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Yes, it can be a heady  Christian Testament word for some. It is a gospel story of Jesus ascending a mount with his three closest friends, and being brilliantly illuminated through is deep connection with the Holy. Think of the image though, an ascent, a lifetime leading up to that point that included being raised working to poor class under Roman occupation in a town, where everyone knew that he was not Joseph’s son, and that his mother should have been cast out side the town limits or stoned to death, as he grew and re-connected with his cousin and baptized, but also spent time in the wilderness wrestling with traumas, insecurities, demons, spiritual matters, and overcoming the adversary within and without to focus on the journey ahead. One that would so upset the apple cart of societies functioning that political and religious enemies would conspire together to silence him through execution. The story of Lent to Good Friday in a snap shot. Yet, he continued his journey.

It is rather unique for our spirituals selves that the physical distancing of the Covid-19 pandemic comes to us during Lent, as we move towards Easter and Eastertide (and No, I do not believe like US President Trump that is when this should cease, life is too precious). The intent of the season’s is what I write of. The journey of transfiguration, connecting to our true being, both individually, and interdependently as a community–whether local or global.

This is the journey of change. We see glimmers of hope in this change. Calgary had started to use hotels/motels as housing for our neighbours experiencing homelessness, federally we are having real conversations around guaranteed basic incomes (and Scotland took the plunge); Ireland is showing the way in reclaiming public health from private hands at this time. Whether we acknowledge these concepts as Christian or not, is irrelevant, it is the journey of love of self and neighbour over things such as greed that is the driving force. Hope. Where do you see the glimmers of hope in your world?

In this journey though, we are seeing what happens in the stalling out of letting go of the old, and letting the new come to be able to move into prototyping as the U Theory tells us. I would say they are still those trapped in the Kubler-Ross grief spiral in the denial and anger, and that is harming as a whole, but also expected for change is scary, and the anger/denial is driven by fear of the unknown. Sadly, high death rates in pandemics and the status quo are what is known and one would rather stick to– that add to the uncertainty of the time, and leap into the unknown, and let come what may. Though we are at a tipping point for the change I would say into the prototyping of what will emerge out of this temporary new normal.

See the source imageA book, that came into my mailbox as this started was a journalist turned minister, Ellen Debenport (2015), from the Unity movement, Hell in the Hallway, Light at the Doorway. It is a new metaphor of change, whether one is moving through economic, health, mental health, relationship, spiritual, all of the above or maybe others than mentioned. It may imply trauma recovery (from PTSD to Post Traumatic Growth as researchers are discovering, and I am living). It is sharing that in the journey, much like what I started with in the journey to the mount for Brother Jesus’ transfiguration, there is a hallway. It may be short or long, the door may lead us to a different hallway…though it is our willingness to journey in the hallway, to interact, become aware, and have an impact.

The other challenge laid out though is to also have a complete willingness not to accept the hallway as our new normal, but rather keep it temporary, and when the intrinsic Cosmic Christ leads us through the right door way, to be open and ready to enter into the new normal fully. Not to hold back due to our own denials, anxieties and fears. That is our story as community now, are we ready to be present in the current hallway, or if we haven’t already to step into the temporary hallway, to journey through, and and fully embrace the better that can happen.

That is do not yearn for what we stepped away from, but prepare for a better world where what is good from this time, the compassion, empathy, neighbourliness, kindness are held close as ideals and values. These are my prayers as I contemplate, celebrate, weep, feel my full emotions…and am apprehensive for my loved ones.

That glimmer of hope. The ascent of the mountain to the full transfiguration. The moving from death of the old, to the beautiful resurrection of hope, love, faith, peace and joy to come. Not as fixed calendar dates, but as moments, fixed in time and history, to a new world as we navigate the hallway and prepare to throw open the door to a brilliant new day.

Are you ready to open up the light once again?