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The black gauntleted hand smashed hard into her golden helm, the Bionic Knight was reeling. She had not had a throw down challenge of someone as strong or stronger than her in her short career. Beth Venus shook her head hoping the com-link had remained in. Retired Constable Sean James was in the old F-150 200 million K white pick up relaying best he could from the tracking off a tablet. Their van had been stolen and torched.

Pastor Lee Jacobs was next to him. Sean had used his previous undercover guise of Sean Williams to track the stolen van to a crew of thugs attempting to re-ignite the spree killing hate group inspired by the departed villain- Killer Face. The six were easy to incapacitate, and drop a line to the police for round up. As Beth took flight to leave the ware house imploded and the black armoured figure streaked through the night air and in a burst of blue flame energy his fist met with her face.

“B.K., duck and weave girl.” Sean said.

“That’s what you got for me?” Beth said as she tried to shake her mind back to reality and track the black armoured  figure against the night sky. The new style street lights city council brought on were supposed to reduce fake light pollution to allow the stars to light the night. They failed horribly a few decades back not purchasing the shade as an “austerity cost saving measure”, so you were not only left with enough light pollution to block out the stars, you were also left with not enough light to illuminate the roads.

She ran a golden gauntleted hand down her helm, she felt the green energy through a crack. The dude had cracked her armour. How was that possible?

Lee slipped on a pair of night vision goggles to track the fight. For some reason in his mind he was running through the Norse Myth of the Mistletoe. A legend of under-estimating what horrors an innocuous plant could cause. Word had come down that Baldur was to die, the Gods got everything in the world to promise not to harm him, but had forgotten the innocent looking Mistletoe. They created a game, of hurling things at Baldur and seeing them bounce off, his brother, though blind and left out, was found by that trickster Loki, and encouraged to participate. See Loki had spoke with the Mistletoe, who also felt left out. It was the Mistletoe that Loki placed in Baldur’s brother’s hand to throw…and fatality ensued.

Death due to surprise. Not thinking beyond what was presented. The literal. The trickster mind. “Sean, look closer at that armour. Remind you…”

“The Ionic Knight.” Sean said. Lee knew, they both knew, the Ionic Knight had been the original Bionic Knight’s ultimate nemesis. Powered by the magics that had wanted to destroy Camelot…that being Morgan La Faye and Mordred, that which corrupted Lancelot. The original Ionic Knight had been the original Bionic Knight’s twin brother. Yet, Beth’s brother was dead.

The mystery of who was a problem to solve later. The first thing to solve was how their girl was going to survive.

“Mistletoe.” Lee said.

Sean looks at his friend. “You feeling the need to kiss strangers?”

Lee shook his head and grabbed the com from Sean. “B.K. draw him in close, then power down and up rapidly.” Mistletoe took Baldur and the Gods by surprise. This new player was underestimating the rookie hero in how he was manhandling her.

Lee heard B.K. gurgle as a choke hold was placed around her neck, and the black sword known as Chivalry was drawn by her opponent. It was shifting from long sword to dagger. He was going to shiv her through the chink in her armour, and then grow killing her. The original Ionic Knight had been redeemed by giving his life to save the world. This one was out for blood. “He’ll kill me if I do.” was choked through the com. Lee got the child’s worry, but it was the hail Mary that was needed. It was what St. Jude’s did on a regular.

“For your life… Please…Beth.” Lee said.

The tip of the black magic dagger Beth felt it cut through her chain mail and break skin. Her hear was groggy from the lack of oxygen flow. Spotlight from a news helicopter and a police helicopter.

“bionic off.”

Green and blue energy explode around the two fighting armoured figures.

A blood tipped dagger explodes to full length…

Armour pieces fly away into the night…


Believed orphaned at a young age…taken in by elderly loving folks

The PenDragon found him in his teens

His opposite twin survived also

Lancelot-Arthur renewed in Ionics and Bionic Knights

Battle joined

For this earth, country, province, city and community

For one soul

Tethered to earth

By another

A partner with hair of gold

Whose family’s power lust proved their destruction

A hero he was

Redeemer of villains

Survivor of cosmic wars

Class clashes

Villains of the week

And matinee monsters

With a laugh in his throat, a smile beneath his helm,

His best friend at his side, with bow drawn…

Great Crime Fighters

New generations tamed,

Legacies created.

Winning with one’s pure of heart…

Until John didn’t.

A death…one of many…but a quest struck…

That saw magic die or did it

As John chose to remain locked away so Camelot ended

His brother, James, knight of Ion

Redeems the faller of Camelot as the lost soul Lancelot

Giving his life

To save the world.

Both stand know upon the roof in ethereal form.

As Rick ponders,

Splitting dagger dragon pain in brain

Trembling side of left

Quiver and cracking voice

Salting beard and temples…

Anger outbursts that leave his twins bewildered…

His lightning rod now rules as mayor…and in her lightning eyes…is that pity he spies…

As he stands a top city hall.

The once proud hero,

At time’s end.

To make a choice

To join James in the Abyss

Or John in cosmos blessed.

