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Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary, Albert...

Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, Alberta. This is at the new location (as of 2006) of the hospital. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coming to a small town near you!

This is the press release sent us, so feel free to follow up if you are in the Alberta Area! is Playin’ 4 Keeps, in support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation!


With children and families as their inspiration, the Alberta Children’s Hospital is able to provide nation-leading expertise on many fronts, including Brain Health,     Childhood Cancer and Life-saving Care. Ultimately, their goal is to provide world-  class health care and enable the 82 thousand children who rely on the hospital     every year to be the first to benefit from new discoveries, treatments and cures.

How can you help Playin’ 4 Keeps?

Keep your eyes and ears open!

A specially designed, play house sized piggy bank, will be coming to your community!  Bring your spare change and  help fill this giant piggy bank.  Proceeds will help support the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation to ensure that  the children and families who rely on the hospital receive the best of care..

You can even enter to win the playhouse, once we get all those pennies out of it!

Playin’ 4 Keeps…watch for it in your community.

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