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Many moons ago, with a Rosary in my weary end of night shift hand in the sanctuary of a Roman Catholic church awaiting the weekday Mass, the still small voice would whisper to me “build my church”, it was an echo sentiment from years before, in a United Church, where I cam back to church as adult with my Nan, after presiding over the Sunday Service, and greeting faith family afterwards, the still small voice would simply say, “you are called”… To scant months before in my first service, where after singing in pre-sing my Granddad’s favourite hymn, the voice, his voice, would simply say “it’ll be alright”, Each of these instances are a piece of book one of three for my life. The book of laying the foudnations and preparing. Experiencing what it means to build the church. That is simply, to create the courageous safe space of connection, purpose and belonging for the beautiful mosaic that is our neighbourhood (the Imageo Dei)

So many bumps along the road. Stories. Pieces of knowledge, ancient wisdom applied to the modern world, and modern wisdom working on the souls of many. Truly striving and stumbling to live out what home is, and having the true open door that I have been told has blessed many. But at my core, I am a simple story teller. That is the core of my parallel multi-career paths, and the core of the calling as book two opens…for what is the core of blessed community but the story of love and hope at its centre?

It is stories that have shaped my life, and still do. Many look at me weirdly in the academic, political and spiritual circles I exist in for the resonance I have to so many of our modern legends and mythologies. Not only the resonance, but how effectively they can be used as points of connection, intersection and discussion… so many ways to meet and understand neighbour. Whether it is the modern super hero stories (I am sure many know of the reflections shared around Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman, Superman, Flash, the list goes on and on) our modern pantheon of gods and demi-gods as found in anceint folklore and mythologies (which I also love). Or the more recent addition of Doctor Who? The Doctor an amazing story of constant curiousity, inspired problem solving, fun and, yes, new life (ah regeneration, since I went through my own health issues, and now into c-tine, it does so feel like a moment of regeneration?). To the inquisitive nature of Sherlock Holmes, the mysteries solved, and the importance of the right partners.

The Arthurian Legends, stories I so wanted to read as a child, and a system said I could not comprehend, and a Dad that said yes he can…and well, the copy of that hardcover from Smithbooks still resides on my bookshelf, never tell a child they can’t when an interest is shown. The wonder, magic and splendour of Camelot. The idea of quest, blessing, calling, and the connection/belonging of the Round Table. To the first movie I ever saw in theatres, Walt Disney’s Robin Hood, and the core truth that all have value, and every role in society is needed for us to be healthy, how easily power can corrupt (and I have seen it happen to far too many good people) for when power becomes the goal like with Prince John– well, the fact it is actually people involved is forgotten for the pursuit of gold (or is it oil?). When a season of life ended, I hope my team at that time understand the blessing of sharing that story book with each of them.

But a core story that has stayed with me throughout my life. From when there was the one night of the week as repeats aired on CBC, Star Trek. A true reflection for me, of what Brother Jesus taught our world was meant to be. Our universe, where all have equity, justice, equality, hope, can pursue who they are meant to be and we affirm the ideal you they are currently and are becoming. Where we aid others. Each of its iterations has brought a new era of story and contemplations into my life. From the Next Generation to Deep Space Nine to Voyager to Enterprise to (Kelvin) Star Trek movies to Discovery to Lower Decks to Picard…each piece introducing new characters, new allegories to our reality now and where we can be, what we can aspire to.

The re-connection to the stories, happened sharply over the last several years as I started to build myself back. As we unearthed, and healed the darkness, smudge and trauma that almost, yes, took my life, though it took me off of one path and opened up an epilogue/prologue upon a new path. A new story. My loving wife and kiddos that have journeyed through much, and we know eyes wide open what has been in all its diverse sorrows to joys, to what we know can be in a hope seen and soon to be lived.

See, for me, as I reflect back on the journey, the long road of getting here. Some may look at the hiccups, the setbacks, the loss, and say, why bother? Or didn’t so and so ruin your life…No they did not. I still remember the day in the early part of my PNES where a congregational cycle of prayer had my son make that statement as I had stepped away a few times from church based ministry to protect him from their heresy & ableism, as with other members of my family at other moments. For me it is about living love, and it is truly about discerning if there is authentic misunderstanding, or simply a desire for a quick apology so one’s own hates are not revealed on the altar for all to see.

