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Okay the Wildrose Party has made history in Alberta if not the Commonwealth, by having 12 of their 17 elected MLA’s leave caucus, 11 for the governing Progressive Conservative Dynasty, and one as an independent. Whether or not one believes the Wildrose can come back from this mutiny which included their leader is where one falls within the Conservative Camps.


From an outside perspective this has opened up something fresh in provincial politics in my mind that can be taken advantage of to make our province better for Albertans, and yes it may sound like an old hobby horse of mine, but really it is  a time for the centre-left (some aptly dubbed Progressive) parties to move beyond their affixed branding, and to embrace that which unites rather than divides. Stretch the tent wide, this was what led to the original creation of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and almost toppled dynasties, brought about medicare etc.and it was by many of the smaller parties and movements creating a broad tent movement to move forward.

So, to the Alberta NDP, Alberta Liberals, Alberta Party, Alberta Greens, Alberta Communist Party, and other social action groups in the province. We are on the cusp of what some pundits believe could be a snap provincial election call in Spring 2015, the official opposition appears D.O.A., and a new voice needs to emerge, a new meta-narrative needs to be painted for Albertans, as nearly 50 years of one party rule, 6 premiers, a fresh voice and eyes are necessary.

The question to those outside the PC Caucus is simple, are you willing to drop your brand, release that which divides, and focus on the key values, points and messages that unite to move forward and provide a choice, strong leadership, new vision, and inspire voters that normally would not come out to the polls that voting is not just a right and a privilige, but a valued necessity in creating a just society.

So, it is down to Albertans, and 9 MLA’s who sit on the alleged “Left”…is a new vision going to emerge?


It is a question that needs to be asked within the confines of the 10 year plan to end homelessness. I have contacted MLA’s to no avail in discovering the answer to a serious question:

What is the recidivism rate for those exiting homelessness?

There seems to be an ignorance within agencies of the PTSD an individual suffers from when exiting this barbaric form of institutional life that is the wearhouse style shelter system in Calgary. A system that many participants (staff or clients) akin to a jail system for the poorest of the poor.

We in Alberta have a Ten Year Plan read here.

The City of Calgary has amassed some decent research to be read here.

And information from the Alberta Secretariat for Action on Homelessness can be read here.

Much like PDD funding for the differently abled, funds for ending homelessness are directed to one funding stream, The Calgary Homeless Foundation .

The smoke and mirrors is that by all accounts from the Governmental end the “Plan” is on track, and as such shelters should begin closing shortly. Yet then we hear this in the media, that this winter shelters are once more nearing capacity and that this is normal for this time of year.

What is not reported, which has been confirmed by anonymous sources is that the capacity almost reached is not what the building is zoned (funded) for. The capacity is the second capacity number issued as the true capacity of the building is to be filled to when a “state of emergency” is declared by the province. No such decree has come out this winter, as the state of emergency is declared when there is an eminent risk to human life.

Yet these same sources have revealed to Musings, that this capacity quandries the shelters have been experiencing since late spring/early summer. A traditional time when shelters are running drastically under capacity.

So the question is, what is actually happening with this Ten Year Plan?

There is quite a bit of political shell gaming going on, millions of dollars being invested to turn service providers into landlords, year or more of financial support being given to individuals with case workers to support housing, but once supports are gone people are once again entering the poverty cycle.

What are the stats on re-lost homes to be re-housed?

What is the field doing to make shelters less traumatic for individuals and more healthy communities? This will aid the individual in then seeking healthy community (essentially how are shelters becoming places for healing instead of abuse).

Seriously, ending homelessness is a great theory. The theory though has challenges upon implementation when our leadership is a sound bite culture that just wants to throw money at the symptoms of the issue, instead of investing in true societial change that elements the cancer we know as homelessness and poverty.

The question that needs to be answered at first, is the question I would pose when I taught at Mount Royal University: In the wealthiest province in Canada, what level should our poor be expected to live at?

Write your MLA (Find MLA here), demand answers. Demand accountability. Demand an Alberta where all citizens are housed and cared for and where OUR OIL MONEY is spent ON US!

Let’s shatter the mirrors, and blow the smoke away. Let Premier Redford, Opposition Leaders Danielle Smith; Raj Sherman, and Brian Mason and all their caucuses’ know that as Albertans we demand more than soundbites…we demand an end to the cancer of poverty within this province.