Both call his name…

A rattling of the door knob.

A step closer to the ledge in his confused eye

Vision blurs…

Upwards John’s hand outstretches from beyond time and space

Down into the darkness, James’ hand reaches upwards to pull his brother down a final victory of unredemption.

When the door swings wide…and his lightning speaks…

All three call out

His name simply,


And the hero steps

Into his final destiny….

32 years ago on April 1 a short little story of mine was published called Sir Arthur…that little gem as a child was the genesis for what has been now 32 years + 1 day of Bionic Knight stories, for those that enjoyed them…thank you.

When most of your day is spent slept away or zoned out, knowing when to go out for air can be a bit of a challenge. My chat with Sister Anne was of benefit, but sometimes you just need to face the darkness of the past from where it finally comes to rest. In this case, that is a late-night stroll with the moon full amongst the tombstones.  The fog gives it an eerie old Sherlock Holmes movie feel, with the chill of an early winter coming which for our city means anytime before January.

Ahh Ricky what were you hoping to come here? That a vampire would pop up and you’d be able to see how much mystic magic was left in your broken ass old hero body.  Scratch the greying beard, there was a time on an investigative track that some akin me to Sisko of DS9. Y’know the badass that punched Q, for the Harumphs, he would always be Hawk from Spenser for Hire.

My hands run across her name. Shelley Kobwash. Susan’s little sister. One of the one’s that could not be saved. The one that chose drugs over her child after high school and aborted. But could not get out of the darkness regardless. Death surrounds death. She fell into the world of Susan’s father, but not in the way the old man would have approved. For she was not the queen of crime as he has been the Kind pulling strings on the distribution of debauchery for years behind the scenes. Remember it was when my brother James was in one of his side of light phases, it was his child, drove him back into the darkness for years after that repercussion.

“Why are you here Richard?” The voice. It echoes in my dreams. Those times when things would make no sense. It is the voice that used my brother as a right hand for many years in his Ionic Knight guise. The voice of the man that should’ve been at my wedding to walk my bride down the aisle, but as Susan so eloquently put it to her mother, she would have to kill her first before the bloated bastard was allowed in the church.

“Darcey, really, Richard? After all these years surely you could call me Rick.” It is one of the things that confounds me to this day. How this man had compartmentalized his life so much, for my brother had shared my identity with him. Yet…he could not bear to break his child’s heart so he never released it.

Although his emotional-mental-spiritual abuse is still something Susan is battling through not just from the narcissistic-sociopath father, but from her borderline personality mother. I am the orphan and the ones that still cause harm keep breathing air.

“Rick, after all these years, why are you here?”

James’ gave his life in a heroic venture in the end. Much to this pompous ass’ chagrin. For that heroic venture cost, him billions in ill gotten gains.

Yet even then he kept my secret.

“Same reason you are here. Shelley’s death haunts.”

“Susan had mentioned to her Mom all your years in investigative journalism had given you a rough neuro-mental go as of late.” His voice drips with sarcasm. He knows that the real cause is, but like I said, compartmentalization.

“Ever wonder if you didn’t bring the shit into this city if she would still be alive.” Or my brother your sick bastard, could be an uncle and Susie could be an aunty. If only compartmentalization always worked. No answer. Oh right. Just before James’ sacrificed himself was when he saw the file.

The one that showed the shit that killed his beloved.

That claimed his soul mate.

Drove him into the darkness deeper.

Caused him to lose his chance at fatherhood.

Showed the shipment and the dealer.

The name of the dealer was Shelley’s pimp.

The pimp paid protection to…

Darcey Kobwash.

The sword Chivalry slayed a dragon and a falling knight saved a universe.

“that’s right Darcey ya bastard. James’ one. You died.”

I wipe condensation and mud away on the grave marker next to Shelley’s.

Another demon puts to rest.

At least until the next seizure shakes my mind palace to pieces.

“Please forgive me Susan.” For the pain, I have brought into your life by answering a call.

My phone vibrates.

I flip it open to a message from Shotgun.

Need to talk kid.

I click delete and continue my graveyard shift.

Pen spits out a spark of fire. Susan dive rolls, feeling every year and the time of being a mother reminding her she is not the teenage adventurer she once was. Back when Rick was of the brilliant gold armour, now she’s a mayoral candidate. Shotgun fires and the pellets vaporize as a metal gauntlet backhands the old scoundrel across the trailer.

The sword raises again swinging towards Susan’s carotid artery.

Things go swirly.

A leather gloved hand shoots under the sword arm grasping at the elbow and stops the sword mid-swing.

Susan let’s out a gasp.

It can’t be possible.  Susan thinks as she watches the new form that had stepped out of the swirling mists of the floor push the sword arm up and away.

A leather first delivers a quick jab between the chinks of the helmet and the armour, where there is a chain mail space to the throat causing the Knight to stumble back.

A steel toed combat boot sends a round house to the gauntleted sword hand. The sword that was/is known as Excalibur skitters out of the Bionic Knight’s hand and clambers to the ground. MacKay picks up his shotgun, reloads while the knew combatant has his former teammate staggered.

