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Sunday, May 13, 2012
Our religious traditions are filled with tales of extraordinary mothers. These mothers were prophetesses and goddesses; and gave birth to gods, prophets and religious leaders.
Pope Finds Kindred Spirit In German ‘Feminist’ Saint
HuffPost Religion Community Honors Their Faithful Mothers
Trayvon Martin’s Mom Faces First Mother’s Day Without Her Son
What The Fire Spared:
On Mary And Motherhood
Snapshot Of American Muslim Motherhood: A Photo Essay
Jim Wallis: My Neighbor’s Faith: A Test of Character
This conflict is really about the role that faith will play in America. It is about whether or not we will accept Muslim Americans as true Americans or as second-class citizens. It is a test of our character, and we dare not fail it.
Lorie Newman: Whatever You Have Done to One: 10 Ways to Care for the Needy
Whether it’s across the street, across the church pew or across the world, all of us have the power to reach just one needy person.
Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld: An Unorthodox Cure for Insomnia
I know so many people who have all the pillows they need and yet have trouble sleeping at night; they walk through their lives sleep deprived. What many don’t realize is that the Torah already told them why they can’t sleep.
David Wilson: You Can Get Through Anything, if You Know Who Is in Charge
These words of prophetic wisdom were delivered, last week, to me at the very height of my own crisis, from a very close friend and mentor, a spiritual warrior, who has endured many valleys of his own.
Jacques Berlinerblau: Mitt Romney and Those ‘Mormon Moments’ (VIDEO)
We are now living through the biggest “Mormon moment” of them all, and the coming months will teach us a lot about America and its ability to fully embrace its religious minorities.