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Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood

Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robin Shoots with Sir Guy

Robin Shoots with Sir Guy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is interesting as I read yet another novel of Robin Hood, this one by Angus Donald titled, Holy Warrior, I am once again reminded of what Christendom used to be like. And the question is whether or not we have changed much.

How does this arise? Well, this novel is being told from the perspective of Alan A. Dale. Robin Hood is a sceptic of the faith, distrustful of the institution that is used to oppress the people he has fought so hard to free. This novel is set post- Sherwood, once restored when Robin is living happily ever after with Marie-Anne and he is called back to be a Crusader, but without money needs to raise funds (imagine paying for the privilige to go and die in some godforsaken world).

One scene is when Robin and Alan go to the “Jews” who have control of the money. The corrupt lord of the town has spread lies that two missing lads (that he did away with) were kidnapped by them and are now leading a warring party to annihilate.

A scape goat if you will.

Why does this come up?

Simple. It comes up because when we lean on why people leave church we have to ask ourselves have we ever been like this? Austracized the skeptic. Make it feel like you must have to pay to be a member of Christendom.  Or simply put when situations arise who are those in the church that bear the brunt of the conflicts, are they the ones that actually cause the conflict, or are they the ones that because they are different or new or not part of the in crowd become the target to deflect the conflict and controversy to preserve the norm in the “sacred” community and if those who are different leave its no major loss.

So yes, we may be less bloody as a “churh family” since the Crusades but we are still practicing the same things: conversion by coercion, paying for privilige, scape goating, and ostracization.

So does your church play sacred roulette? Are we still living a Crusader mindset of conquer or eliminate?

What do you think?