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Aspire to be the best you

Posted: February 22, 2020 by Ty in Spirituality
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Image result for fighting with my familyOkay there are many issues one can have with professional wrestling, I have enjoyed and vented about things with the sports entertainment, and probably the last time I watched any full program was around 2009…but it has produced some important lessons for life, and that is what the movie, Fighting with my Family (2019) is. It is a story of learning to belong in your own skin, and vocation. On its surface it is a comedic bio-pic of Norwich, England’s Paige’s rise from a family run promotion across the pond to WWE Diva Champion.

It is the family’s dream after eldest son imploded after not making the WWE, for the other 2 children to ascend to greatness–they are wrestlers, aside from their own promotion they also run a wrestling school for the neighbourhood kids and youth (including one teen who is sight impaired) to give them something besides the hoodlums and gangs to be apart of.

The most telling points of this movie (and if your group is okay with language I would suggest it can be used for junior high age and up as a discussion tool)…is Paige’s journey into discovery of who she is, and not what her family’s dream is for her, but what is her dream for herself?

A deeper story though is for the brother, Zak, who didn’t make it…and discovering what he is meant to do? How to use your passion to make your corner of the world a better place. For his inner struggle is so wrapped up in what he believed his calling to be, he could not see the living calling he was already doing within his own community and family to transform the world–even though he was teaching a sight impaired teenager to wrestle…

How often do we lose sight of the impact we are making in our world and living out our calling, because we get wrapped in what ifs, ought tos, and yearning for what another has. The movie creates a fun atmosphere to discuss all these ideas. The core though is to ground yourself, and aspire to be the best you–you can…not the next (insert famous name here).





mustard seed

  1. And Jesus spoke a parable; he said, The kingdom of the Christ is like a little seed that one put in the ground;
    39. It grew and after many years became a mighty tree, and many people rested in its shade, and birds built nests and reared their young among its leafy boughs.

Aquarian Gospel 140:38-39

You can read the rest of chapter 140 that leads up to this parable, but it is safe to say the journey we have been on in this social gospel series has reached a zenith or a climax for the literary about. The rising action in this short length of Jesus-story has achieved to this parable just in case the preceding 140 chapters were not clear enough on the world that is possible.

That is what this is about. A little idea, a little dream, one little thing planted within the Holy Mystery—within us—and watch it bloom. Want to know something else that happens out of the original blessing we are created and called into/out of???

The tree that provides for all, welcomes all exactly where they are and who they are. It provides not just a space for existence but belonging, growth and thriving into who they are and are meant to be and become.


The space to rest is the beginning.

For when you can pause enough in the rat race of survival. One can then have time to dream a dream. Baptist Pastor,  CCF Premier of Saskatchewan, and Greatest Canadian Tommy Douglas would remind us “dream no little dreams” for any dream in the fertile soil of the love (cosmic dust) we are bound through…creates new reality, new life and like the tree that springs from the smallest tree— H-O-M-E.

What a wonderful outcome of our original blessing when creation was given to us to explore.

So what is your little seed?

What soil will you plant it in?

It has been quite a journey for my family as we searched for that spiritual home. We have found that within the New Thought circles, specifically at the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living. As I had written in the fall, I took a course in Science of Mind, and well, definitely wanted to continue learning, but did not want it to be an isolated journey.

The opportunity (financially and time wise) presented itself in the new year. Mary Morrissey‘s Prosperity Plus course for myself, and life partner to take together and wade a bit deeper into this teaching. The teaching that really allows us synchronicity with our socio-cultural family beliefs/traditions, and our own understandings that blend well with what Ernest Holmes laid out for a metaphysical understanding of Spirit.

Anyway back to the beaten path instead of the rabbit trail.

What is Prosperity Plus? A get rich quick scheme?

Well it is a 10 week course centered on life prosperity. I am currently in week 3, and you know what, money is the least of it. What it reminds me of is my formation as a Franciscan. It is formation as a New Thought monastic living in the world if you will. It is centered on “tithing”; that is going to where you are comfortably giving and dreaming, and taking the next few steps forward.

Currently it is centered on casting your vision (present tense, positive); and tithing of time (1.5 hours a day to spiritual practice-meditation, journalling, contemplative reading, clearing, etc.) and talent (4 hours of volunteerism). It is a new way of living to focus on the life one truly is called to want and be in unity with the Spirit.

So is it a course or journey that is worthwhile?

One will get out what they put in, but also it does aid one in consciously creating a new life.