But I digress, see there is an understanding that it is not a pollyanic view, especially in our polarized world where many akin the word Christian or Pastor to some device of hatred and exclusion. Or like in Star Trek V when they finally gound “god” and it was revealed to be nothing more than a monster in godcloaking:

Yet, here we are, a long road, some wear and tear, great learnings, lovings, and discoveries.

As was revealed earlier in the movie with the discussion of pain, and the need for the pain to emerge into who we truly are. So it is with each aspect of our life, all the ups and downs, sorrows and joys, losses and wins…they have shaped us…to be with others. To hear the authentic quite voice once more on this journey, one that others have heard.

“it is time to answer hope’s call”

Taking a risk, at this stage of the emegent chapter one of book two, prepared and now stepping in to the uknown. Accepted back to seminary as a student to complete my Master of Divinity. Awaiting the links to open up to apply for funding. To grow my skills, for my writing, community building, and to step back into ministry within the church. And maybe, perhaps, once settled to finish the journey that started with my Psy.D. to finally get my Doctor of Ministry.

To once more, be a pastor.

To aid others in being authentic communities of hope.

To discover honestly, what the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit is whispering to each of us to live out and transform our world for the better.

And yeah, it is one of the scariest steps in my life I have taken.

But also fills me with simply being


Watching media and social media feeds during this time of c-tine, one can begin to think the entire human race is like Hugh (The Borg) in the Next Generation coming out of the collective for the first time, or the last Dalek in the Ninth Doctor’s only season, unable to process too much information and emotional spectrum choosing destruction instead. We are at a crux as a society, for c-tine has caused a pause from the keeping up with the Jones’ mentality, and removed the excuses of no time to look into things or letting someone else do it. The challenge of the time is that some are still existing in the hard dualism of one side having to be completely evil so you can be completely good, not wanting to be okay with the gray, or compromise or discussion or seeing outside of our own ego-centric personal fable.

And if what you’re hearing is the emergence from adolescence-emergent early adulthood as a species, you would be correct.

Just going to take a walk about into some thoughts as it has been a while since I’ve written, so grab a cuppa and join the thought meanderings.

First we as a society, whether we want to admit it or not, are moving through grief. That is why we are seeing such a ramping up of denial and anger as those that do not want to process through the emotions they are feeling and need social support that is now at a distance, or unwilling to reach out to the professional supports available. Just think over the past 131 days what should have happened– year book signings in schools, graduations, end of year celebrations.

Within our own family it was to be our daughter’s first Pride in Alberta, and due to covid we are unable to be there. Each summer my kids do the small town parade tour both being in (fundraising for kids charities) and watching as activity with their grandparents they were unable to be a part of. My daughter was to be in her second summer at Pine Lake Christian Camp (though thankfully they have thought outside the box and provided a summer of online activities, but still not the same), she was finally a part of a choir and band and the concerts have been cancelled. After my own health journey I was back into a new vocational journey only to have it up ended.

Learning curves, losses, new ways of connecting. All these pieces play a role. They create grieving that we have to acknowledge and process.

Then the world around us has the same pains. Yet some factors attempt to aid, others do not. This moves into thoughts of our political culture.

It always amazes me that the governing party in Alberta and our Premier normalized workplace harrassment and bullying, dehumanizing of the opponent and actually pay online trolls to continue. They laugh openly and mock in the legislature, but hyper fixate when someone outside their party uses the same tactics.

Though the storm cycle foes show our alien gods, Thor, trying to keep us inside so the world can heal.

Do I agree with this degeneration of behaviour, and the illustration for what is appropriate it gives to the young? No.

Do I feel the frustration of others and lowering themselves to the level of bullying of the ideological conservative in Canada (and yes our last Federal election in Canada showed this as well)? Yes I can, sadly in moments I to may have, but really we need to make “raise the bar of decorum”.

Words are empty without actions.

Truly though, it has to come to a collective good. Which means all those involved cannot be on the path of seeking wealth and power through politics, but see it as a vocational calling for public service to fulfill the constitutional guarantee of peace, order and good governance.

It feeds into the understand of that tax money is a collective of the citizens to be used for the citizens, these investments in society through infrastructure, government entitlements, public services (road crews, utilities, health care, education, etc) create the type of space and health that attracts investments from businesses. It is also understanding that natural resources do not belong to the government or to the corporation but as Premiers Manning Sr. and Lougheed understood and created the roadmap successfully adopted by other jurisdictions, but to the citizens and for their stability.