For a society is judged not upon how the healthiest and wealthiest live, but rather on how we as a society care for the elderly, the poor and the sick. Looking at our province currently, we as a society are ill and dysfunctional. Let us rise up and change that.

Let us demand the government of vision to continue building Alberta as the best place in Canada to live.

One Person, one vote, one letter. Writer today (MLA INFO HERE)

The Canadian Press

Posted: May 7, 2012 1:21 PM MT

Last Updated: May 7, 2012 1:20 PM MT


Alberta’s new official opposition is seeking more office space and more time to ask questions and present ideas in the legislature.

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith has made the request in an letter to Premier Alison Redford.

In it, Smith says changes need to be made to ensure a healthier exchange of ideas.

She wants the number of questions given her party during question period increased from nine to 12 each day.

Smith also wants a block of time twice a month for her and the other opposition parties to propose legislation.

There is also the matter of office space; the Wildrose has a floor and a half in a building beside the legislature, but Smith says they need two floors.

The idea of more questions to opposition parties on the surface seems like a good idea, if they are used as question period is intended to actually aid legislation in becoming better for Albertans, and not just petty pro-wrestling style soundbite bickering.
The idea of a few days for “opposition days” like in the Federal Minority days is also a good idea if each opposition party gets the opportunity and these bills and all bills are put to FREE votes.
But the office space??? C’mon…suck it up and quit wanting to squander more tax payer money, Ahem, Danielle your Tory is showing with that one.

Who has more common sense?

Newly elected MLA Gary Bickman says rural voters have more common sense than city dwellers.Newly elected MLA Gary Bickman says rural voters have more common sense than city dwellers.

Updated: Wed Apr. 25 2012 17:51:56

Just days after the election, a victorious southern Alberta Wildrose candidate is stirring up controversy by criticizing voters in the province’s cities.

Gary Bickman says rural voters have more common sense.

“I think they possess more common sense, a least that’s my experience. The people who make their living off the land really seem to understand the way nature really works,” said Bickman.

He went on to say that city dwellers just don’t understand the issues.

“I think that these social issues that came up during the last week and the PCs ability to exploit them, caused some concern in the voters within urban areas, at least, because they didn’t really understand the issues, they didn’t really understand that there was an aspect of free speech, ” said the Cardston-Taber-Warner MLA-Elect.

Most of the support for the Tories came from the urban areas and they won 41 seats in Alberta cities.

The Wildrose only won three urban seats but they fared much better in the rural parts of the province where they won 14 seats compared to the PCs 20.

Political experts say Bickman’s comments won’t help the Wildrose in Alberta’s urban centres.

“That’s pitting one region off against another and that may be good local politics in Cardson-Taber. It is disastrous province-wide,” said MRU Political Scientist, Duane Bratt.

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith was not willing to address the issue on Wednesday and said she could not comment on a question that was not sent to her before the interview.

“I think if you want me to comment on something, you have to share it before hand. I don’t know the context of the statement so I’m going to have to look at the context of the statement,” said Smith.

Bickman is very popular in his riding and won his seat by one of the largest margins in the province.


P.S. to the Wildrose we are not America, please read and actually understand our Charter of Rights and Freedoms as Canadians and the Constitution Act 1982. The public libraries have copies or go to Queen’s Press and purchase a copy. For if you had read and understood these documents you would know Freedom of Speech does not exist within Canada, we have Freedom of Expression–much different right, allows for free speech up until you promote hatred against a group or supremacy of one group over another.

Wildrose written in Wildrose Party green, as s...

Wildrose written in Wildrose Party green, as seen on Français : Wildrose écrit en Parti de Wildrose vert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith reacts...

Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith reacts to Premier Ed Stelmach's resignation announcement on January 25, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please Note this article contains something known as sarcasm in the title:

Allan Hunsperger, a pastor who’s running as a Wildrose candidate in Edmonton South, in which he warned against accepting gays and lesbians for who they are.

Ron Leech speaks for ALL Albertans because he’s white of course

Danielle Smith & Climate Change not yet proven

Happy Mann & Real Estate Fraud

Who Said it Wildrose or PC?

The Unspun Danielle Smith

Danielle NOT campaigning last week 21 days and she’s too tired to meet electorate

So why a Wildrose Government?