Susan pushes herself up and moves to where Excalibur landed.

It is legend that only the once and future king could lift the blade. But truly it is the one of pure of heart as well. Susan grips the ancient leather on the hilt.

The Bionic Knight looks at the new intruder. Green flame crackles from the eye slits.

The new fighter stands a bout a head and a half to two heads shorter than the armoured form. A slow exhale of breath, as the green flames crackle more around the armour. The breath begins to become visible as the temperature inside the “Ashram” begins to drop.

Zed gets up and stares at the two. He looks to MacKay who is bringing his shotgun up, but the immortal alien entity shakes his head. It would not work as well as the last time, or go worse than before.

Susan’s hand grips the hilt fully. It wasn’t possible what she was seeing before her eyes could not comprehend. How could they be separate?

But the more her eyes came into focus as she lifted the sword and looked at the two. She had lost faith he would find his way back from his quest…yet he had returned. Only changed. As any quest into the next life would do to a person.

But the strength he showed saving her life. Causing the PenDragon/Bionic Knight to drop his sword. The power all those years ago had chosen an adolescent who was meant to be, much like the sword in the stone centuries before had chosen an adolescent. Yet back then the absolute power had corrupted, and Camelot had fallen.

Yet here, the power had not corrupted. Despite every challenge laid before. That was at the core of the PenDragon cycle, there needed to be the ancient evil, and yet the ancient evil could not tear apart this friendship, and this love.

Even when the essence-archetype that had been Lancelot found its way into Rick’s long lost brother James, and led to the villainy of the Ionic Knight, in the end James found redemption and gave his life to save the universe.

It appeared the PenDragon-Arthur had finally been redeemed and that corruption would not come. But this last quest something had changed, for here in the trailer’s living room, the heart of the Ashram of Zed stood the corruption.

Pen hissed at the armoured figure as he landed on the shoulder of the other.

Susan lifted Excalibur and swung at the Knight.

The blade slammed hard across the chest plate.

The Knight screamed as the blade shattered and the chest plate cracked.

He dropped to one knee.

“I will destroy.” PenDragon said.

Susan dropped the broken sword as more green energy seeped out.

The intruder held up his arm.

She slipped under it.

There was a rattle from within the chest of the Knight.

The man that saved her life, his salt and pepper stubble. He lightly kissed the top of her head. “I love you Susan.”

“I know.” Susan said.

Rick Saturn let his arm slide down her back and squeeze her tight once more before stepping fully squared before the Bionic Knight/PenDragon/Arthur entity. Green energy swirled around. His leather gloves he used to straighten the old oil slick duster. It was interesting what clothes he wound up landing in the Ashram in at this moment.

Susan was the anchor that brought him back.

John knew he needed to come back to her, and to save the world from the ancient evil.

A quick scan of the room showed that the youngest members of the team where out, which meant they were more than likely in contact with the ancient evil that would be hunting tonight.

An evil he did not want to be reminded of that existed.

One that Zed had hidden the true essence of, but he was prepared for.

Check that, he had been prepared to face it as the Bionic Knight, but coming through the portal after the collapse of Camelot.

“Why are you outside of me?” Rick said.

The Knight gasped like a smoker’s death rattle. “You will die at my hand.”

“Possible, but let’s be honest it won’t be tonight. But why the wanting to kill me? And for the second ask, why the hell are we able to even fight?” Rick asked.

The Knight picked up the hilt with the broken sword, and looked at it. Green energy swirling as he struggled to be on one knee.

Rick looked down into the eye slits, the green energy had enveloped what ever creature truly existed within the armour. But the raspy voice emitted once more. “You defeated the ancient evil of Lancelot, but still you needed a quest so Camelot would collapse.” Rick thought it through, in the story it was Lancelot and Guinevere had been true love, the King was left out, to lie with his sister Morgan le Faye, and to produce Mordred who brought down Camelot.

Yet, it was the quest to bring back a hero this time that led to Camelot’s final demise in the multi-verse. “But Lancelot wasn’t ancient evil. He, with my brother, made the ultimate atonement sacrifice to save everything.”

The Knight roared. Confronted with a new twist it could not comprehend on an ancient story that should continue to play out. “And as for John, unlike your friend, he never stole my love.” Rick stopped, paused on the thought letting it hang in the air. “Guinevere was the seeker of power. It wasn’t Morgan, Mordred or Lancelot.” His mind kept racing. The ancient evil that came around reincarnating in new forms, Rick had always believed it came from the remnants of Mordred, or more precisely La Faye. But those were just chess pieces. What truly shattered Camelot was the lack of “an anchor.  You never had an anchor to bring you back, and the story kept playing itself over and over again.”

“No, you lie Rick Saturn.” The Bionic Knight said.

“No it is true. If you had truly seen what evil had ripped out the heart of Camelot originally you could have save Camelot and the world may have been different. Now we are at a new beginning and it needs to be different. Your queen was the one that absolute power corrupted absolutely, and she was the cause.”