Can we get back to a collective healthy narrative of belonging and care, that strips populists from the centre stage and relegates the extremists on either end of the spectrum back to the rubbish bin the sentiments belong in?

For my province’s response to Covid, stripping our CMOH of the power to override political lack, and instead places the politician as supreme. It has made a Trump-lite response that is seeing a trending/ramping up to wave 2 that is impacting those under 39 years old the most, and of course to cover up the failing of the plan by not following medical research and best practice to fight the virus, coupled with an ideological drive for American style for profit health care and deciding our medical community and doctors are the enemy during a pandemic. This has led to nearly half of doctors looking to work elsewhere. We finally recovered from the Klein area lunacy and lack of doctors, only to have these extremists start the cycle again.

But to shift the focus (of the daily announcements attacking the way and quality of life of Albertans) the game of destroying public education continues, with the Minister announcing a return to near normal school in the fall with just a deflection that schools and their boards are to figure it out, and false announcements which is re-announcements of pre-pandemic funds that were to be used for off set infrastructure fixes. In Calgary at least our high schools are at or over capacity, yet they are to be expected to physically distance—uhm. The Alberta government aid? PSA posters and videos. The minister has no answers, refuses to release a costed plan, or the full recommendations of the CMOH. This is just in the typical streams, for the complex medical kiddos nothing has been said or even thought of. Makes me wonder if this is just not the continued, passive-aggressive social eugenics at work. Hoping the pandemic eliminates the oldest and most disabled so the cuts goes unnoticed.

And then the recent minister of the crown in Alberta calling police on protesters outside his Edmonton office. The bill tabled to remove the constitutional right of protest that even hate groups have filed court challenges against. It definitely feels for a Canadian that we are living in a bizarro world, and need to listen to our government through a bizarro translator (that is hear the opposite of the words said).

Which brings us to the fun on the Federal stage, the one place that if not for the Federal government my neighbours vocally hate, we would have had no support throughout this time of pandemic and economic disruption. The new entitlements like CERB, that conservative premiers are decrying as a disincentive to work, for a full time 40 hr week the $2000 a month works out to about $12-13 dollars an hour…If your companies are not paying minimum wage, and providing research based safety for employees during a pandemic that is on the marketplace and not on a government entitlement supporting citizens like they should during this time. It is also important to explore what a universal basic income can be, let’s change society during this time.

Also I would be remiss if we did not touch upon the WE fiasco. You can google and see the media frenzy around it, as well as posturing from Opposition parties, and the polls. The governing Liberals took a hit in support but it is now rebounding.

What is the crux? From my reading, is that a sole sourced contract was awarded to the WE organization to administer a pay-volunteer program for youth (about $10/hr). Should it have been administered through the already existing government agencies? Yes, but this is a practice of governments to use non-profits to create distance. We see it in Alberta with things such as the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

WE needs a full audit on how monies are used, as any non-profit should have (especially those receiving government monies), there needs to be accounting and rationales for expenditures and subsidiaries. For those who want to hyper fixate on the pay for speaking of members of the Trudeau family, explore closely, look at the locations, and expenses covered. As well, some speakers get paid, some do not. I have been paid by WE many years ago for an event in Calgary.

As for the ethics around PM Trudeau and Finance Minister Morneau, with known ties to the non-profit being in the room when the decision was made. Yes, they should be cited for an ethics violation. When Minister Morneau had pointed out to him the $41,000 that needed to be repaid for travel, he remediated immediately. Does it show our finance minister is wealthy? Yes. Does it show corruption? Possibly, but more chequebook oversight.

Now for the calls for resignation or the opposition parties will trigger an election? Do the opposition parties truly think this will turn out well sending us into an election during a pandemic? The Liberals have brought us through the pandemic, maintained our triple A credit rating, and continue to govern. Andrew Scheer, conservative party leader who resigned but stayed was caught misappropriating funds so where is his ethical stance to lead and govern? Honestly, Government, call the bluff. I would easily vote for a rock ran as a Liberal in my riding (yes I would throw out my normal process) to send a message on politicking over collaboration.

But WE has opened up the idea that we need to follow trails and take audits seriously. We also need to ask what should stay in the realm of government agency ad not be handed off. In Alberta our reminder of this is the safe-consumption site in Lethbridge which was not AHS, but rather the non-profit ARCHES, and the question of $1.7 million. In honesty, they knew the government was not ideological supportive of their approach even though it is evidence based. The onus was on the non-profit to ensure everything was above board, this is a warning to the sector that needs to be heard, and to government that citizens need and want transparency and accountability.

