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Last night the Rainbow Chapel held its last event, we bore witness as the Calgary Canucks defeated the Drumheller Dragons 4-1 at the Max Bell Arena.  The Alberta Junior Hockey League is family fun, community building and renewing where all can come together…much like what we attempted to do with the Rainbow Chapel.

Yip the Rainbow Chapel was a simple home base ministry that reached out to all of God’s children regardless of well pretty much anything.  We were a ministry based on inclusion of all.  Throughout the years even before we named it, there was the chapel in existence, involving sacraments, breaking bread together, prayer, retreats, meditation, services….so whether you just knew us through a participant, spiritual direction, mentoring, the Denny’s Bible Study, Timmy’s Book Club gathering, Brunch n’ Bible, Contemplative Worship; House Church; Communi(on)ity, Movie n Pizza Nights or Summer Book Club…know that our prayer is simple that we continue to discover the Holy Mystery and live out of that love.

In Unitarian Circles they snuff out the chalice at the end of a gathering; in Mainline Churches they extinguish the Christ Candle…the mythology being that the service is complete and the gathering is dispersing…yet it is backwards, for it is not that the gathering is complete, or Christ has left the building.

Rather the extinguishing of the light on the altar… the reflection and meditative of the gathering is the act of the Holy Spirit blowing through and this light igniting each and everyone of our own lights again…an outward act of a soul renewal…it should be as powerful a sacrament as communion for this is saying we are taking the light of Christ within us to shine out of us…

Just as Jesus stated in John 15:12 (CSB):

12 This is My command: Love one another as I have loved you.

As the light is extinguished we take that love internalized, and the Benediction is not the end of worship, but the beginning for a new week or personal and communal transformation within this love…so the chapel leaves you with a simple Benediction:

In the name of our Loving Creator; the wisdom and compassion of our brother, Jesus of Nazareth; and the comfort and joy within the family of the Holy Spirit may you be blessed with love, and out of this love live…for ever and ever…amen.

Christ Light– Out 🙂

May you RE- IGNITE it each day within.