“No. You die Rick Saturn.” The Knight screamed and lunged with the broken blade.

Rick side steps. Both his hands grip the helmet. He looks in the fluid motion right at Susan. “Remember I love you and I will be back.”

The helmet rips off and green flame envelops Rick and the Knight.

To be Continued….


The Transition of James Saturn, the Ionic Knight

                The Void was finalized when Camelot fell by his hand. Excalibur met the mystical centre of the Round Table and caused an implosion of black hole proportions. Yet he lived, and well he did not. Now simply floating in the void waiting whatever comes next. Arthur, Merlin, Gerklyn, Morgan, Mordred have all vanished, as well as the Lady of the Lake (that lived in the centre of the table.

James watches his silver armour float before him, the mystical energy that remains holding it together. It is the soul presence of the Ionic Knight, the other voice in his crowded head. What had Merlin said before his twin had lashed out, both of them had not meant to be. It was mystical coercion that created the twins that would go on to survive the massacre.

James reaches out with his hand to touch the armour. The final light snuffed out as the blackness envelopes the armour and the Ionic Knight vanishes into the ether.

* * * *

Rick scratched his goatee as he stared out the poly plastic over space that had once been John MacCurtis’ mayoral office. John looked at his old friend. “So you drove your sword…”

“Into the Round Table, next thing I know I am standing in my back yard and Susan’s there, and my armour is no longer shimmering gold, but back to the retro look of grey.” John nods at his friend’s account. “And Excalibur did not make the journey; as far as I can tell neither did my brother.”

It always struck John as weird that Rick still used the family euphemism for James, since the massacre when they were both pre-schoolers they had not been raised together or lived together, yet he still felt kinship to his twin. “And in Camelot Merlin basically stated James was not supposed to exist to begin with?”

“One of us wasn’t.” Rick sips his coffee. There was quite a bit of water under the bridge if you will between John and Rick, but also with his brother James in the cat and mouse game of super heroics. That was before James returned on the scene executing Calgary’s temperamental killing hero, PenDragon, and triggering Rick’s return to being the Bionic Knight and gathering together other heroes of his era to regroup as the Great Crime Fighters.

“So no more Bionic Archer for you?” Rick asks.

John smirks. “Nope, I went out the window with the explosion and did the Bionics On bit only to have my latent Supra gene kick in and go back to being PinBall. It was a blast, forgot what it was like to just bounce and feel the energy surge.” Rick nods; it had been a long time since he felt that. John moves towards the file cabinet in his office and opens it, pulls out a sword.  “Guess this is yours then.”

Rick takes the sword and it shimmers away. Chivalry, his brother’s blade now part of his armour when he uses what little magic is left.

“It is weird though John, to know that my twin has transitioned, and yet I don’t feel any emptier. Yet for home many years did those sorcerers’ convince us that we both needed to exist.”

John nods, and pours himself a new cup of coffee. “At least you still have a secret identity in all this mess, I kind of made prime time with my bouncing around.” He should say something to his friend about his loss, but in all honesty all the mayor could think of was that this villain was finally gone. It made the world safer, and by making the world safer, it made life simpler and better.

* * * * *

The darkness surrounded James’. Was this what Heaven was like? Or was he in Hell? Being in what had been pictured as pits of eternal torment and burning, but truly was just nothing. What was this a C.S. Lewis version of the end? Simply ceasing to exist?

But a small spark of light. A light in the darkness, creative spark that draws James forward, as he feels his mind open up. A revelation, no more than that, the opportunity being laid before him, not to reside in a hellfire and brimstone torment, or live in a heaven with an anthropomorphic God, a veritable old man in the sky, but rather a union with a Divine Creative Force.

A union that makes the Void vanish.

James smiles as enlightenment shines his soul a new.

* * * *

Night has fallen on Calgary. Rick removes the Bionic Knight helmet as he lands on the top of the Calgary Tower.

Chivalry in its scabbard, he scans the city scape. A star to the north bursts a little brighter.

Rick smiles.

“Rest well James.”

His soul is filled with the knowledge of his brother’s transition. Finally at peace with himself, and knowing that he could not be used as a pawn for evil anymore.

Rick puts his helmet back on and launches into the night.

Susan Saturn nee Kobwash sat in silence in her living room watching the reformed Great Crime Fighters announce their return. Watching as Killer Face and K are loaded into a Calgary Police Services Van destined for the Remand Centre as they await trial. Watching as no one will say what happened to her husband.

Outside of her wedding and the birth of her children, the second happiest day of her life was at 16 years old shortly after the Bionic Knight premiered; Rick came to her and shared his secret.  The happiest was when he announced to her it was time to put the ring aside, although he constantly wore it as a reminder of who he once was.

For twenty years she lived in fear that each time she kissed him, said good bye, good night, good morning or I love you, it could be their last time. She had been lulled into a sense of security, this morning a ridiculous and fun argument as he had taken the last of the coffee without making more.

Now, all that remained was a gauntlet.