Finally, masking. Sigh.

The fact “Christians” are front and centre against it saddens my pastor soul. Obviously they have missed the love your neighbour piece of the Great Commandments of Brother Jesus. For mask protect our neighbour, everyone wears them that can (our medically complex may not be able to, but if everyone else is should halt spread enough) so, ifyou’re a Christian, sorry it is not a get out of masking card. Want to stand on civil liberties or the “why wasn’t it needed at first?” Uhm… Smoking by-laws, seat belts…

Which is why my heart sang when my local city did what our province refuses (though with a Premier trumpeting “herd immunity” the failed Sweden.UK experiment, and Trump cures, what do you expect):

Image may contain: text that says "TEMPORARY FACE-COVERING BYLAW Exemptions: Children People with Where old CTrain ublictransit, sucha ataxi indoor spaces, includ- ofCalgary puildings Bylaw takeseffect: Aug.1 Aug. Whileating drinking ina food beverage premises Vhilenagig athletico activity receiving services, visitto dentist such GETTY IMAGES Face covering REQUIRED persons indoor vehicle. covering 6M2020 business owners operators required display signage public entryways vehicles $100-$200 Fine failing mask display proper ignage entireli SOURCE: exemptions ndothe CALGARY DARREN FRANCEY POSTMEDIA"

Also wanted to do a quick touch base on this concept of “new terrors emerging”. No it is not new, BIPOC have always been needing equity, equality and justice. We expect our police to work outside the scope of their practice far too much, and need to create a system that provides the professional tools and individuals necessary for societal health both on the prevention and intervention. Also it needs to be a system that allows for worker health, not the ideology that is prevalent of “do more with less”.

As well, the concept pedophilia is a growing concern in our world. It has always been a concern. Historically in Canada the Truscott false conviction illustrates the abuse of power to cover up abusers (as well as Graham James, residential schools, religious abuse stories). Ensure what you use to source the fight are true, not nutbar conspiracies. Child sex-trafficking (I still cannot unsmell the Calgary trickpads I did rescues in), recruiters online, in malls, and schools, and child sex tourism (honestly, rape) have existed for centuries, in the 90’s there was attempts to put laws in place that were enforceable. It is not new that pedophiles seek mainstream acceptance by piggy backing onto know entities, whether it is attempts to be accepted into the sexual spectrum (and removed from the diagnostics as a disorder) or to use the ideas of non-profits, unions, or community leagues to normalize. It has been on going, just look at the despicable history of orgs like NAMBLA…which first entered the conscience of mainstream due to Andrew Vacchs Batman novel in the `90’s that opened up the fight against this darkness.

Like with everything, it is being open and honest with the stories, the trauma, the horror, and then saying never again. This time though we need to mean it. We as a soceity need to let authentic truth stand, and then agree to end the darkness by letting our light shine through.

During this time I encourage you to take time to unplug. Be with yourself, and those close to you. It can be a time of reflection, as the concept of Sabbath, there is underlying constant anxiety we may be unaware of, but in the new pause… figure out/discern what the next chapter of your life is meant to be? What are the passions you hold? Interests? Hobbies?

Discover who you are.

Discover your passion.

Now, plot twist time.

Day 41

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A little bit of jiggery-pokery

-The Ninth Doctor

See the source imageDay 41 of C-tine can seem like a wonking wandering rollercoast of a Doctor Who episode,

but remember to be kind, as we boldly go…(Click here) where no one in these generations has been before, be kind to yourself and one another, (but hold governance to account to be for the people, not for profits, do not sacrifice the life of another on the altar of the almighty dollar, for the root of evil is the love of money over humanity), but I digress in this time of times, we await to discover anew who we are. We shalt not return to what was the normal before, but through this hell in the hallway will emerge into the new heaven at the door, the new and better normal we can co-create in the now.

It is said to be an unprecedented time,

this time of C-tine

to remain at bay from one another

to flatten the curve,

and save the least of these,

who are old, too young, middle of the road, or with chronic conditions—

wait to save those who we simply should call neighbour

there are those that shout

during this time we should live in survival

and it is okay

or that we should emerge with a litany of new skills

and it is okay

because we still want to be able to judge winners and losers

yet in this,

(PSA: Do not inject disinfectant or drink bleach)

it is existing in the maybe

to rise up and move forward

as one through our truth

See the source imageAs I explore the new storytellers of our time

the streaming service

Bosch, a story of mystery and suspense,

a cop, that does not protect incompetence or corruption because of shared uniform and culture

but holds to key values that breed honesty, trust, and justice within community and self.

