Life;
24. And every hair upon your head, and every drop of blood within your veins, he knows by number and by rhythm.
25.¬†He hears the birdling’s call, the cricket’s chirp, the glow worm’s song; and not a sparrow falls to earth without his knowledge and consent.
26. A sparrow seems a thing of little worth; yea, five of them are worth two farthings in the market place, and yet God cares for every one of them.
27. Will he not care much more for you who bear his image in your soul?
28. Fear not to make confession of the Christ before the sons of men, and God will own you as his sons and daughters in the presence of the host of heaven.
29. If you deny the Christ before the sons of men, then God will not receive you as his own before the hosts of heaven.
30. And more I say, Fear not when men shall bring you up before the rulers of the land to answer for your faith.
31. Behold, the Holy Breath shall teach you in your hour of need what you should say, and what is best leave unsaid.
32. And then the Christines went again to teach the multitudes.

Aquarian Gospel 109

As you let the words roll into your being. Take time to simply close your eyes. Allow your hands to seek out the colours and the paper without judgment, without earthly vision. Begin moving them on the page. Slowly open your eyes as you work the colours and images out.

What is coming through?

What is being revealed about your journey?

What is to be released as you complete the image of colours?

What has the Holy Mystery released from your past?

Now take a moment to slowly enter a meditative breath again. This is the past, this is what has brought you to this point. Take a moment to acknowledge the journey. To thank it for bringing you hear, honouring it.

Now take a moment.

Are you ready to release it?

If so, light it on fire with a candle and watch it burn away.

The past is simply the stepping stones to now. Now is the path revealed for the future.

Are you able to watch the ashes fly and enter the now?


Sin is supposedly, ‚ÄúTHE‚ÄĚ biggie of issues within Christendom, and other religions that use a myriad of words to express it. Missing the Mark, Falling Short, ‚ÄúThe Fall‚ÄĚ and/or eternal separation from God without blood debt paid. The idea of blood sacrifice to pay debt, to bring you back into God‚Äôs love.

It is a very modern understanding, and ignores millennia of indigenous wisdom on the Creator, and the interconnectedness of everything. Think about it though, we have created the Holy in our modernistic image, the spiritual journey is individualized, much like the capitalist industrial complex wants us to believe and has caused a host of social justice ills from inequality to high unemployment, to lack of health care, elder care, care of persons who are differently abled, rising addictions, rising abuse, and homeless shelter use rates not to mention mental health and neurological increases…but I digress or do I?

With this exercise the journeyer is going to discover through the allegory of the rainbow:

12¬†And God said, ‚ÄúThis is the sign of the covenant¬†I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come:¬†13¬†I have set my rainbow¬†in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.¬†14¬†Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow¬†appears in the clouds,¬†15¬†I will remember my covenant¬†between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.¬†16¬†Whenever the rainbow¬†appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant¬†between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.‚ÄĚ

Genesis 9:12-16 (New International Version)

We look on this as a promise for the earth not to be destroyed by floods again, yet we miss the point. A rainbow is not simply one colour, it reflects/refracts the beauty of a truly unified creation to remind each and every piece of the creation that they exist within the Holy Mystery, and the Holy Mystery exists within them‚Ķthe source— L-O-V-E- resonates within all, through all and begins with I but needs We to truly be expressed.

Welcome to the colour journey of Jesus’ trip in India, we will not be relying on words, but Crayola Prayer/Meditation.  You will need pieces of blank paper and some form of colour tool (Crayons, markers or pencil crayons) or for the braver perhaps sidewalk chalk and empty sidewalk to play with to shine through to your community (?).

Prepare your colouring area before you so that when you come out of the meditation you are prepared to move the colours over your page. Do not overthink which colours as you come out of each contemplation, just grab the colours and move them on the page and see what emerges:

Centre yourself in your breath, open your eyes and slowly read aloud the following chapter.

Chapter 23

Jesus and Lamaas among the sudras and visyas. In Benares. Jesus becomes a pupil of Udraka. The lessons of Udraka. Continue reading here.

At the conclusion of reading, take a moment to re-centre yourself in your breath and begin to colour non-stop not lifting the colours from the page until 5 minutes are done.

After five minutes see what your colours speak to you in regards to the truth of unity, the falsity (sin) of disunity‚ÄĒor the truth of interdependence and the falsity of individuality.

Renew your colouring area. Centre yourself in your breath once more and re-enter the story, hear about the Sudras or more appropriately ego and what truth shines through for you:

Chapter 24

The Brahmic doctrine of castes. Jesus repudiates it and teaches human equality. The priests are offended and drive him from the temple. He abides with the sudras and teaches them.
Continue reading here.

At the conclusion of reading, take a moment to re-centre yourself in your breath and begin to colour non-stop not lifting the colours from the page until 5 minutes are done.

After five minutes see what your colours speak to you in regards to the truth of unity, the falsity (sin) of disunity‚ÄĒor the truth of interdependence and the falsity of individuality.

Renew your colouring area.

The last step is the next chapter, which will enter into a Lectio Divina before colouring, it is a parable.

Centre yourself in your breath, feel the reality of where you are slip away. Enter into the untouchable-lower caste zone, the smells and dust, the crowds pushing against you as you strain to get close above the din and loudness to hear Brother Jesus speak to you words that resonate true on equality and justice.

In this first reading, what teaching resonates the loudest with you, take time and sit with it, after a few moments of contemplation, colour out what emerges in your soul around it.

Reading One: Chapter 25

Renew your colouring space, through your breath re-enter the reality of the crowded teaching. With this second reading what cause of today comes through that is close to your heart…after a few moments of sitting with this call of yours, colour it out.

Reading Two: Chapter 25

Renew your colouring space, through your breath re-enter the reality of the crowded teaching. With this third and final, reading know that you are the false outcast that is brought into true unity. How does it feel to be fully home in the source of Love? Sit with this feeling, colour it out.

Through these practices you have entered a spiritual journey following the Rainbow to the core of yourself where you actualized the unity that truly exists with the Holy Mystery.

Take a moment to look at your journey.

Remember the transformation that has happened.

Create a new reflective statement of what is the truth that has been found.

Then gather up the journey, burn it, and let the ashes go to the winds for the falseness is no more.

Welcome into the Rainbow.