The Void: Much less poetic than its original name when it existed in the world of human history… Camelot. Now it is usually only accessible when the Lady of the Lake opens up the rift between existence, and Merlin welcomes you in.

The last time it was so readily accepting of visitors was when Rick Saturn turned 16 years old, and found himself in the landfill in Calgary (don’t ask, long story, and really does it matter?) and stumbled upon a ring that released the power of Arthur reincarnated through his life force. That was until today.

Merlin stepped into the empty Round Table room and awaited his visitors.

The ceiling opened and eight forms fall into chairs. The immortal wizard, who ages backwards and currently is experiencing his twenties again looks at the new arrivals. “Now how did you all fuck this one up?”

Rick scratched the stubble around his face as he peered through brown eyes at the golden, yet singed armour that is the Bionic Knight, and the boy King, Arthur, both existing outside of him. Filling five more seats are Gerklyn, Mordred, Morgan Le Faye, the silver and cracked armour of the Ionic Knight, and his twin, James.

“Long times no see Merlin, how’s interdimensional hermitism treating you?” Rick said.

Merlin looked at his protégé. “I prefer company of sanity, which is why I prefer my own company. Now what caused this?”

The centre of the Round Table opens; a shimmering white woman with very little clothing emerges out of the enchanted wood and floats in the air looking at Merlin. Her eyes move to James and Rick then back to Merlin.

It is Merlin that breaks the silence. “You’re right my dear, I should tell them.”

This time it is James that speaks. “Damn straight, for 20 years I lived with voices in my mind and then my brother almost kills me. What is going on?”

Morgan chuckles and flicks her long black locks back. “Yes Merlin, tell the lads the total game. Why at this point are we here.”

Gerklyn with his long white beard and long white hair, flowing robes of gray simply chuckled. Mordred was young as well, and lived with a permanent scowl. But then how could a young adult live knowing that your parents were brother and sister, and your mother had enchanted your father to rape him to produce him so that you could dispel him on the battlefield and end paradise.

Merlin laughed. “It is quite simple my dear twins, you were not meant to be twins. It was his fault.” The shimmering lady spins and white light launches from her fingers evaporating Gerklyn. “Gerklyn enchanted your mother at pregnancy and you came out as twins, two sides of the same coin, both incomplete which allowed for enchantment on your 16th birthdays. The year Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone, and the year Mordred would slay Arthur.”

James looks to his armour and realizes that Chivalry his blade was left back on Earth. The cold chill moved from the top of his neck to the base of his spine. This was not an end game that was going to end well.

“I attempted to knit your souls and bodies back into one on the day of death,” the day that their family was massacred and both boys were taken to live with separate families, “but then she got in the way.” The shimmering lady twirled and from her eyes red rays vaporized Morgan La Faye.

“You are probably wondering why it is so easy to dispatch my enemies here, but you see within Camelot, this existence is mine and those I choose not to exist, simply cease.” Merlin states succinctly.

A flash of steel as Mordred leaps towards Merlin. “Die Warlock!” A young arm draws a sword, and there is another flash of steel blocks the blade inches from Merlin’s face, leaving the proclaimed Warlock to smirk at his good fortune.

Merlin looks at the two duellers. “Truly children this getting tiresome, you both need some Dr. Phil, but all I can do is offer peace and quiet in the respite of Tartarus.” Merlin mumbles some backwards words and both Arthur and Mordred shimmer into wood and retreat back into the mouldings of the table.

The centre of the Round Table opens and the shimmering lady in white vanishes. The table closes and Merlin faces both Rick and James. “Now, there is two, well actually four, but really the armour’s are simply empty husks.”

Rick pinches the bridge of his nose as he faces the young sorcerer that had gifted him his powers. “Okay so if you could clear up our soul confusion so easily why did we have to carry/gain all this baggage during our careers?”

“Simple Richard, I enjoy soap operas.” Merlin said.

James fist connects with the sorcerer’s jaw and sends him reeling back into a wall. Merlin chuckles “Ah James shall I end you now.”

Rick snatches the sword Excalibur from the sheath of his armour and directs it to the wizard’s heart. “Step back from my brother.”

“Haven’t you two been listening, you are not supposed to exist. You came to Camelot because of the breaking point your battle brought you too, when your fist shattered his helmet and you drew Excalibur in anger and thought of separating his head from his shoulders, well Rick, you channeled that piece of you that was missing.”

“So you are saying I am the brother that was a figment of Gerklyn’s mind?” James said.

“Really James,” Merlin wipes some blood from his lips, “I cannot say which of you was the figment, because neither of you should have existed. My dear brother, Gerkie had his own issues to overcome, and well; when it came to powers really you got the bastard kid from enchanted incest.”

Rick felt metal grip around his throat. James felt the same sensation. Merlin laughed. “Have you both forgotten that the armour was created by me, and as such in this realm I control it?”

Rick rolled his ring on his finger his eyes flashed to his brother’s ring as they both were feeling the air be choked out of them. James slipped his ring off and tossed it into Rick’s outstretched hand. The Ionic Ring and Bionic Ring connect as Rick whirls Excalibur around connecting with his armour.