Are you, am I , able to move beyond our own ideology of belonging to true resonance of worth for who we are meant to be…and force the true healthy change on our world,

one decision at a time…

in Picard, the former Admiral and Captain of the Enterprise,


Image result for Picardgrieving,

for the Federation…Starfleet

years ago, bowed to the pressure of the majority to break their core values

and halt the rescue of their enemies from an extinction level event,

He stood his ground

paid the price,

but what matters more in this time of C-tine?

The decision of the majority? Of the wealthy? Of the powerful?

Or to hold our ground…in the core values of equity, equality, justice, peace and aid

that created a better world after Fascism’s destruction?

Echoed and remembered in the story of Alderose and the Moors, the war with the rise of the Fays, and pixie built gas chamber in Malefiecent Mistress of Evil (2019)

Is Maleficent the villain or the hero? Who is truly the evil queen in the trifecta? As a mad queen of the human world seeks to expand territory, purge the different, and silence the lower classes… do we still see this after the destruction of the Third Reich when the world cried never again in the Jewish, LGBT, Multiple Birth, Roma and Disabled holocaust of 13+million (and their allies) in the gas chambers?

As a species, can we stand our ground?

Share our truth?

Reconcile to move forward together in a new co-creation that puts creation and humanity forward over power and profits?

What is our core truth?

What does it mean to emerge into who we are?

See the source imageIt means to be in a safe and courageous space to remove any cultural, societal, religious, etc bias lens and expectations so we can truly be and emerge into who we are. Space to play, create and discover. I am a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, it is a fun and quirky show, they push limits, the share pain and educate, at its core though whether in America or the UK, it is about being the authentic you, you are meant to be, and become. It shows real time life coaching, mentoring, and growth. It shares the tears or reality (tears like we should share in C-tine as a healthy release for the pain and grieving, joy and laughter we are in). This week it emerged the Super Secret Celebrity edition, and the first week’s winner, was Jordan Cooper of Riverdale. He is an actor, and Cis-gendered hetero-normative, yet came on to encourage and discover due to his family story. The tag line for the show is the power of drag, but truly it is the power of a courageous safe space to be who you are without judgement.

Imagine the beautiful world that can emerge from C-Tine if we had space for this authentic discovery and life

In the hallway, each time you are faced with a decision on who is truly your family (blood or chosen) or if this is part of your values or not?

Simply remember,

it is the you, you are meant to be that is being given time to emerge once more.


A cynical writer-pastor would call Zechariah the coat tail or bandwagon prophet. Within 2 months of Haggai’s success (and one month overlapping) he is doing his thing. He is speaking to a people on a roll, but even when things are going well, people become disgruntled, we look back to what was with longing regardless of how bad it actually was. This is seen in addictions, domestic violence, populist political movements, was even part of the story of the people of Israel fleeing Exodus these former slaves looked back on Egypt with longing. As Pastor Dave Sarsons, at Vulcan Church of Christ asked one Sunday morning, “what is your Egypt?”

That is what are we looking back for, misremmebering in longing that is holding us back from moving forward.

This is where Zechariah is, with the slow rebuild, as he creates the image of the re-established Temple. Yet Zechariah is like the Paul of the Hebrew Scriptures. The whole 14 chapters is not by his hand. Rather Chapters 1-8 are Zechariah, while the remaining chapters are his disciples and followers keeping up the work. For the more academic, themes from major prophets (because their books are so long) are “borrowed” or built upon, these prophets are Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel.

What has been lost within pop culture with our reboots, and within society, is the concept of Legacy. That is what Zechariah lends itself to. With the second half building on the first, and then the Gospel writers, ala Matthew, building upon that. It is like the Pre-New52 DC Universe Flash Family, or Doctor Who. One used to be able to say Star Trek, then Kelvin happened.

But, off the rabbit trail, the bridging thoughts are this:

Thus says the Lord: I have returned to Zion and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem shall be called the faithful city, and the mountain of the Lord of hosts, the holy mountain. Thus says the Lord of hosts: Old men and old women shall again sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each with staff in hand because of great age. And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in its streets.