To reverse the Enlightenment of Course 🙂


Smith changes her tune and is completely off-key.

Do not know which is scarier–that she has said this, or that she continues smoke and mirror practices during this election to hide it.  What is most disturbing?

-End of Abortion

-Abomination of Gay Marriage

-Or that they (politicians-sync WRP) will be wily enough to violate any charter right they want without due process…

Should the list go on?

What about social conservatism micromanagement of an individuals value life or that the judiciary is not necessary?

These are the behind the line context of the truth behind her happy go lucky moderate campaign persona.

On April 23 be informed before you vote.

Glenn’s debate wrap-up video released – watch it now

Posted by Brian Thiessen 103pc on April 13, 2012 · Flag

Glenn_jeans_2.pngWatch Glenn share the Alberta Party‘s perspective on all of the debate questions.

During the televised leaders debate over 1700 Albertans followed Glenn’s live blog (read the transcript).  We’ve received tremendous feedback on our innovative and positive approach to participating in tonight’s debate – despite not being invited.

Immediately after the debate, Glenn and I filmed the Debate Wrap Up Video, where Glenn provides the Alberta Party’s responses to all of the questions raised in the debate.

Please share this video.

Since we didn’t have the opportunity to partcipate in the televised debate, we need your help to share this important video.  Please use the Facebook and Twitter buttons below to share this page.

It’s working! Our impact is growing every day.

All of our hard work is starting to pay off and the Alberta Party’s message is spreading faster than ever. With your continued help, we can make a huge impact in this election! Thank you for all of your support!

Brian Thiessen
President, Alberta Party

– Have you updated your profile image on Facebook and Twitter to show your support for the Alberta Party?  Visit our do-it-yourself campaign tools page to download a special Alberta Party profile image.

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Pic for WikiProject Political parties and poli...

Pic for WikiProject Political parties and politicians in Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Noontime protest on Parliament Hill in support...

Noontime protest on Parliament Hill in support of the Coalition against the minority government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Globe and Mail brings us this timely reminder in Alberta: here

For reference to all 7 active political parties in Alberta please check my links as they are all there: Wildrose, NDP, Liberals, Evergreen, Alberta, PC, and Communist. Toss in some independents and with how close the Conservative vote splitting is going between PC/WRP and it could very well be a minority government for our province or better yet a progressive upset that can see a coalition of the centre-left or a minority led centre-left government.

What will it take? The 60% that sat out the Stelmach levelling turning up and voting at the polls. This is our right, and a great privilige that many around the world in the Arab Spring laid their lives on the line to have. We have a choice, let’s take time to mark that “X” by the name of our best LOCAL candidate on April 23 and truly show this country how drastically Alberta has entered the 21st Century of Canadianna.

Thin-skinned Wildrose bullies attack the media, again.

The Wildrose Party is proving to be more thin skinned, and bullish than the Klein Government of 1993-2006 that saw a decimation of social programs; health care; etc (any historian or Poli worth their salt knows the tale). Klein dissasociated many reporters (rumour being me among the black listed while I was still in High School).

Yet here the WRP is lashing out at journalists attempting to discover truth in their sound bite vote buying platform planks. My dialogues on twitter with their supporters veers very closely into confusion, as the party’s policy writers do not seem to understand the Canadian Constitution Act 1982 (or the BNA Act 1867 for that matter) or the Health Act; the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (and what our rights actually are as Canadians–sorry we are not Americans);the history or character of our province, the diversity of our citizenry in culture, religion, age and socio-economics or the basics of capacity issues when it comes to growing social sectors; the impact of privatization. The fact that school fees are actually illegal and not just a financial impediment to the family.

But why do one’s homework in regards to those you are seeking to lead? Why not just blow smoke and mirrors… this is the result, motions to eliminate communication, and the ability to create accountability and transparency. The question is not just eliminating those things they view as ineffective, but truly understanding why they exist (much like the Human Rights Commission and legislation they want to abolish) and how to make them actually work properly.

But the question does arise, how do they hope to make this all happen? Let’s be honest, it is not the first time a Conservative Party has sold Albertans a “golden ticket solution” to our problems. Sic Klein and Harper’s $100 a month cheque for child care.

Just sayin’ before voting this April 23, scratch the surface, ask the questions, and find the answers…