Merlin’s eyes grow wide.

James lets out a guffaw as a bolt of lightning shoots through his crumbling armour. Oxygen rushes back into his lungs as Rick in the electrical energy swings Excalibur back towards the Round Table.

“No you’ll destroy us all!”

“Do it bro!” James yells.

The centre of the table opens and the white shimmering female form begins emerging as Excalibur slices through where her heart would be.

The Camelot earns its new name The Void as all goes black.

Susan feels a cold chill grow from the small of her back and moves up to the top of her neck.

Then a sensation of warmth that she cannot shake, that there is a reason for her to be in her backyard, as she moves through the living room to the kitchen and the back door. Susan steps out onto her deck and down the stairs onto the gravel by the fire pit, looking into the car park as the night descends upon the city of Calgary and her heart that feels empty, now has a sense of bewilderment.

A small spot of light appears in the dirt. The small spot of light grows bigger until Susan sees a form standing before her. Armoured in gold with sword in hand, the sword slides into the sheath. Then she hears two words which bring joy to her heart.

“Bionics off.”

Susan looks at the man before her. Scraggly greying beard, brown eyes, bald head, a few more wrinkles than the first time they met. And she knows it is a cliché from a 1990’s comic book, but she is in his arms faster than a speeding bullet.

He kisses her.

“You made it.”

“Susie, you’re my anchor and I will always come home to you.”

The Beginning


Heroes have always needed a rallying cry. It has been a dark time. But light is shinning. Old villains have emerged to show the newer more violent generation of heroes that they are not as bad ass as they believe. The battle was ensued by renewed heroes of the fourth wave of Supras. The fourth wave, unlike the violent fifth, has been making quick work of their old foes. For it is not always about killing your opponent as judge, jury and executioner, rather it is about playing the game to a checkmate.

MacCurtis found the energy course through him. He was expecting chain mail and a bow, but something else happened. A true throwback as the energy coursing through him as he bounced back at K his fist connecting and sending the villain slamming into the street unconscious. The newly re-powered PinBall landed in a heroic squat next to the unconscious villain.

He smirked, feeling sixteen again as he looked at the Speedster. “Guess the fastest girl alive got caught in a speed trap?”

“Funny old timer,” Speedster retorted. “At least I didn’t show up last.”

MacCurtis chuckled. In his PinBall guise he was completely bright red skin and white unitard from head to toe, with flaming red and orange hair. He chuckled. Agent Regis and Power moved closer to the newly reanimated mayor. The media was moving in.

Regis clicked on his smart phone and sent out a message for a cleanup crew to collect Killer Face and K. He looked at the three heroes. A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reporter is first to get a microphone into PinBall’s face.

“Did we just see that PinBall who historically became the Bionic Archer is none other than Calgary’s own Mayor, John MacCurtis?”

PinBall looked to the reporter. Exhaled, and simply said “off.” The red skin and blue outfit of PinBall vanished to reveal the mayor in a much ripped suit coat. “Yes, and I stand with my comrades, my friends, Louie, Johnny Power, Speedster and the Bionic Knight. We are the Great Crime Fighters and we are back to protect this city, province, country and world.”

Susan watches on the screen at the viciousness of the blow from her husband. His greatest fear had always been losing control in a battle with James’ of all people, and crossing the line, the line that heroes did not cross, but the slice of the sword had never drawn blood before.

                The Bionic Knight looked at his reeling brother. He slowly draws Excalibur and raises it over his neck in the mid air. One stroke and it would all be over…The Ionic Knight rolls over in midair and sends a gauntleted fist into the Bionic Knight’s throat, The Ionic Knight’s bloody face and broken teeth as he looks up at his brother and grips his sword arm. “Ionics off.” An eruption of lightning from his chest-

The Bionic Knight lets out a quick breath, “Camelot.”

Susan watches through the television. Her husband and brother-in-law locked in battle. The words of the Mayor, her kids godfather echoing in her ears. The Great Crime Fighters are back. And they are victorious over evil and yet the main fight is not over.

John looks up.

The charred gauntlet lands at his feet.

The two aerial combatants are gone.

Susan watches as the camera zooms into the empty blue sky. A talking head continues… “On a day of victory as Canada’s greatest heroes have reunited to protect our nation, its darkest time, the Bionic Knight is believed to have fallen in battle.”

Tears stream down Susan’s face.

To be concluded

Next: Bionics Off. Ionics Off. Camelot.


It is very rare in the annals’ of herodom for the great hero to have a happy ending, at least in recent memory for them to ride off into the sunset victorious. Too often the stories and thrills become nihilistic deconstructions of what makes a hero, breaking them down to their brass tacks to see what their breaking point is. How much darkness, loss and grief can one hero endure before a breaking point and making a decision to cross a line they cannot come back from? An epic of operatic measure if you will, this is not one of those tales, this is a tale where heroes had ridden off into the sunset, but like Zorro or the Lone Ranger, called on once more to ride into the light to save the world.

The glass sprays outwards with slivers of blue flames. The form of Mayor John MacCurtis is seen sailing through the air.