-Zechariah 8:3-5 (English Standard Version)

It is unique the image that is thrown down to keep the momentum is one of what the people deserve- peace, security, happiness– the things that can trigger a relapse in individuals out of either fear of failure, or more aptly, fear of success or contentment. Is it possible that the momentum was slowing after Haggai, simply because the people had no grounding in what it meant to actually live and thrive, after years and generations of being objects and in survival mode? Zechariah, and his followers had to exorcise a communal trauma from the people and heal a shared complex PTSD.

The disciples of Zechariah, show what happens, what is this they had once been yearning for. The non-romanticized past. Anyone who studies history currently knows a black and white lens for historical reflection and learning is a failed lens. To understand and convert historic knowledge to current wisdom, one must get the full scope story– warts, atrocities and all…this is what the disciples were doing in 11:13:

13 Then the Lord said to me, “Throw it to the potter”—the lordly price at which I was priced by them. So I took the thirty pieces of silver and threw them into the house of the Lord, to the potter.

Potter, also translated as treasury.  See the 30 shekels (silver) is the price for a slave. It was also used within the Gospel of Matthew for the sell-out price of Jesus from Judas. An allusion was built upon this concept from Zechariah, when the religious oppressors use it to buy a burial ground for the outcast called potter’s field.

See, what is being said? The disciples are reminding the people that they are blessed, they Belong.

It is time to turn away from “Egypt” or “Babylon” or “Yesteryear” it is time to come HOME.

Zechariah is the continuing encouragement of a people re-settling, and as the onion of trauma is peeled, each past that they wanted back, was challenged and shown to be false. They were, as a people, rebuilt to the holy-sacred beings and community they are:

20 And on that day there shall be inscribed on the bells of the horses, “Holy to the Lord.” And the pots in the house of the Lord shall be as the bowls before the altar. 21 And every pot in Jerusalem and Judah shall be holy to the Lord of hosts, so that all who sacrifice may come and take of them and boil the meat of the sacrifice in them. And there shall no longer be a trader[a] in the house of the Lord of hosts on that day.

-Zechariah 14:20-21 (ESV)

It closes with a strong reminder– everything is sacred, for everything is within God, and God is within everything.

Time to move forward.

Time to belong.

Time to be home.

Lucky 13

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Image result for doctor who season 11A Doctor Who, a familiar friend for thought provocation, much like Star Trek. The 13th Incarnation is, well, brilliant. I was not to fond of the 12th, found him a might to serious, but with the end of Twice Upon a Time, with her plummeting to earth…a whole new era opened up. Yes, I realize I am late to the party if you will, but that is what happens when one does not have cable, and only uses free streaming services plus Netflix so they rely on the Public Library.

The latest season is classic science fiction adventure (and timey whimey stuff). The Doctor and her three companions tackle quite a few good topics, that if one is looking for creating conversation around civics it is definitely a good tea club.

In Punjab Demon they travel back to 1947 for Yas’ family and end up at the demarcation of India and Pakistan (its creation) to separate the Hindu and Muslim populations. What a conversation starter around colonialism, religion, labeling, segregation, and violence. Or look to Arachnids in UK that has a billionaire American hotel mogul setting his sights on a run against Trump in 2020, and is using his real estate to cover up other nefarious dealings. Exploring capitalism, international commerce, the should-could of science, and what/how we depose of the remnants of toxicity. Kerblam explores a galaxy like Amazon delivery service, terrorism, how the young become radicalized, and the role of automation vs organics in business and what it means… with a simple innocuous message in a packing slip of a Fez “Help Me” and the discovery that nothing is safe, no matter how fun to pop to lower stress.

Image result for city on the edge of forever quotesYet, I would say their City of the Edge of Forever moment comes in Rosa. For the astute Trekkie, they know this original Star Trek episode saw Kirk & Spock going back in time to 1930’s America to rescue Dr. McCoy who has a manic episode. The tragedy of course, being in having to let Edith Keller, the local social justice warrior die…for if she did not, Hitler would win. An inversion of the classic time travel trope of “if you could go back in time and kill Hitler as a baby would you?” an unpacking of the ripples of minor things in the grand scheme.

