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Ah on a weekend I could have succumbed to the lament I felt late Friday night seeing the funding notice rejection in my inbox, it is time to live into the emotions, but also cultivate optimism, and sometimes it is found in the simple things of a week. So I give you an optimistic ecclecicta, for taking a 7 day experiment of tracking at least 3 things you are thankful/grafeful for (with the rationale) can aid your optimism in resilience. That all to sound “sciency” with simply sharing some fun:

Do you belive a woman can fly?

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It is the first thought that leapt into my mind last weekend as my family settled in for a family movie night to watch our newest DVD- Wonder Woman 1984, with the microwave popcorn popped and dusted with dill pickle salt, and the root beer poured. I know critics and some have panned it, but it is, in my humble opinion, that WB did not do a strong enough job of essentially sharing the joy of this gem– you are entering into, truly, a circa late 1970’s to 1980’s movie with all the tropes that come with it. From the nerdy work woman that cannot walk in heals (Barbara Minerva), the megalomaniac oil business man (Maxwell Lord), to the body swap love (Steve Trevor), to the mall scene, and the soundtrack, to the greed that drove the Cold War, and the under current of fear that existed at that time, and the simplicity of belief in mass media that everyone just needed more stuff or would only care about themselves. Oh, and did I mention the fun little PSA moments built in around young Diana, like movies would have tossed in for kids

The core though is full on Wonder Woman. Discovering that what we wish for (in a twisted stone with Monkey Paw rules), is not necessarily always what we need. Oh, and that little thing of truth that our world finds so hard to understand even now: As a species we do not exist in silo’ed isolation. Every choice we make has ripple effects on creation and/or others. It is truly in understanding interdependence, connection and belonging that we can see the love in our own lives for ourselves (just as we are) and for others.

Yes, as my wife so easily encapsulated with the Steve Trevor storyline, “I hate when super hero movies make me cry”

If you want a movie that reminds you of the fun of the theatre and movie nights at home from the video store (whether Video Show Place, Rogers, Blockbuster, VHQ, etc), or simply, to have a movie that your kids (and yes mine are teens) that will cheer when good wins, it is worth the watch.

The Unicorn Find

A few years ago, while my family was binging the Comic Book Guys, I wrote about that one comic I owned that I no longer did that I wanted to find again. For me, it was one bought when out with my Mum, Nan & Granddad from WoodWard’s Food Store. Back when WoodWard’s existed, and grocery stores had comic book spinner racks (we geeks lament the young not getting into our hobby, yet our hobby is now exclusive to comic shops, not everywhere’s like it was before). Where I found the first comic I really remember owning:

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It was great fun to travel back to being a kid with a comic I literally read to pieces. I had forgotten the smell of a newsprint comic from the era, with many stories of that vintage I currently have being in reprinted editions. As well, it has me with my eyes keenly open for another rare gem, Marvel’s The Last Star Fighter magazine adaptation that my Dad had brought home one night after work for me (and my brother that night had gotten his first BMX Plus magazine I believe).


Ah, yes in the Province of Alberta confusion reigns on who qualifies and who does not with our wonky phased system. I do hope we follow B.C.’s route and shift simply to age groupings to get more shots in arms, and that Health Canada pointing out the AZ is cleared for 18+ will also create more movement, as we desperately need the light at the end of hte tunnel on C-tine (398 days at home).

Today we got our first dose (and yes once a vacinne is cleared for those under 16 years my kiddos will be getting one too) of two of the Pfizer in a quick move through system, and just a 15 minute wait afterwards. Go in, swap masks, register and needle in arm:

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Post Pfizer Selfie

So yes, there are bumps on the road, sometimes even potholes or sinkholes, but we can make it through and see some light. Just a simple musical reminder that came back on my radar as well to close:

What are your good views this week?