On the roof of new City Hall, the villain of old known as Killer Face, why? Simple, in the grand tradition of usurping mythologies into the spandex crowd, his wooden mask had proved enchanted with Gorgon magic and he had used it to freeze opponents to stone while committing crimes.

Today he showed his rustiness of battle, for the black leather glove belonged to the sonic boom, a man floating above the now unconscious villain in black jeans, boots, hoody and oil slick jacket. Long flowing black hair, Johnny Power, the Superman of Canada if you will, had returned to the light.

Agent Louie Regis froze in the open sidewalk between both buildings, using his eyes trying to track the action. Power picks up the crumpled form of Killer Face and lowers himself down in front of Regis, “I will leave this with you.” He drops the villain to the ground and launches back up as the mayor is in slow motion free fall.

Johnny Power flies back towards him about to catch, but floating out of city hall, the Tri-Kinetic. MacCurtis is caught mid fall by a telekinetic burst from the villain holding him, as the air around Power begins to heat up. Tri-kinesis, the ability to be telepathic, telekinetic and pyrokinetic, it was a power perfected in the Nazi laboratories of World War II for their own super soldiers, when the Third Reich fell all believed these monsters had been lost, but the Korps as they had been dubbed survived, or at least a spattering did. They dubbed themselves “K”.

The man hovering before Power with the mayor trapped, was the last of them.

Susan Saturn, formerly Kobwash, clicks off her television and then clicks it back on. The chaos, she thought it was over when Rick retired, and they finally moved into marriage, and parenthood. But now there he was in the skies, and not alone. Three villains were back and another hero. This all started because a mass murderer who called himself a hero was murdered by a villain, tied to her husband by blood.

Rick’s eyes stare through the helmet of the Bionic Knight at his brother, the Ionic Knight bringing his mystical sword, Chivalry down towards him. Rick attempts to draw Excalibur as Chivalry slices into his chest plate, and another tactic for victory enters his mind, there was a time when the Ionic Knight stood with the angels.

“James.” It is not the voice of the Bionic Knight that speaks the name, but Rick’s own voice. For he looks into the troubled mind of his twin brother, using his mystical third eye provided by the armour and sees the dark souls battling for supremacy: Mordred as usual, but Morgan La Faye, and now, the sorcerer Gerklyn.

James and Rick Saturn the only survivors of a gangland massacre in Gothic City, AB. Their entire family wiped out by a rival faction led by a member of the Korps, these twin toddlers survived, and were separated at point of fostering. James remained in Gothic and was raised by a family that just wanted a show child, while Rick was brought to Calgary, and raised by the Harumphs, at 16 years old, both were called into the realm of Camelot.

The evil sorcerer, Gerklyn, the shadow of Merlin, spoke into James’ soul creating the Ionic Knight, while Merlin spoke into Rick’s. Two sides of a coin, twins revealing the eternal battle of good and evil, but in moments, salvation was there for James’ if he could only give up the darkness and the easy power that came with it.

The red lights dim back to James’ green eyes as he looks at his brother’s brown eyes. “Rick.”

Chivalry tastes Rick’s blood through the armour.

Lightning explodes around the buildings.

John’s fingers clench tighter around the ring he managed to grab before K arrived. He looks at Power and grins.

K looks at the floating mayor and then up at the scene of the two nights. “Today you die Mayor.”

K twirls the mayor around and drags him airborne towards him.

Louie looks at the scene, the flames in the air holding Power at bay. He tries to fire, but his gun doesn’t have the range. The lightning cascades around, as the woman stops beside him. Speedster. Dressed in bright orange running gear, her father had been the original Speedster, who had passed away from a heart attack. But she carried on in his stead, and had vanished with the others, now though she was back with her teammates.

John looks into the eyes of K, and grins. “No. Bionics on!”

Thunder rumbles! Lightning explodes out of John MacCurtis’ chest.

The Ionic Knight drops Chivalry and grips his head. The Bionic Knight touches his wound, looks at his brother, his opponent, in another life his half-sister, his bastard son, but in this life, a twin he loves but never got to know. “Sorry James.” A gauntleted fist shatters the Ionic Knight’s helmet.

Susan watches on the screen at the viciousness of the blow from her husband. His greatest fear had always been losing control in a battle with James’ of all people, and crossing the line, the line that heroes did not cross, but the slice of the sword had never drawn blood before.

The Bionic Knight looked at his reeling brother. He slowly draws Excalibur and raises it over his neck in the mid air. One stroke and it would all be over…

To Be Continued…

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There was a time in the four waves of Supra’s that it became slightly darker than normal. Where villains stood united towards world domination and almost triumphed as heroic egos kept away from the concept of team. Then the unthinkable happened to the United Villainy, for you see the heroic ego was put aside so a team could arise, its light so bright that it beat back the shadows, the Great Crime Fighters were born and villainy was caged.