So Rosa brings the Doctor, Yas, Ryan and Graham to 1955 Montgomery, Alabama. The modern 21st Century ethic back in 1950’s segregated America. Ryan and Yas face the full brunt of the era with Ryan being African-British, and Yas being Pakistani-British (or Mexican as the yokels dub her). They refer to them to the Doctor and Graham (Ryan’s grandpa), as mongrels that are illegal to harbour in the white motels (so they sneak them in). Their is the unpacking of reactions to meeting Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr. as a time criminal has come back in time to stop “them from rising above their station” as he tells Ryan. Yet, he is unable to kill due to his sentence, so he must orchestrate slight nudges to try to stop Rosa’s sit in.

What would you do as Team Tardis?

How do you ensure systematic racism happens, so that the dismantling can begin? That is working to have all the pieces together so Rosa Parks can take the seat she was entitled to as a human being?

Within the episode, the team becomes part of the story, and to ensure history unfolds as it should, Graham must stay so that overflow is needed for whites? How are you feeling as Graham who specifically states “but I don’t want to stay”?

The nudge, the slight changes of nefariousness, as we begin to understand the simple steps that started to change our world. Steps that we are regressing back from, and must hold to…stop the regression. It begins by talking history. It begins by discussing history unsanitized- scars and all, so we see the full ramifications of situations on people of the time, and how we view it so we can unpack it to understand and ensure it does not happen again. We continue to build forward for a better world.

Image result for city on the edge of forever quotes


Find something, if it’s not important, make it important.

-Dr. Dix (Jesse Stone Series)

So they went out and fled from the tomb, for terror and amazement had seized them; and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.

-Gospel of Mark 16:8 (New Revised Standard Version)

Soul Ripples

The winding road of healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures/Conversion Disorder. Quite a mouthful I know. Quite a journey in this life, and the reboot has stalled at 55%, though that is much better than it has been for almost two years, which is great. It is the journey of seeking meaning, even if it does not have meaning, making it have meaning. It is the journey out of the tomb with the discovery it is empty, and what one is to do with it. Writing one’s own Gospel, own labyrinth journey.

Soul Ripples

That is the journey I am on. The winding road of renewed discovery. Reading, finding my way. Jules Schwartz in his two books had a Tulpa of Superman aid him in his healing journey. In Wonder Woman and Psychology one of the contributors makes the point that it becomes easier to heal from Trauma if the one on the journey has seen a hero move through it. Wonder Woman being the Tulpa there. Doctor Who Psychology: A Mad Man with a Box illustrates the journey of suppression, repression, deflection, and internalization of PTSD from the War Doctor to the 9th Doctor to the 10th Doctor and finally to the 11th. Showing it is possible, but it comes down to journeying with those you trust in facing that which is hidden in the bowels of your own psyche, hidden deeper than a Gremlin or a Shadow, but which effects your physiology more than either ever would.

Soul Ripples

Star Trek and Star Wars’ own take on psychology illustrate discovery of true self. Of embracing who you are meant to be. In this journey as well the latest issue of Philosophy Now tackles Free Will, and ponders the decline of the philosophy as an academic pursuit. Where in the west it is rolled to often into the sciences, religious studies, business or political science. It tries to make a humanity a hard science, and as such destroys that which is the beauty of it.

Philosophy is about understanding the why. It is unpacking, and is meant to be outside of academia as well as inside academia. Its pursuits should be literary, but also pop fiction, sci-fi. Much like the social sciences need to veer away from desiring to be hard science, and re-embrace that which they are explaining the why of life. Together it creates interdisciplinary beauty.

Soul Ripples

In my own journey, not so much a specialist, but a generalist. In a bygone era would have been called a renaissance person. Now it is looking into theology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy,  story telling, politics, history, and present day life. Looking for meaning, and renewing meaning.

Soul Ripples

Do not talk about sex, politics or religion at the dinner table. What a boring dinner table that would be. Discovering that which needs to be given meaning to move forward. Holding to the heroic stories that have shaped you. Sharing the stories of Star Trek, Super Heroes, Robin Hood, Mental Health, Family life, Religious life, political life, spies, and oh so much other laughter and tears.

Soul Ripples

A simple memoir, by a simple monk, seeking to understand his family and mental health.


You’ll have to find out the long way round.

-12th Doctor

What happens when a time lord refuses his first regeneration?

What happens when a time lord rejects his next regeneration?

Why the fear of the new? It is something each of us faces on the journey of life. We know each change/decision will bring a minute to major cycle of grief, yet the catalyst against the change is fear. What is laid out in the next phase? What needs to be said good by to? What needs to be accepted?

