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$9.1 million a year allocated to our kids has been re-directed to pay for the Calgary Board of Education Palace says government audit, and reported in the Calgary Metro (here) since 2006.  Now math was never my strong suit, but that is looking like a minimum of $108 million redirected away from our kids. This from a board that during the 2017 election scape goated special needs students as the cause for the busing cost crisis (and this was the second time they have done that, they did it a few years ago as well)-and yes Hrdlicka, the incumbent for the wards with a special needs school aided in spreading this fallacy during her campaign (the second of two incumbents returned to the board).

To add to that, it wasn’t even done clearly in their books. As the constant refrain of “we need more money” rang from the CBE, they kept listing the $9.1 million but listing it under student funds (instructional).

One of two incumbents returned to the board, Board Chair Hrudman states this in the article:

Hurdman said the CBE has always been transparent about the total cost of the headquarters in its audited financial statements, but the board is prepared to place more of that expense under the line item for administration if that’s what the province directs.

“At the end of the day, what bucket it’s allocated under doesn’t make a difference to students because we can’t use that money for learning,” she said.


It does matter Chair Hrudman, for you are stealing from money directed to our students. Money taken to prop up and enter into a very bad lease deal, everybody since it was first brought up told the board not to enter into. The flippancy used that it does not matter which category it falls under is the fallacy that those comfortable with entitlement of power, and not good governance for those they serve use. This is what brought down Prentice’s PC’s provincially (Don Braid wrote an excellent book of this).

If the money is directed to one stream, and is being redirected, there needs to be a memo, a line correction, and full transparency to those that the money is to serve. Were parents notified before going to the polls that $9.1 million for the past 12 years had been redirected out of instructional costs before casting our ballots?

No. The government of Alberta and Alberta Education held off on releasing the audit until after voting. I am glad to hear that the new board is working well with Alberta Education, as Minister Eggen stated. Yet what is the plan to reduce ADMINISTRATION costs, and get that money back into the classrooms, for the students, regardless of labels, so Calgary Public School students have the best system to serve them. Hrudman’s flippancy shows that she does not comprehend the impact this mismanagement has had on students. This is a flippancy that should be rooted out of any service provider: public, non-profit, or for profit receiving government funds and be stripped of funding. Hrudman at this point needs to show good leadership and strong integrity. That starts as a   board chair  laying out a plan to reign in the bureaucratic bloat, and actually provide good service for students. If she is not equipped to do that, and will continue to hide behind answers like provided in the article, then it is time for her to resign and allow a by-election to find someone who will serve the students.

This is one parents opinion. A parent who is tired of administrators that blame parents, take money from our children for their benefit… the new board stated a new vision of promise. It has been 6 months, time to start seeing solutions.