Years wore on, and silently the Great Crime Fighters faded into the shadows they once fought to remove. The fourth wave was silenced and vanished; a new more violent era of heroism was born. That era came to an explosive end with the powerful PenDragon being destroyed by the now revealed Ionic Knight’s return to supremacy, and a call to rule Calgary.

It was in that moment, when former fourth wave hero, John MacCurtis, turned mayor was threatened that Rick Saturn stepped into the breach of heroism once more returning to battle evil as the Bionic Knight. One gutsy move, two words uttered and one shoulder lifting the Ionic Knight up from Olympic Plaza into the sky as John MacCurtis is hustled into City Hall by the Police.

Mystery’s eyes narrow as he watches the two forms streak into the sky on the store display window’s flat screen. The Bionic Knight was back in action. Not only back in action but fighting his nemesis, what about the next step? What did it mean for him as the Chinook wind started dying down? Mystery wrapped the thinning winter coat around him.

Perhaps the time had come; perhaps it was a new dawn.

The Ionic Knight’s eyes focused on the Bionic Knight’s back as they ascended higher in the sky.  A grin formed underneath the helmet of the Ionic Knight as he brought both his fists down onto the small of his opponents back breaking the hold as the two went past the roof of City Hall, where an electrically charged whip flies out and loops around the Bionic Knight.

From the shadows is the maniacal man with the wooden face. Killer Face.

John MacCurtis looks out the window of his office from old City Hall to the new steel and glass one across the way. He watches his friend being pummelled by the two greatest villains he had ever faced. The heroic rust showing through, he slumps behind his desk and opens up the top drawer. John’s eyes fall onto a ring box.

In Olympic Plaza, in rumpled suit and trench coat looks to the sky, he smiles. After years of serving the agency that tracked supra normal occurrences, it had been too quiet, with nothing happening for the new ones but watching body counts. The fun was back in now. Agent Louie Regis, bungler, secret agent, and all around mystery solver. Reaching into his holster he draws his .38 and heads towards the new City Hall, he needed to get to the roof to aid the Bionic Knight.

As the agent’s black dress shoes hit the cement outside of the city hall, a sonic boom shakes the glass of surrounding buildings. Killer Face whirls around as a black gloved face smashes into his wooden head sending splinters flying.

The Bionic Knight feels new power course through him as he flexes and snaps the depowered whip. The Ionic Knight’s sword slams into the Bionic Knights chest as the mayor’s office window in old City Hall explodes outwards.

To Be Continued

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Rick’s thumb moves across the inscription. Maybe John had been right to lock the ring away from temptation of transformation. The promises made to Susan not to step back into the breach, he has the children to think of now. Yet there is his twin, his nemesis, the reincarnation of Mordred. The one that is supposed to be in the void again, the one sucked into the void by Morgan Le Faye and it appeared two had been one and then none.

Yet here was the Ionic Knight standing mere feet away from John MacCurtis, his alleged best friend since he was adopted by the Harumphs and raised as their son from elementary school onwards. Who a scant six months after Merlin visited him, revealed the sky effect had turned him into a living ball of kinetic energy, which three years after and a visit to the mystical realm of Camelot would see John discovered the second ring and the energy of Herne the Hunter, the Celtic God tied into the Robin Hood mythos took symbiotic life within him, but now he is the Mayor, no powers, no demigod. And very close to dying at the hands of ultimate evil and yet a promise to Rick’s soul mate has him hesitate a fraction of a second.

“Bionics On!” the lightning cascades out of the sky and up from the ground shaking Olympic Plaza. The energy courses through, Rick feels the armour form around him. The gold shimmering armour with the sword Excalibur in his hilt as he draws it and it stops the other blade mere inches away from John. His left gauntleted hand crashes into the silver armoured jaw of his opponent sending him careening backwards.

Cameras and phones are going off; older talking heads note the armour and realize what has happened. John looks up at his once friend. It had been too long since they had talked, had coffee, he had played with his God kids or talked to Susan. But he lets out a laugh realizing the situation “hope you like the couch B.K.”

The Bionic Knight looks down at John and whispers, “tell you after I finish off this chump.”

The silver armoured knight stands up and sheaths his sword. His red eyes glow and spark as he makes notes of the golden armoured hero. “You are supposed to be dead.”

The Bionic Knight laughs out loud. “To quote Mark Twain, reports of my demise have been highly exaggerated. Oh and don’t believe everything you read on Twitter.” The Bionic Knight flies his left shoulder catches the Ionic Knight in the midsection as he veers upwards into the sky holding on his opponent. The Ionic Knight’s fists pummel his back producing dents in the armour that B.K. knows will leave bruising when he changes back, but he needs to clear his opponent from innocent bystanders.

John watches the two take launch as police swarm around him. They begin moving him back towards city hall. John can’t take his eyes off the two leaving forms. A smile crosses his face. And he thinks to himself…where’s my ring?

In a living room of a split level, a stay at home mum with blonde hair watches the City T.V. news break from the mayor’s press conference. She drops the remote and feels her jaw slacken at the sight before her.

“Rick…” Susan gasps as she watches her husband launch at the one foe he was never able to beat. “come home to me.”

To Be Continued

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