The Christmas 1914 Armistice—the miracle of kindness. What it means to be a Doctor of War

Think of what it would be like to meet the who you were when the journey began? How many years/lifetimes have passed since then? Journeys had, adventures met, griefs and sorrows. So easy to focus on the missing pieces, instead of the firm foundation fit, the stepping stones, the cornerstone of the life you are continuing to grow.

This is the essence of the fun of this Christmas special. Being able to see how the Doctor of today, interacts with the Doctor of the culture of old, playing of each other seeing the fun…better yet the Captain and The Doctor (One) faces when Bill Potts’ shares she too has intimate knowledge of the fairer sex…oh how the world has changed on this journey for the better.


hate is always foolish, love is always wise

But as in the journey of life we cannot fast forward through all the pieces, sadly and gladly we must endure the path. As the first Doctor announced:


Here we go the long way round.








But it is in the new alien species acting in a universe of perceived kindness, giving hope. An act that shows a universe of hope to the Doctor on a journey of kindness and hope, who makes the best of any situation possible.

Which leads to the testimony of Bill Potts when speaking to the Doctor (one), and questions for you to contemplate upon your own journey, and in a group viewing/discussion:

Not what are you running from,

What are you running to?

Why can’t there be a big red button?

-War Doctor

           Like any good science fiction questions around the essence of us (humanity) should be brought forward. This is at the bedrock of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary movie (watch trailer here), Day of the Doctor.  It is the deepest plunging into the hardest thing to  comprehend for any person… ourselves.

As the regeneration who chose themselves undeserving of the name, but asks the question as in the clips above, the Warrior Doctor, “I am looking for the Doctor.” The one who is called to heal, to help to aid…or as Clara will note the thrum of the Tardis is a sound of hope. But this is about that corner of the mind of the Doctor, no, the heart where hope has gone out.

For it was in the 9th regeneration that the fabled time war happened. When Daleks and Time Lords went to war to end all wars. Where the rest of the universes saw the Time Lords just as evil as the Daleks who view anything outside their race as need to be exterminated, which this mini-episode Night of the Doctor expertly portrays as the Doctor must make a choice to not be apart of the war or to be apart of the solution?

The haunting begins.

Much like we make choices within our own lives at any given moment with the information available. Whether it is good, bad, horrible or indifferent. It is what is possible and probably for us at that moment. Much like moments in human history (very hard to bring 21st century morals onto situation 400 years old or 150 years old as we try to erase instead of critically teach history so the cycle can be fully broken. Just ask any abuse survivor, the story and triumph need to be spoken so that it will not be repeated, in all its darkness).

This literally becomes the story. As the device designed to end the Time War by the Doctor is AI with a conscience and brings the Doctor to begin interacting with his decision. The decision? At that moment and time in war as the Daleks are all gathered at Gallifrey—to end it all, Daleks and his people. The haunting ripples this will bring through time.

The decision driven by the motto burned into a wall by him “No More.” The war must end.

The journey forward form that choice showing the grief cycle. The short regeneration shortly after not even there. The true shock.

But the struggle between who are known as the Tenth (David Tenant) and Eleventh (Matt Smith) Doctor’s to forget this period in time. How it shapers personality. One who lives in pained regret and the other who lives to forget, to move forward.

The haunting question answered by 2.41 billion.

But with the Eleventh Doctor being 400 years out…is there another decision that can be seen?

What if that decision can be tried?

What if in your moment of darkness your future selves could stand with you and you would not have to be alone?

What if, you live in acceptance of the choice and find hope in spite of it to move forward in a better life for yourself and others?

This may seem like nothing more than a toss away sci-fi movie from the BBC. Apart of geek culture and nothing more.

Yet we live in a time of reconciliation.

A time when groups who have been oppressed and the former oppressors know that something needs to change.

But how do we get there?

Sometimes a science fiction story can show us the interior and exterior journey in a way that creates conversations that can create the space for critical discussion and active listening, that other venues cannot.

Just think of using this in a religious or political or classroom setting with the Time War as the metaphor for residential schools, Canadian Eugenic practices for those with disabilities, the destructive LGBTTQ2+ laws; the dying with dignity or abortion laws; slavery, the list can go on…

For what questions would haunt our journey where the answer 2.41 billion could just be as haunting.

But even more so.

What is the new life?

What is the regeneration that awaits each one of us?

Where does hope exist?

Do you hear the thrum of the TARDIS? Or are you blocking it out?